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San Ramon, California, Contra Costa

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Wellness Haven Yoga

San Ramon, California, Contra Costa



Wellness Haven Yoga Studio is a private studio in San Ramon with the sole goal to train people of all ages bringing them from their current situation to a healthy, strong and supple body capable of leading a joyful life.

We are very well known in East Bay and especially in San Ramon and its neighboring towns for the premium service we provide with hundreds of testimonials of amazing results.


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Ursula Fernandez

23 April 2018

The best yoga studio EVER! I Totally recommend it. The teacher is very professional and I've had the best breathing training class in my life! Make sure to visit them as soon as you feel like you need some sort of spiritual hobby. More...


Joanna B.

14 August 2017

I have been taking mat yoga classes here for 7 months now and love it. All classes are taught by the owner who does a wonderful job in each class. You must have someone able to describe in detail how to perform the poses bc you are not always able to to see the instructor and she really is able to communicate to the class very well. Her classes are always very full in the evening. I am not a gym person. I cannot go to a gym and use a treadmill or elliptical machine for an hour an feel energized like these yoga classes do for me. When I started my weight-loss journey at the beginning of this year yoga was an essential part of helping me reach my goals but it ended up helping me in more ways than I was expecting. More...


Courtney M.

15 June 2015

Umang is rawly Umang.  I enjoyed her classes and can understand why not everyone does.  Some people like a heavy sugar coating-she is blunt.  Grouon customer here.  I always sat in the front row to soak up as much knowledge as I could.  There were times when she corrected me and times when she complimented me.  Both were appreciated.  There were two times I saw her put people in their place...and probably would have done the same myself.  She is VERY clear of her processes on Groupon and her website.  A new Groupon-er walked in AFTER class had begun, which may not have been rude, had he first attended his "pre-opt."  He obviously felt he was more important than the class and her rules and didn't seem happy about not being able to join.Another time, two customers and also my friends, purchased a SECOND Groupon- this is not allowed and it clearly states so!  She is running a business, not a charity.  That being said, she recognized them and told them they could not participate by means of a Groupon.  This was embarrassing for my friends as it was said in front of the class and Umang probably felt like a broken record!I feel there is value in this Groupon. I enjoyed the experience and her teaching style.There is a family feel to this place for the long time customers.  Reasonably, the more time you spend with her, the higher quality your relationship will be.  She offers so much more than yoga and is full of information.  She is an inspiration, quitting her desk job to pursue her dreams.  Thank you Umang for your time and knowledge!P.S. I absolutely loved laughing at the end, it was so funny! More...


Erin H.

4 April 2014

I have always been an active person and I've tried many forms of exercise in the past, but I became interested in yoga as a way to learn to quiet my over active mind while strengthening my body physically. I chose to go to Umang's yoga studio after purchasing a Groupon. I first met Umang at a free private appointment before I took any classes from her. I felt an instant connection with her because of her enthusiastic positive, and playful personality. She took the time to ask me questions about my health and my life and she has continued to do so after every class I've taken with her. She offers classes for complete beginners as well as advanced students. I initially started going to the beginners classes and found Umang to be a very encouraging teacher because she has a very clear and direct way of describing how to get into a pose and she almost always does the pose herself to demonstrate. I find this especially helpful because I'm very visual and I've been in classes where the teacher circles the room just calling out the Sanskrit names of poses which can be confusing.Umang has challenged me to try things I never thought I could do. She told me to try her advanced class and every time I tried a new pose she would coach me through it and offer encouraging words. I started feeling very comfortable at her studio as I started to meet some of the other students there too. It began to feel like a family and I know that's what it is to Umang. Everyone is very supportive of each other, it's not competitive, and Umang is always planning fun activities like yoga in the park and potlucks. Umang is from India and the yoga she teaches is very special and authentic because yoga is a lifestyle for her, not just a form of exercise. Her style of yoga not only includes asanas, but breathing and meditation, yoga philosophy, and Ayurveda. I have stayed long after class is over at Umang's studio practicing poses and having a heart to heart discussion with her and other students and she has never rushed me out, in fact she has encouraged me to stay and practice the next pose I'm trying to master. I'm so happy I found this studio because I feel if I had started at another studio that I might not have continued with yoga because I've never been given as much personal attention at another studio as I have here. I also don't feel intimidated here because it is a warm, welcoming environment.I now practice yoga inside and out of class 7 days a week and my husband and friends have noticed changes in me physically, mentally, and spiritually. I highly recommend Wellness Haven. Umang and yoga have changed my life and made me a happier more confident person. More...


Dana L.

3 April 2014

My husband bought me a  Groupon for yoga just like many others here on Yelp. Umang is not a "cookie cut" type of yoga teacher. Her philosophy and method of teaching is not for people who just want to do asanas. She teaches yoga like an authentic yogi from India, which is very different from our Westernized yoga. She also infuses her way of teaching with her own personality which is energetic, disciplined, fun, joyful, and expressive. Not only have I decided to take more yoga classes from her but I have also purchased her meditation and breath class, and become one of her accountability coaching students. Umang has pushed me, sometimes using tough love, to dig deeper than mere asanas but to live the yogic way of life. I will forever be grateful to her for helping me see that this journey is not always easy but it is SO WORTH the hard work. I want to respond to some of the negative comments here (which are a reflection of the people and their myopic perspective not of Umang):1. "Umang only pays  attention to her regular paying customers."I have never had false expectation that I will get 100 percent attention in a group class. Umang is very friendly and talks with all her students, new and exisiting. I made a point in talking with her outside of the session and always found her open and responsive. I have never found her discriminating, in fact just the reverse!2. "The point of Groupon and Living Social is to win over potential new customers."The truth is that businesses let us try out their products and service at introductory rates to see if both parties are a good fit for each other. Not every customer is the right fit for a business and not every business is the right fit for a customer. It is not about winning, but finding if we re the right fit.3. "The monthly fee is extremely high."When you go for an illness to a doctor, you go to the one who is a good fit for you - skills and personality. If you are unable to afford the fee, you simply find the one that you are able to afford. Wellness Haven has a fee, and not everyone has to be able to afford it. Those who do and like them become their loyal students. There is a community of people who think it is worth it to pay Wellness Haven's fees because there is VALUE being given to us!4. "Umang's classes are repletion without variety."She does do the same warm up sequence because it works. It covers EVERYTHING the body needs to get warmed up however, she varies the class based on the students and their ability. She has beginner and advanced level classes, slower and fast paced classes. 5.  "She does not give positive reinforcement."There is only one sentence for this: I have yet to meet more positive reinforce than Umang.  She has a sense of humor. Words can be interpreted in so many ways and those who re negative themselves will interpret her words in a negative manner. I suggest to those who had a problem with her words to look deep within and find out what is lacking within and what needs to be fixed within.6. "The class ends the same way every time too, a quick Savasana and then belly laughs. Totally weird."Most Westerners find some of Umang's practices weird because they are stuck or they have closed minds about what yoga should be. Umang's Savasana is inclusive of yoga nidra and visualization. Belly laughter releases happy chemicals in the body and students who stick with the practice have gained positive results from it. If you personally do not appreciate it does not mean that it is not good it simply means you are not the right fit for Wellness Haven.7. "She's still on Groupon and it figures. She said only 30% of the people who buy Groupons actually use them, which is just free money for her. Those 30% seem to have all written Yelp reviews too."Wellness Haven is on Groupon because it is a method for reaching more people who need to heal themselves. I came from Groupon and I have found a life long mentor in Umang...and I am not the only one. There are many students of Wellness Haven of the same mindset as me. I am very aware that only a percentage of those who buy Groupon use them, and that is because Groupon is so cheap that buying the Groupon on whim and then wasting it does not seem like a waste! Those who like Wellness Haven and Umang do not need to go "yelping" like those who have only nasty words as their outlet!   8. "Umang is terrible and I do NOT recommend."If people came to Umang only as a result of reading on yelp, Wellness Haven would not be thriving the way it is. We are all entitled to our opinions and to sharing those opinions. I would suggest that people try services like Wellness Haven and decide for themselves. More...


Deb B.

16 March 2014

I started with Umang's Wellness Haven through a Local-Gruv offer. I had tried yoga at our health club and had been very disappointed due to the lack of attention from the instructor to a newcomer in a beginner class. With Umang, we emailed and spoke on the phone before I came to her studio for an evaluation, which she requires before your first class. I appreciate this because I have bad shoulders and she told me to monitor myself in class so I wouldn't injure myself. Umang is very good in class, telling people to do positions to their own extent. She also checks to see if we are using proper form. Yes, this is a light hearted class. People who attend Umang's classes tend to be joyful. If there is laughter, it is never AT a person. I fully enjoy Umang's enthusiasm and positive outlook.Since I started class in October, I have seen an increase in strength and flexibility. I have transitioned from Local-Gruv to a 3 month membership to an annual membership because I enjoy Umang's classes so much. Yoga has benefitted my health so much, I can't see stopping. This is a practice you can do at any age! I highly recommend you check out Wellness Haven. More...


Allyson P.

6 April 2013

I purchased the Groupon to try this studio, as I have been a member previously at YogaWorks and have also done classes at my gym, I felt like I had a pretty good grasp on some techniques. I was pleasantly surprised by her teachings! Umang is an exceptional instructor! I look forward to going to her studio, and am loving the results which are not only physical, but emotionally I am more relaxed! She always remembers me, is friendly and funny and it makes the classes a breeze. For once a group I am not staring at the clock to see what time it is because I am usually surprised by the time it is done! More...


Isah I.

23 February 2013

I had a great group on deal and it was more than I expected. It was my first time doing yoga classes and Umang, the yoga instructor, really made me feel comfortable and relaxed every class. I liked that she recognizes her new students and she makes sure that she attends to each of you while doing poses. She tries her best to really push you through your limit which is good on this type of workout. I really enjoyed my yoga classes with Umang and I will definitely recommend her studio for yoga classes! More...


Diane P.

18 February 2013

This was my first time trying yoga and I'm so glad I purchased the groupon. The teacher made me feel welcome and comfortable enough where I could push myself without feeling self conscious. She also makes the class alot of fun for the participants as it is not uptight and quiet, she talks us through poses and answers questions. I have now recommended, and they join, her studio to 5 friends and my 2 step daughters, aged 9&10(they join me in beg an intermediate) and everyone loves the class. My stepdaughters ask every week if we're going and the instructor asks about them. She may not remember our names but I'm also a face person not a name person so I get it! More...


Priscilla G.

4 February 2013

Umang is amazing! I loved going to yoga and really saw improvements in my body and flexibility. Her groupon got me started and I am looking forward to going back again soon! She cares about her students and is willing to help you anyway she can. Love this place! More...


Leticia R.

11 June 2012

I purchased a deal through Livingsocial.com for Umang's Wellness Haven.  I was bummed I was not able to make it to the class more before my deal expired!  This is such an amazing yoga class.  It really does wonders for your physical and mental health.  A coworker and I would go during our lunch time and we felt relaxed yet worked out at the same time.  It was a wonderful feeling and Umang is a great teacher.  I hope in the future I can take more classes with her.  I highly recommend checking this class out if you are a beginner or even advanced, she caters to it all. More...


Lori M.

14 May 2012

I stopped yoga almost a year ago (after my gym went out of business) and decided to focus on strength training while searching for a new yoga class. What a mistake. I lost so much flexibility and my "bad hip" flared up. I recently found Umang's Wellness Haven and have been reminded why I never should have left yoga. Umang's style of yoga is very unique and I really enjoy her enthusiasm during class. My hip pain has lessened and my flexibility has already increased in only eight sessions. I am definitely one of those people who needs to take yoga at least twice a week. I am one who likes to stick close to home when working out, but I travel over 15 miles to come to class and Umang is worth it.I recently had the pleasure of indulging in a one-on-one therapeutic session with Umang. She calls her program: Umang's Life Coaching for Health, Happiness, and Success - Upgrading Pre-programmed Beliefs/Re-wiring of the Brain. All I can say is, "WOW!" I have been doing traditional talk therapy for over three years with the same therapist. In only one session with Umang, I dug deeper than I ever did in any of my weekly sessions. Umang helped me come up with an action plan, which I put into place immediately. The results were immediate as well. I had let a wound from my childhood paralyze me and I was able to let it go and move toward a much happier existence. I am very grateful to Umang for her help and hope that anyone wanting to improve their life will sit down with her for even one session. I promise you will be happy you did! More...


zeestacers M.

4 May 2012

Umang's Wellness Haven is a special place. It's a place where you can put your ego aside and just be, which can be a sigh of relief.  I've been practicing yoga for 20 years, and Umang is the epitome of a true teacher. She gives you individualized attention and structures the class by feeling out her students. She makes you laugh and never takes it too seriously. I love that she is from India, where yoga originated. She teaches yoga the right way, by telling students to listen and honor their bodies and instilling subtle life lessons into the practice.Umang offers a variety of classes, and they are all good for the beginning yogi. If you are a beginner and have never tried yoga before, I highly suggest that you check out Umang's Wellness Haven before any other studio. I noticed she gives beginners confidence and teaches them  the asanas (positions) the right way, by watching what the student is capable of. The individual attention is so important in the beginning of learning yoga! I've watched students at other studios permanently injure themselves because they are forcing something they cannot do because of the lace of instruction. But at Umang's, she really watches her students and suggests modifications. I've also noticed she stresses that breathing is the foundation of our practice, which even though I have been practicing for 20 years, I always seem to forget! If you are the type that has practiced yoga before and know the basic asanas and sun salutations, I would suggest the Advanced Class or even the Nia classes. The Advanced Class is truly not that difficult. It's hard for me to get the Advanced Class, which is at 8pm, so I end up going to the All Level's Class, which has mostly beginners. It's good for me though, because as previously mentioned, Umang reinforces the basic foundations and reminds me that yoga is more than just using your strength and flexibility! I have also been to her mommy and me yoga class, which is amazing. My 14 month old LOVES her and loves playing with the balls and listening to us chant "Ohm". She can sit in cobbler's pose and walk underneath me as I hold downward dog. Umang is a wonder with kids and keeps them laughing. My daughter was worn out after the class! :-)I've also sat in on the Nia class, which is something I want to do next! I couldn't join in on the fun because I had my 14 month old as Nia is right after the Mommy and Me class. But the Nia flow, which is a mixture of dance, yoga, and tai-chi is on my list next!The studio is spacious and is on the top floor of an office building. Umang provides yoga mats and all the props. You do not need to pay extra to use her mats, which is a plus. More...


Sudha P.

15 July 2011

We had Umang as our Yoga teacher for 6 months.   She taught our entire family which includes 2 children of ages 8 and 10.  Before this, none of us had any experience with Yoga.  Umang led us through baby steps and before we knew we were doing poses that we never thought we could do.  She not only showed us how to build physical strength, but also trained our minds to think positive, to think everything that you put your mind to is doable.  Umang is great with kids and has the right discipline to keep the class under control at the same time make the poses fun for children to look forward to the class. Both my girls absolutely love her.  We thank Umang for getting us started on the yoga path which we hope to continue for many years to come. More...


Anna C.

7 July 2011

Relaxing. Fun. Encouraging. That is how I would describe Umang's class. I am a big yoga fan and have been addicted to it since I was introduced to it in college. Among all my yoga instructors, Umang is one of my fav because she is really passionate and enthusiastic about this form of exercise. I love how she tells you the benefits of each pose because it helps me appreciate each movement that much more. She also is very caring about all her students and understands the needs of each of them from her observations. That is not something many yoga instructors can provide. Everyone adapts to yoga in different ways and Umang hepls to provide guidance to where you need to be. I am always thinking and talking to myself and her class is surprisingly something that helps me clear my mind and clean my spirit. Because of that, I look forward to her class more for my sanity. :) I would definitely recommend her class for anyone because it will help you mentally, physically, and spiritually. Just do it ! More...

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Through the practice of stretching and strengthening techniques of yoga and non yoga exercises, breathing and meditation and Nutrition

Health is a 3 legged stool. Take away one leg and it will topple over
1. Yoga with a happy healthy positive mind
2. Breathing and Meditation
3. Clean and nutrient rich eating

And most of all a trusted coach who guides you every step of the way, holding your hands virtually and holding you accountable.

Seeing the sparkle in eyes of students as they become healthier and stronger and chaos free.

My own health was in bad shape 10 years ago. I am now even better than before! I wanted to help others just like I helped myself and my family.

We are the best. We do not have to say this for our students are walking-talking testimonials for Wellness Haven Yoga and its services.

We Listen
We Care
We Get Results



We offer yoga for children to seniors. Mat Yoga for all those without knee and back limitations Chair Yoga for everyone including those with physical limitations.