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Experienced Photographer handles all types of jobs, Events, Portrait Shoots, Company Head and Shoulder Photos, Profile Photos, Product Photography, Architectural Photography, 360 Degree Product Photography, Weddings, and our specialty School Photography.

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William Barella

14 September 2016

NEVER go for a job here they will make you work 8.45 to 5.30 for just over three pounds an hour. The Boss is the most inpatient ***hole you will ever meet and he will make you run across the street to get him a f***** Starbucks coffee. His father will try to give you math lessons and he old age wisdom. The lunch is only half an hour and you'll be expected to break from lunch at any point people say so. If you are interested in the photography more than the customer services DO NOT GO FOR THIS JOB on the other hand if you love customer services, don't mind working ridiculous hours for a disgraceful 3.30 and hour because the boss is a greedy c***, don't mind being treated like sh*t by staff and customer, this is the job for you! More...