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World Class Kennels

Cospers Bend, Alabama


World Class Kennels

Cospers Bend, Alabama


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Linda Huckabee Beavers

9 September 2019

World Class Kennels is great. The staff is wonderful and the facility is very clean and neat.


Kristin Sessions

8 September 2019

What a wonderful place! Our Ace is getting older and prefers a quiet environment. He had always struggled with being left at other places. However, his first visit to World Class Kennels was such a great experience! He went right into his private run, hopped in his bed, and looked at us with a “see ya later” attitude. He has stayed 3 times now, and never been nervous or anxious. This place is a GEM! More...


Steven Mark Shipman

4 September 2019

Caring and comfortable environment. Our Lucy was well taken care at a very competitive price. Staff is obviously very experienced. Big step up from vet clinic boarding. More...


Chere Fulmer

3 September 2019

Our German Shepherd was previously boarded in a smaller kennel. He clearly was not a fan so we gave World Class kennels a try. When we brought him for his second stay he was pulling to get inside. It made leaving him less painful. We love that he has more space to stretch his legs and the option to be inside or outside. thanks Emma! More...


TonyandAimee Gonzales

3 September 2019

Great kennel!! We feel very safe knowing our puppies are in good hands while we are on vacation so we highly recommend them for sure!! Thank you World Class Kennel!!


Cindy Moon

25 August 2019

We are so picky about where we leave our dogs, they are our family....World Class Kennels came highly recommended and we were not disappointed! They are good ppl, good location and a GREAT place for your pups, home away from home! More...


Heather Barnett

30 July 2019

Bella is our 6 month old baby... I mean lab. She’s so rotten and we know it. It was incredibly hard to leave her. She’s huge for a 6 month old lab and if you’ve ever seen the movie Marley and Me... well she’s Marley! We left her with the precious people at WCK while we went to the beach. She seems to have enjoyed herself. And the kennel was spotless. Bella was happy and clean. They had even washed her blankie for her and handed it to us as we went out the door. I would give them a 5 star rating!! More...


Lisa Jordan

28 July 2019

Our dog loves to visit World Class Kennels.


Amanda Voce Brooks

4 June 2019

They are very friendly and take very great care of the fur babies. We will continue to use them when we travel!


Terri Scott Reynolds

29 May 2019

WCK has been keeping my Boston since he was a pup. Will not board him anywhere else. The staff is fantastic.


Janet H

24 May 2019

Great place to board your loved pet!


Donna Nicholson

16 May 2019

Love this place and I believe my pup did also!


Bill Goodwyn

30 April 2019

Excellent care of of pup by caring people.


Ginny Cossey

31 March 2019

This place is so great!! They are so gear with all of the animals they board and they are so clean!! When you walk in, it has the freshest, cleanest smell. Oh, and last but not least, they have VIP kennels that are decorated and was hand painted!!! You must check this place out and if you are going on vacation, I insist you take your pets to World Class Kennels!!!! Emma and Shane are the best!!!! More...


Thomas U.

14 December 2018

I believe I used this place a few years back, the place as I remember it was clean and suitable for our beloved Chocolate Lab, which we never trusted any strangers, she was treated well, clean and our other little dogs the same. I'm planning on going there again in January,Thomas Uwanawich More...


Mark Pyle

2 October 2018

The "Hilton" of kennels!


Ron Proctor

2 October 2018

Very large facility with large enclosures. Some enclosures have both inside and outside access.


Angela Tait

7 June 2018

World Class took very good care of our dog. It was the first time she had been kenneled since we got her from the shelter. She did great! Thank you so much for caring for her. More...


Jenna Elgie

30 May 2018

WCK takes such good care of our pups while we are away! They love the indooor/outdoor kennel and the play yards and especially the people. I completely trust them with my dogs (my babies) and they do such a nice job caring for them. The facility is always super clean and organized. I 100% would recommend them to all my friends and family. We also love the Pet Taxi option for when our schedules are busy. More...


Karen Snider

30 May 2018

My girls have been going there for 11 years. They love your pets. I would recommend going for a visit to see the place and meet Emma. That will let you know that they will be in good hands. More...


Jennifer Canon Lock

22 May 2018

We visited a few kennels and called several before we chose WCK. We made an unannounced visit and could not have been more pleased. There really was no comparison, WCK was superior in every way. This is the only kennel I truly felt comfortable leaving our new Goldendoodle baby while we were on vacation. He was freshly bathed and packed when we arrived for pick up. Thank you WKC. More...


Dana L.

14 May 2018

My parents have been using World Class Kennels for quite a few years now and have had nothing but positive experiences. I decided to write a review for them because they don't Yelp and I recently had the opportunity to visit the kennel with them on a visit home to Alabama. They recently moved back home to Kentucky from Birmingham, but they like this kennel so much that they choose to board their dog there when visiting family in Birmingham. They continue to bring their dog all the way down from Louisville because she is comfortable there. They stay in Hoover when they visit Birmingham and this kennel is obviously not close to Hoover. Bringing their dog down from Louisville and then driving to Harpersville shows how much they like this kennel. The kennel is out in the country and it's in a very peaceful setting. They have indoor/outdoor runs, which is not easy to find anymore when kennel shopping. They do lock-down the kennel doors in the indoor/outdoor runs at night, for the safety of the animals. The kennel is super clean and well-maintained. They have changed owners in the past few years and my parents have been happy with the new owners and their continued quality of care that they provide. They will let you walk back and see the exact kennel that your baby will be in. In fact, they let us walk their dog back when she was dropped off. My parents always request a run by the office so that their dog can watch and see everything going on because she, like many other dogs, has a bit of separation anxiety and nervousness. Besides being a clean and neat facility, the staff is friendly and seems to genuinely care about the animals boarded there. My parents' dog hates being boarded in general, and although she doesn't want to be left, she has always come home in good condition and it appeared that she ate well, which said to us that she wasn't stressed during her stay. That hasn't always been the case at other kennels that they used in the past. They are grateful to have this kennel to use for the trips that they make to Birmingham and even down to the coast. Based on all that I know from their experiences here, my tour of the facility, and the positive interactions with the staff, I would recommend this facility. More...


Teri Lisenby Lott

25 April 2018

World Class has been boarding our Golden Doodle since he was a pup. We have always been very satisfied with the care he receives and we love the staff. He comes home happy and fit. Nobody likes leaving their fur baby behind, but, for those times when we must, I trust World Class to treat Tripp like the valued family member he is to us. I wholeheartedly recommend them for all your boarding needs. More...


Jane Anne Freeman

24 April 2018

World Class Kennels is an excellent place to leave your pet while away. The kennels are big and spacious. The staff will make your pet feel right at home.


Leah Lagrone

24 April 2018

Love that I have a fabulous place for my special boy Cotton when family comes into town!


Karen Daniel Snider

16 April 2018

I have used World Class Kennels for 11 years. My dogs love to go to "camp". They truly care about each and every pet.


Sue Cain Bryars

15 April 2018

Wonderful environment and you can't beat the staff and the attention your fur babies get!


Vanessa Godwin Arant

15 April 2018

Great staff and environment for our girl. She loves the indoor/outdoor kennels that make her feel more like being at home. I wouldn't choose anywhere for her to stay. More...


Martha Hornot Melton

14 April 2018

Great place to leave your family pet. Good people, clean kennels, indoor outdoor runs and my girls can bark and sing all they want Highly recommended


Casie Bell Taylor

12 April 2018

Plenty of space for our 2 pit babies and very friendly staff.


Phyllis Chastain Babice

9 April 2018

Great place for my boarding. They even have a pet taxi! Bella loves the indoor/outdoor kennel. She can bark all she wants and no one cares! Well cared for!


Fred Henry

3 April 2018

Great place and staff is very friendly. Our dogs look forward to going!


Amy Cason Wilhite

10 June 2017

My experience with World Class Kennels was positive from beginning to end. My 7y/o pug is usually very anxious when he returns from boarding (vomiting repeatedly for days). I expressed this to the owner and they encouraged me to bring things from home to comfort him during his stay. When I picked my dogs up, they were calm when I arrived, calm on the way home, and to my surprise, my pug has not had any gastric distress. I will definitely use this kennel in the future. This is a great place for anxious dogs to stay�� More...


Jennifer Moore

30 May 2016

Our dog is always clean and happy when we pick her up. They even sent a picture of her with balloons home after new years. They will play ball with them and I don't have to worry about her getting loose, she's a runner! More...


Johnna Pardue Barnes

3 January 2015

We love World Klass Kennels. Sharon and her staff are very loving, caring and kind and they take great care of Gordon every time he is with them! He gets excited when we drive up and heads straight to the office to say hello!! We never worry about him when he stays with them! More...


Christina S.

18 May 2013

Where is the "BETTER THAN IT GETS" 6-Yelp Star Button?As far as my pups go - They are priority number one when I leave town.Since I have no kids, my dogs are my "kids".  They go to work with me.  They sit on the sofa and read with me.  They like to watch Animal Planet with me.  And they sleep with me.  I would much rather pay someone the cost of a hotel night's stay to come hang with my babies when I'm away (ALERT all you hungry dog sitters!  I'm a SUCKER) than take them to the vet - so when I plan a trip, I factor in 2x the hotel cost just so my fur babies can sleep in my bed. On my recent trip to Turkey, however, the thought of being out of the country, a 14 hour plane trip away, for two weeks, and with not much access to the Homeland made me think twice about having a pet sitter come to the house.  What if my dogs escaped the backyard?  What if the pet sitter didn't lock the doors when she left? (Cash can open doors, let himself in, grab a beer from the fridge and chill like Ice Cube on the sofa - no lie)  What if something happened to them, medically, and I wasn't here?  All that made me search for the best place to leave them for the 13 days I was  gone.  I came up with World Class Kennels in Harpersville, and I couldn't have made a better decision.  I live OTMx2 (don't laugh you In Towners!  You don't need a passport to get to my hood!), and World Class Kennels is a bit further down 280 - but this place is pretty.  Lots of room to roam - and if you're a dog, especially one who was bred to chase lions in South Africa, that's a "good thing".  Their kennels are spacious and private - they have concrete walls so all the dogs are not barking back and forth at each other.  Each of the kennels has a little cot and blankets (we brought our own bed and woobies - they were in 7th heaven!)  They have automatic watering devices - so there's no thirsty-ness going on.  We opted for the indoor-outdoor version, which has a little door to the outside yard that they can come in and out of at will.  Cash warmed right up to that idea as soon as he got there - in and out and in and out and in and out.  They also get to play three times a day in the big yards - they have three separate yards, in case your pup doesn't play well with others.  AND - they even have themed rooms (UA and AU, Sylvester and Tweety, Pippi Longstocking), with little beds and stuff in case you have one of those fluffy frou-frou fur babies.   All the amenities are wonderful.  And the fact that they have choices for play time is great, but when it comes to the lil ones, pet care is important to me.  My Beagle has an ear infection (another reason I was hesitant to leave her with someone at the casa).  She apparently had quite a flare up while I was away.  Sharon Kidd, the owner, called my vet and had meds sent over, and administered them.  Since we didn't leave food (my babies aren't picky eaters), she thought that maybe a change in Sunni's diet might help, so she changed her diet, and since it worked, she sent some of her new food home with a note and the name of the local Seed & Feed of where to find it (McEwen's - but that's another review!).  She took the time to care about my dogs.  When we have to leave them for a weekend at the vet, they come home tired, neurotic and stinky.  Cash and Sunni enjoyed their visit - they were well rested, nobody had any eating issues, they smelled like they did when they were dropped off.  Their blankets and bed were freshly washed and folded.  The BEST part  I walked in the door from my 24 hour day of traveling at midnight.  My fur babies were at my front door, courtesy of their Pet Taxi Service, at 7:30 in the morning while I was making my coffee.Next trip away, my kids are going to World Class!!! More...


Ann T.

12 November 2007

The best boarding facility for your dog. We have tried several boarding facilities in and around the Birmingham area; and this is the best!