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Sophie Leonard

18 September 2013

I hired an east London based personal trainer to come and train me several times a week. I went for an intensive course over 6 weeks and invested a lot of money in this as I was determined to improve my health and fitness. <br /><br />I met the trainer and paid him £1035 UP FRONT for his services. In the first 3 weeks, he didn't show up for 5 sessions on 5 separate occasions. After the 4th time he had<span id="moreReview450760" class="hide"> not shown up, I told him it couldn't happen again and I would give him one more chance. 2 days later, he cancelled another session by text at 6.30am because, "I'm still partying at Notting Hill Carnival". <br /><br />This was the final straw and I requested my money back. <br /><br />4 weeks later, I am still trying to get my money back. He has now paid me the majority of my money, but he still owes me £55 and is now ignoring the majority of my calls/texts. <br /><br />I have contacted Workoutathome who have been very sympathetic, but they also have not managed to get my money back for me. <br /><br />This has been one of the most unprofessional and stressful situations that I have ever come across. And I realise now how stupid I was to hand over money when there is no guarantee from the company that they will reimburse you if one of their trainers acts badly. <br /><br />I would absolutely avoid using something like this again and would urge people to pay session by session. <br /><br />I love the idea of this service and it saddens me greatly that they have hired someone so unprofessional to carry out the work for them. <br /><br />DO NOT HAND OVER ANY MONEY AS WORKOUTATHOME will not pay it back if one of their trainers goes AWOL.</span> More...


Mohammed Abdulhussein

9 March 2013

The trainer has stopped taking my calls and I've already paid upfront. '.<br />He has effectively stolen £200 from me and work out at home have said that although they hire the trainers, they are actually self employed. Which means I can't get my money back. Everyone be careful. These guys are crooks. More...


Ryan Quelch

26 April 2011

I trained with Matthew and Jason for four weeks whilst working in Cardiff. I am a regular gym goer but never seemed to get the results I wanted. 10 sessions later and I have put on half a stone in muscle and look and feel great! The sessions were thoroughly enjoyable, and the tips I picked up I can now take to the gym to improve my own workout. Matthew and Jason also advised me on how to improve<span id="moreReview205082" class="hide"> my diet, and I am thrilled at the results! <br /><br />Would highly recommend to anyone considering a personal trainer, the private studio is a great facility and the boys will work you hard to reach your personal goals.</span> More...


K. Bevan

8 April 2009

I started out unfit, unhealthy and overweight. <br />The motivating approach, level of support and <br />quality of personal training I received mean <br />that I am now much fitter, pretty healthy and I <br />have lost almost 6 stones in weight over the <br />last 16 months. Couldn't recommend them <br />highly enough - life-changing for me. More...


Mary Westlake

26 March 2009

After several years of ill health and taking a lot of medication I have put on approximately 3 stone in weight. I decided to try and start some exercising hoping to loss weight and regain my confidence. I did not feel able to go to a fitness gym, I wanted a trainer to come to my home and to fit in around my time. <br />Right from the first time I met Jason and Matt I was put at ease, they are<span id="moreReview40302" class="hide"> very proffessional, everything has been explained to me about the exercises and the nutritional assessment has helped me to make a lot of changes to my diet. The trainers are also in touch between appointments to check on my progress and answer any queries. <br />My GP and Pain Consultant have been delighted that I have made these changes. I would recommend Workout At Home to anyone, whatever your circumstances. <br />They have surpassed my expectations and with their support I know I will reach my goals.</span> More...


Kim West

25 March 2009

I just love getting up at 0630 these days to workout with Jason!!! I feel fitter and look much leaner and dare I say it feel a little younger. The sessions are varied and tailored to my personal goals. More...


Natalie Romanick

25 March 2009

I had been tempted to hire a personal trainer for a while as I was struggling to lose two stone after my second baby. I held off thinking that it was an extravagent and unnecessary cost for something I could surely do alone? I am now glad I took the step, although I am also doing home workouts alone, the private sessions are more intense so everything combined, I now feel as though I am getting<span id="moreReview40092" class="hide"> somewhere with this stubborn final bit of weight. I'm sure I will reach my target in quite a short period of time! If your having trouble staying motivated or feel like you just need that extra push, go ahead and book, it really does make a difference. It doesn't have to be a long term thing, they are more than happy to just help you out for a few weeks if thats all you think you need - they are very friendly</span> More...


Robert Jenkins

16 March 2009

i am still with jason at JJfitness and after 18months and i am still exceptionally pleased with the results i have acheived with the routines jason has set out for me.


Anthony Jones

16 March 2009

The fitness sessions are hard work but enjoyable and that is the key, if the workouts were not varied I think I would of lost interest by now. The hour seems to fly by even though we are constantly exercising-there is no clock watching. My personal trainer also looked at my diet and gave me useful nutritional advice along with a couple of books which helped with choosing what meals we planned to<span id="moreReview38300" class="hide"> eat over the weeks.<br /><br />I have just entered my second month and have already lost over a stone, reduced my body fat and my fitness levels have increased. I am also enjoying exercise a lot more</span> More...


Lorraine Lewis

15 March 2009

Personal training in my own home, at my own pace. All the kit is brought along. My trainer is enthusiastic, goal orientated, and knows how to motivate me further each time. I pay for the time and expertise of a brilliant trainer, no sweaty gym or fancy club to support with my fees. No parking or traffic issues. It's all about me! And it works. More...


Justin Cooper

15 February 2009

The personal training I received from JJ Fitness and Wellbeing was far more beneficial than I imagined it has really helped my overall fitness levels, weight loss goals and I feel I have much more energy and concentration at work.



10 February 2009

I've been with JJFitness for over 6 months and in that time the service has been very friendly and the quality high. Their approach is flexible too. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this company as it's helped towards my wellbeing - even though I do all the hard work :) More...


Mrs Samantha Cosslett

26 February 2008

Having given up smoking and gaining some 3 stone i felt it was time to do something about my weight and depressed state of mind.<br /><br />I have never trained at all in my life and the local gym was a daunting place to start.<br /><br />After some research online i came across personal trainers .<br />I clicked on jj fitness and sent them an email saying more or less as i have written now.<br /><br />The next day i was<span id="moreReview11620" class="hide"> contacted by a Representative who within a week had come to my home explained everything and i enrolled with them , it was so easy and for once i felt excited about starting some training.<br /><br />Jason Cave was the trainer assigned to me, he has been training me now since August 2007 its now February 2008 and i have lost almost 2 stone!<br /><br />Jason is a superb trainer who pushes me hard but always with a smile on his face and great humour, training is not easy and it is no magic formula to losing weight ,but hard work and a personal trainer to keep you going is a must.<br /><br />If you are serious about losing weight and getting a personal trainer then give jj fitness a call ,i did and haven't looked back.<br /><br />Mrs Samantha Cosslett ( Bridgend )</span> More...