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West LA Computer Expert offers highly rated, professional and fairly priced PC and network support on the Westside of LA and the surrounding areas. We have been in business since 2002 and we've earned a 5 Star ratings on Yelp and also a Grade "A" on Angie's List with over 200 reviews. Let's get started on resolving your computer or network issue!

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Jeffrey E.

5 August 2019

I've been using Dan for years, and he's always been dependable prompt and reasonably priced. In addition to recently installing a solid state hard drive to replace my old spinning one, he performed some updates and and did a complete software/hardware maintenance check -- at no additional charge.Dan has also referred me to other really good techs when my needs have been outside the scope of his expertise (network maintenance and expansion).I highly recommend Dan. More...


Christie S.

8 July 2019

Dan came to my rescue when my aging laptop wouldn't boot up. He got it up and running in no time and did some other general maintenance. I'm so grateful to have my computer working and files backed up. Dan answered my call quickly and made himself available the same day. Thank you, Dan!! More...


Jay Golden

1 January 2019

Dan's service is impeccable . he comes on time ; doesn't leave until you're satisfied he can fix almost any computer problem . if he can't , he'll find the right resource for you. his pricing is fair and honest. what more do you want I've known him for years. More...


Barbara B.

10 December 2018

We contacted Dan late in the evening about a problem with our laptop which rather suddenly refused to turn on.  He responded almost instantly!  Following a phone conversation to better define the problem, he provided us with a referral to someone who could do the hardware repair needed.   We were most appreciative of his quick response and the referral and will be returning to him with future computer-related issues. More...


S.g. S.

3 December 2018

I thought my computer -- and all its contents -- were gone to me forever when it stopped working.  Dan checked it out for me overnight, and when it turned out to be a hardware issue, didn't charge me and directed me to someone who could make that fix.  (Good guys know good guys!)  Thanks to Dan, my computer is now as good as new.  He's as honest and caring as it gets, and he's definitely now my go-to computer guy. More...


Fran Curran Rossi

8 October 2018

Dan’s great. He’s quick to answer, show up and gets my PC and all its habits! We’ve used him for years. He’s fair and is a great deal and my dogs love him.


rodney c.

28 September 2018

My go-to computer repair man. I usually trouble shoot my computer on my own but most of the time i end up making the problem worse. I took my computer to him to fix my graphics card and my windows program that wouldnt start up. He fixed them and in a reasonable amount of time. He does honest work for a fair price. Will take my computer back if i problems in the future More...


Joel G.

26 September 2018

Dan is great.  He fixed my outlook search issue in less than 5 minutes.  Thanks!


John C.

17 September 2018

My PC was giving me problems and I was unable to figure it out myself.  I called Dan, and he came to my house that very afternoon and went right to work on the problem.  Dan was tenacious and completely fixed the problem by the next day during a second visit.  He even made a complimentary follow-up visit a couple of days later when I asked for help setting up one of my apps.  I found Dan to be prompt, responsive, friendly, and well qualified.  His price was more than fair.  I strongly recommend Dan. More...


Murray M.

4 September 2018

Fixed computer without much difficulty and grateful. Explained what was wrong. Friendly.


Sickofbadservic E.

4 September 2018

Dan went above and beyond to help me load an extremely large 20+gb file that took several hours late into the night - he even let me wait at his house and then didn't even charge me. You just don't find that kind of service anymore - genuinely nice guy that's very rare these days. Highly recommended! More...


Anton H.

20 August 2018

When it comes to non-iMac computers, I'm the world's biggest dolt. With a new PC, I've both had it just not turn on and randomly shut off, and I also wanted to install a new HDD. Both times I called Dan. He was quite kind and patient with all my dumb questions and ignorance. He's also very reasonably priced. I'll definitely call him with my future computer needs. More...


Darin R.

30 April 2018

After a week of frustration with both Microsoft and Lenovo tech support, I did the wise thing and called Dan Zivetz the West L.A. Computer Expert. He had my problem (exporting and importing important emails from Outlook 2007 to 2016) solved in an hour. I can now breathe easier thanks to Dan. Highly, highly recommended. You'll be glad you called him. I certainly am. More...


Bea W.

5 February 2018

I have been using this company for a long time and always so pleased with the service.  I just used him again a couple of weeks ago. It is hard working from home alone for office set up or computer problems in general and finding the right person to come to your home. Dan always responds immediately and fits you in his schedule as quickly as possible. HIs pricing is very reasonable for coming to your home. HIs knowledge is excellent for all the challenges I have had. I found him by chance many years ago and very happy that I did.  I highly recommend the company and Dan. More...


Marc William S.

5 December 2017

After countless trips and multiple hours at Best Buy, I decided that the Geek Squad was simply not able to fix the computer which I bought from them!! No, I did not buy the up sell policy, so they simply sent it back to the manufacturer. The manufacturer replaced my hard drive three times and the laptop was still not working right, no bios updates, no updates to windows, no updates to drivers, you would think the Geek Squad would help me with this as they represent the manufacturer, but NO!!! As they said, "If You Didn't Buy the Laptop Protection, We Can't Help You!!" I parked myself in line for three hours and refused to leave until Best Buy did the right thing, REFUND MY MONEY!!! Finally they did! I took the money and ran, never to return to Best Buy again.  Than I met Dan from West LA Computer Expert. First, he talked me down off the ledge where I was ready to toss my computer!! He showed me a variety of great deals online, from his preferred vendors, that fit my budget. He managed to find a laptop which suited my needs, including Bluetooth to run all my external devices, touch screen, durable, and small enough to travel yet still use without a microscope! He was patient, knowledgeable, had the tools, and resources to find the perfect laptop to fit my needs!  He reinstalled all my apps and added a few which I needed, but didn't know existed. But wait,...Than he went the extra mile. He suggested that I buy and install a SSD (Solid State Drive). He found one online, that suited my needs, cloned my existing Hard drive and installed the SSD!!My laptop has never run quicker, smoother, no stalls, all updates completed and I'm back on the internet, with flawless application!My Hats off to Dan at West LA Computer Expert!  First Class Job Dan, you will forever have my business!! A+++++And I almost forgot, he also reconfigured my old backup laptop and got that running also, whereas it was just a paper weight for several months. Now I have two working laptops thanks to Dan!! More...


Jo P.

30 October 2017

I was introduced to Dan about 10 years ago. I was 60 years old and had many hang-ups about dealing with my computer, especially when faced with a glitch of some kind. Dan was always available to download and help me understand new/updated programs. He spoke to me in a language I could understand - unlike so many other techies I had hired in the past. He never failed to get my computer up and running (even better than before) after a crash. To top it all off, Dan is a very reliable, honest and dependable guy. I now live quite far from L.A. but, when faced with a computer problem, I call Dan who is able to remotely take over my computer in order to quickly solve any problems. Jo Panitch, Laguna, CA More...


Amy Meredith

23 May 2017

I have been using Dan for awhile now and he's the best. There's no computer problem he hasn't been able to solve. He's very responsible and surprisingly reasonable. Dan is also an all around very nice guy. More...


Vivian P.

6 March 2017

THE BEST, THE BEST, THE BEST!Dan is the greatest, he solves everything and is so accessible.  I've been using him for like 5 years, I do business with a home computer, he literally fixes everything and Quickly plus his rates are so reasonable.  A real smartie.  Total score!


deanna p.

26 November 2016

Dan did a fantastic job fixing my computer. Came to my home, was prompt & professional, knowledgeable. Very glad to have met him!


Michele A.

23 April 2016

Dan was professional, knowledgeable and did a great job setting up the PCs in our house.  I will definitely be calling him again!


Debra M.

14 March 2016

I had been having a problem with Time Warners Wifi here in Westchester for sometime. Time Warner just told me to by network extenders for all my rooms. I new this was ridiculous as we just moved 4 years ago from a 3000+ sq ft home in Culver City and never had a problem. We downsized to a 2100 sq ft single story home and they changed our equipment to "newer equipment". I finally got fed up when my new Ring Doorbell was not working properly. I found a "Angie's List" Deal With W LA Computer Expert Dan and he is GOOD! Dan came out and we called Time Warner and he took ever and dealt with them directly about their equipment and its capabilities. At first they denied and then the equipment mgr. acknowledged that the modems are not AC compatible. So from there I decided to purchase my own equipment on Dan's advise and when it arrived he came out and he installed everything and checked the health of my laptop and computer as well. I highly recommend West LA Computer Expert "Dan" he is very easy to work with and understand. He has great patients with us technically challenged as well :) More...


Andy D.

5 February 2016

Really exceptional. Came to my house since I have an unwieldy desktop and Dan fixed a huge amount of things for an extremely reasonable price. Professional service, and he taught me things as he was fixing them so I can troubleshoot my computer if it ever is uncooperative in the future. I couldn't recommend them more! More...


Barbara S.

23 November 2015

Daniel has serviced my computers since 3 years, and has done a fantastic job! It does not matter what kind of problem I have on my windows PC, Daniel will be able to fix it and is always reachable even weekends. I would not even think of switching to another computer expert. His rates are fair and reasonable. Thank you Daniel! More...


Amy G.

3 November 2015

Anyone looking for excellent computer help should call Dan at West LA Computer fix. I can't recommend him highly enough. He is extremely well skilled, very patient, and will stop at nothing to resolve a problem. Once you use him, you'll never need another referral again. More...


Kathleen Frankforter

26 March 2015

Dan has been my computer go to expert for awhile now. Always there when I need his help!


fran r.

19 March 2015

I have a new computer guy!! Yayyy! Dan was so wonderful. My computer wouldn't work. It was so overloaded, slow and had bugs. In a panic before work was due I called him at 7:20p and he came 2 hours later and stayed for two hours fixing everything! I can now use my 10-year old PC until I get a new one, which I should probably do soon. I highly recommend Dan. He's kind, knowledgeable and efficient. And he's very dependable! You can't go wrong! Dan is the MAN. More...


Kathy F.

25 March 2014

I have been using Dan for quite some time now.   Dan actually built me a desktop which I just love!  He did an awesome job.  He is so dedicated to his work and I admire that in him.  I would not let anyone else work on our computers as this is how much my husband and I trust him.  Dan continues to further his education in computers and software and that makes him more valuable in my humble opinion.  Hire Dan for all your computer needs as you will not be sorry you did. More...


Jeff B.

20 September 2013

Without a doubt, Dan is the best computer guy on the westside. Quick, knowledgeable and trustworthy - I wouldn't trust my business computer to anyone else.  He knows PC's, their problems and solutions - Hands Down! He is the BEST. More...


Miria B.

19 October 2012

My laptop has been riddled with viruses and some pop-up window program which kept alarming me about the trojan horses infecting my pc. After calling Best Buy and learning they only offer a $199.99 service (up to three computers for one year), I knew that a local option would be more cost effective for me. Using Yelp, and my location, I quickly honed down my choices to Computer Professionals in Santa Monica, and thanks to Leland's review, West LA Computer Fix.Both locations have positive reviews, so I called to see how much they charge and what warantee they offer. They both charge $50/hour. That is the only similarity between these two places. Computer Professionals "could add an anti-virus program" if I wanted (they didn't sound enthusiastic), they wouldn't cover any future problems. I could additionally "bring it in a couple of weeks after the fix to make sure nothing's wrong, but if something happens two months out, then I could bring it back and they would fix it again" at an additional charge. Furthermore, it was Friday afternoon. I could drop off my laptop and they could look at it on Monday.Dan at West LA Computer Fix was a completely different experience. After speaking with him, he explained that he would gladly put on two spyware programs free of charge and guarantee them for a year at no extra cost. And if I had problems at any point related to viruses, all I had to do was call him, and he'd check my computer for free. Additionally, the fact that it was Friday afternoon was no problem. He was actually making a house computer call somewhere else but would be back in the area at 5:30 and he could look at my computer right away. That worked fine with me! In fact, after dropping off my laptop, he called me at 7:30 to tell me the problem was resolved, the new software was on, and it was ready for pick up. I picked it up the next day, and he showed me the software and how to manually update it (since it's the free version), and I am happy to report that I have had no problems with my computer! I'm pretty sure Dan works all around the Valley and he told me that he usually goes to the client - it's rare that someone drops off the laptop like I did. He is dedicated to customer service and he really wants to fix your computer - he has no interest in upselling, or forcing programs or fixes that are not required. I will call Dan for all my family's future computer problems - you should too! More...

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I enjoy helping people! I like to see the customers can use their computers and network efficiently and with confidence.

I was trained in Computers and earned the A+(CompTia) and MCP(Microsoft Certified Professional) certificates. I felt I had a lot to offer to the public so I started the business.

I am well trained and I have 19 years of experience in the field. I'm a nice person who can be trusted and held in confidence. I like what I do and I like people!



Excellent PC and network support for just about any issue.