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Workman CPA and CFO

Cedar City, Utah, Iron


Workman CPA and CFO

Cedar City, Utah, Iron


Workman CPA and CFO offers a broad range of services from simple bookkeeping and payroll to tax preparation and planning and ultimately outsourced part-time CFO. As an outsourced CFO, my firm manages the day to day accounting functions while removing the financial road blocks to building your business.



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Tax Planning and Preparation
Business Set Up
Basic Bookkeeping - Stay organized through out the year and be ready for tax season
Bookkeeping Plus - Goes beyond simply putting numbers where they belong. Implements additional classifications so you can get the best information to make the best decisions. Perfect for improving Cash Flow Management, Forecasting and Financial Analysis within your company.
Outsourced CFO - We take care of the accounting procedures and help remove the financial roadblocks to growing your business.

A great accountant can be the difference between a great business and a failed business. Everyone has heard the stories about how someone got screwed by an accountant that either didn't know what they were doing or knew EXACTLY what they were doing and took advantage of their client. A great accountant will work with you to set goals for your business and then help you reach them.

I love taking my education and experience and being able to help my clients get what they want out of their businesses in term of both profitability and lifestyle.

I felt that CPA's and other accountants have drifted toward simply being expensive 'specialized' data entry professionals and I knew I could provide a better service. I focus on educating my clients and helping them understand how to improve their situation to better meet their goals.

I am a CPA with 3 Masters degrees in business (MS Accounting, MBA, and MS Integrated Healthcare Management). I take pride in my ability to exceed expectations.