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Welcome to White Hart Therapy
Our work is about helping people to live more productive and harmonious lives by being in touch with themselves, each other and the world.

We enjoy working with individuals, couples and groups.

We offer coaching, counselling and psychotherapy, different processes with the same goal, which is to achieve the mindful awareness that enables us to think and feel and act in accordance with our loving purpose in every waking moment of our lives.



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It is always a privilege to spend time in a quiet, safe, reflective space with someone and simply to listen to their story. Getting to know another human being really well, deep below the surface, helping them to be more aware of their own processing, to understand themselves better and to find options for changing their life for the better... is a very special process and brings a personal satisfaction like no other I have known.

Put simply, I wanted to be able to make clients welcome, who want to work with me. I have been a self-employed coach and consultant for nearly fifteen years, (after working in the education system for nearly thirty!) I started my third career in 2013, deciding to train as a psychotherapist (a UKCP Trainee Therapist). It is a long and rightly challenging journey to qualify and it includes seeing clients, under supervision. I have a lifetime of experience working with people and researching how they learn and change; now it seems right to give something back by just being available, to listen, support and help people who may be having a difficult time, or may be perfectly well but still wanting to get more out of life. The same applies to Helen and Mel and Sam, my fellow trainees, experienced counsellors who practise here with me.

If you think that confidential, professional talking therapy could help you live a happier, more fulfilled life, please don't hesitate. Do it now. However, you should only choose White Hart Therapy after looking at two or three possibilities (at least) and deciding we're OK - or better! We are all members of UKCP or BACP and bound by the professional code of ethics. We have professional supervision and the benefit of outstanding teaching and support from the Berne Institute, near Nottingham. Have a look at the website - Google 'WhiteHartTherapy.com' (all one word) and see how we describe our work and ourselves. The website will either 'speak to you' or not. I hope it does!