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R H.

8 June 2018

I had a great experience throughout the intake process - received prompt return emails, phone calls, guidance through the insurance reimbursement process. They seemed genuinely helpful and forthright with specific information about rates and options. More...


E. E.

30 May 2018

Beautiful space & my therapist is skilled and warm. Very helpful.


Noam Rubin

30 May 2017

Good location (easily walkable) and a great practice. Free tea and coffee help you relax :)


Erin R.

21 September 2016

I've been a client at the Well Clinic for nearly 5 years - working with Kate Finney individually and most recently with Maya Johannson in couple's therapy. Needless to say, I feel qualified in saying that The Well Clinic is an amazing resource with the most highly trained and talented therapists. I feel lucky to have worked with both Kate and Maya and can't recommend the Well Clinic enough. Kate has been an incredible, trusted advisor and sounding board for me over the last 4 years. She helped me navigate a particularly challenging time and equipped me with the understanding I needed to move forward. I can honestly say that my relationships to myself and others are stronger because of Kate.My husband and I have been working with Maya for about a year and no matter what the content of the session is, we leave with a clear sense of how to move forward, a better understanding of the issue at hand and each other's point of view. Our time with Maya is constructive and safe - I have even found myself preferring the time in our sessions to the craziness of everyday life! Payment is a breeze, the office is clean, modern and quiet and parking in the area is super easy in the morning and evenings. More...


Jessica M.

20 July 2016

Is there such thing as CEO therapy?! Working with Cameron has  been a central part of my personal growth as a leader.  He has helped me identify the areas in which I need to grow, change and unravel.  I think that being a leader comes with unique stresses and challenges.  Some executive coaches lack the psychological training that promotes self awareness.  Some therapists lack the business experience that allows us to be on the same page.  Cameron is the venn diagram overlap of both of those skills. More...


Bernadette T.

12 July 2016

I cannot more highly recommend Eric Mill from The Well Clinic.  My now husband and I were referred to him by a friend of a friend and now whenever I see her all we do is talk about how much we love Eric and how we miss seeing him every week!  We started seeing him a few months before we took the plunge and he was beyond helpful with some pre-marital counseling.  We continued to see him after our honeymoon phase (at my husbands' request!) and he really helped us get to the bottom of our recurring fights and work through both personal and relationship hardships.  He is extremely easy to talk to and does a really great job of balancing between you and your partners' issues.  Our marriage started off stronger because of our work with Eric and we both agree that he helped us become better partners and people. More...


Nina K.

21 June 2016

Jocelyn Porquez is AMAZING. I can't say enough good about her. I tell all my friends to go to her and I'm a mental health provider myself. My only issue is with the Well Clinic admin side. I spoke with someone today and asked for a superbill and felt I was given some attitude. The receptionist also used my name on caller ID without confirming who I am--didn't seem respectful of confidentiality. This, in addition to initially being billed incorrectly (over charged and on wrong card), is disappointing. The office location is convenient and offices are beautiful and well appointed. Just would've appreciated more friendliness from phone receptionist. More...


Steven C.

6 June 2016

I've worked with several people at the Well clinic over the past few years, and I would highly recommend their services.Over the past few years I've had help from both Julia (for 1:1 therapy) and Addie (for couples counseling), and the work we've done together has been of immense use. As well as help with my relationship and support in times of loss and crisis, I've learned communication, awareness and self-inquiry skills here that are useful on a daily basis, and have helped me make positive change in many aspects of my life. As far as details go... the intake and booking process is straightforward, and communications are easy - I really appreciate the SMS and email reminders. There's also some nice pieces of furniture and good reading in the waiting areas.I'm very glad that I found the Well Clinic, especially after a few attempts with therapists that didn't click - in my experience, everybody I know who works here is a caring and warm professional.I would recommend the Well Clinic to people who are looking for help in times of crisis, or are wanting to make a positive change in their life. This is also a great place to come for people interested in self-inquiry and who might be looking for guidance on where to start. More...


Lauren R.

11 May 2016

I highly recommend Maya at the Well Clinic.  My husband was hesitant to sign up for premarital counseling, as are I know many other partners not accustomed to sharing feelings with strangers.  However, Maya made us both incredibly comfortable from day one.  She really helped us to draw lines between different things in our lives and to say the things out loud that we should have already been saying (which I much prefer over the pushier "here's what you should do/say" approach that some therapists take).  Her energy, neutrality, and calming/supportive demeanor opened those doors with ease.  You won't regret seeing her! More...


E O.

15 April 2016

I was getting non-responses and playing phone tag with a few therapists before I called the Well Clinic. Someone answered right away, I did an intake, and they set up an appointment with a therapist who was perfect for my particular concerns. I saw Addie Liechty for about six months, and made real progress on anxiety and depression-related issues (to the point of others noticing and commenting on positive changes). Addie was wonderful and helped me get "un-stuck". I'd particularly recommend her for anyone who tends to over-intellectualize and not actually feel their feelings, because she doesn't let you get away with that ("What was that flicker of sadness I saw there?" "Oh dammit, she noticed..."). She helped me dig down and address the core issues.I was treated with empathy and professionalism throughout and totally recommend Addie and the Well Clinic. More...


Steven H.

12 April 2016

I've worked with the Well Clinic now for over 6 months now and have found it incredibly helpful.   I came in for general executive coaching and found that it was more than I could ask for.  The Well Clinic helped with co-founder therapy, improvement on management dynamics and overall leadership refinement.   I've worked with a few companies and found The Well Clinic to be the most valuable because of their fundamental understanding of interpersonal relationships. More...


Ben H.

11 April 2016

I highly recommend the Well Clinic.  They are exceptionally well run, professional and I've received tremendously helpful care from Maya in the two years I've been having sessions there.They mix online and interpersonal communications very well, payments are easy and bills are online when I need them and straightforward to get to when I need to submit them to my insurance. More...


Amy L.

11 April 2016

I want to be a great and strong executive, girlfriend, and eventually wife and mother. I believe I can't do it without coaching and teaching. I discovered the Well Clinic during a difficult time in my life, simply because the location was convenient. They were immediately helpful, and then helped me find a good fit for more longer term coaching. I've been seeing Maya for over a year and cannot say enough positive things about both her and the clinic. They make billing and dealing with insurance reimbursement easy. They keep confidentiality a prime concern, even after being a client for while by not saying your name in the waiting room and using white noise machines everywhere. The environment feels safe and welcoming. Maya has been helpful both for personal issues and career/work considerations; and she is flexible when I need to travel for work (somewhat frequently) accommodating me with rescheduled appointments, cancellations with ample notice, or even phone calls. I think the Well Clinic is a fantastic resource in Potrero Hill. More...


Jabez L.

8 April 2016

We didn't need couples therapy, but my fiance and I had a family issue that we wanted some help with. The Well Clinic was a great experience all around. I'm a little nervous about the idea of going to a therapist, but they made us feel really comfortable. Booking was easy and we even had to move the appointment because of my work schedule. They were professional and our session was exactly what we needed. Finding the right therapist can be challenging so one thing I enjoyed is the easy access to information online. I highly recommend the clinic based on my experience. If I need any counsoling in the future I will certainly book again. More...


Alexandra D.

6 April 2016

I only have excellent things to say about my interaction with The Well Clinic over the past 6 months. Cameron was extremely professional and clearly has a lot of experience when it comes to executive coaching and co-founder therapy. He helped our team navigate several internal communication challenges and provided invaluable insights regarding best practices when it comes to scaling a small business. I appreciate the balance he is able to strike between interpersonal guidance and higher level strategic advice for the business. He has also been able to make several great introductions for us as we only recently moved to the Bay Area and do not have an extensive network here yet.  I have to admit that I was initially quite skeptical about the value of an executive coach, but my co-founder and I have seen our relationship and individual leadership skills grow a lot since we started. The environment is welcoming and they have done a great job of creating a "safe" space. I would highly recommend The Well Clinic. More...


Janelle M.

6 April 2016

I cannot recommend the Well Clinic highly enough. My co-founder and I have been working with them for several months and have seen incredible improvements in both our personal lives and our professional lives. The intake process was seamless and we have been nothing but impressed by those we have interacted with. They go above and beyond in all that they do and their level of knowledge is unmatched. The Well Clinic is the best! More...


Todd M.

18 February 2016

I've been a client of Lacey Noonan's for a year and a half and could not be more impressed by how helpful she has been. Lacey is extremely effective at getting to the core of issues and she provided great insights and tools to support my growth. She has an extensive knowledge and clearly uses relevant anecdotes, stories, or theories to support better understanding of whatever topic may be at hand. Highly recommend. More...


Christopher S.

26 January 2016

I am a client of Lacey Noonan's. She has helped me in my daily life as well as helping me to  navigate some very difficult times. I find her calming and easy to talk to. I have been to therapists who seem a bit robotic. Lacey is warm and engaging while maintaining a very professional demeanor. I leave our sessions with a better understanding of myself and my behaviors. Lacey has given me the tools to handle situations that I once saw as overwhelming. I have been seeing Lacey for a little over a year. I couldn't be happier with my decision to choose her as my therapist! More...


Cassio P.

22 January 2016

This review is for Lacey Noonan. I've been coming to sessions with her for about a year and a half and have recommended her to friends. She has a friendly, non-judgemental demeanor and experience with relationship issues and traumatic backstories. I came to her very shaken up over a bad breakup and she helped me wean myself from obsessive behaviors and harsh, shifting expectations for myself and others. I saw her about once a week during the worst times and now check in with her every three weeks or so to recalibrate. She's got a background of dealing with folks from all walks of life, and so even when sharing very negative experiences and feelings I never got a sense of dismissal or judgement. Anyone with relationship or anxiety concerns (which probably describes most people) would certainly benefit from her sessions. More...


Rebecca M. Farrar

31 May 2015

The Well Clinic has an incredible team of therapists to choose from and makes it easy to set up an appointment. They have beautiful offices that immediately put me at ease, I highly recommend them for anyone exploring emotional well-being through therapy!


Richard Floyd

31 May 2015

I've been to The Well Clinic once before and have worked with one of the therapists, Lexi Frank, in another clinic setting. The space is open yet comfortable and private, warm, inviting, and reflects the holistic and compassionate approach the therapists take here. From meeting several of the therapists I can say right off the bat they are well-trained, take an immense sense of pride and care in their craft and their desire to get to know their clients. Lexi Frank is one of the therapists I've had the pleasure to work with in a different setting and I can say her style of collaboration is one of warmth, competence, and *total* genuineness. I recommend her without hesitation as well as the rest of The Well Clinic crew! More...


Michael G.

25 April 2015

I highly recommend the Well Clinic and especially the executive coaching services of Cameron. I consulted Cameron as a business coach and he helped me tremendously. He has a unique ability to see the trade-off involved in any business decision, make a clear recommendation and point you to additional resources when needed. I am so glad I reached out and consulted him and I will continue to do so as my business grows. More...


Sam O.

12 March 2015

I've worked with Cameron for over a year as an executive coach while CEO of my previous startup.  Naturally, I approached Cameron with a great deal of skepticism, knowing that:a) Executive coaches have a history of being a colossal waste of time and moneyb) Cameron's background as a therapist made me feel that he might not be fully equipped to help with many of the hard decisions I had to make as CEOHowever when the ultimate responsibility of the company falls on your shoulders, at some point it was very clear that investing in myself as a leader was the most important thing I needed to do for my staff, my investors, and my customers. When I started researching executive coaches I was not exactly sure what I needed.  I didn't need a strategy consultant (had advisors & mentors for that).  Over time it became clear that what I really needed was someone to facilitate a deeper introspection and develop my interpersonal & leadership skills.  Cameron does that.  He was my go-to person that I leaned on when making hard decisions - hiring & firing, management challenges, M&A negotiations, and even helping me re-discover what I wanted to accomplish in this stage of my career. The Well Clinic isn't cheap, but when you're responsible for making smart decisions with millions of dollars in investor money, you don't want to cut corners.Every startup CEO should spend at least a month with these people. More...


Lisa M.

1 February 2015

So far it's been amazing. I have Kaiser and saw a therapist there for a few months and found it difficult to connect. I stopped going and recently wanted to go back into therapy. While the well clinic has minimal customer service staff, the gal who did call me back was extremely helpful and patient listening to my needs and matching me up with a therapist she thought would best fit my needs. I have been to two appts and I trust and respect Craig already much more than I ever trusted my Kaiser Therapist. I was tempted to give them 4 stars for the lack of support staff. but you know what yay! cost cutting measures.-plus they offer sliding scale which is still much more than what I paid at Kaiser, but it is actually worth it to be in a healing environment. More...


Jeff M.

22 January 2015

I came to the Well Clinic in October 2013 with my wife, with our marriage going through its first real crisis.   Over nine months of seeing Cameron as a couple, and Maya individually, I grew tremendously as a person which I attribute in no small part to the therapists at The Well Clinic.    Cameron, in particular, was an excellent couples therapist, challenging both my wife and I and immediately reading between the lines and articulating better than either of us the source of our emotions.    If you want someone to listen, nod and empathize, Cameron is not your person - he will ask questions, express opinions and is unafraid to challenge, but was also loving and caring for both of us and genuinely honored to be on that journey with us.    His directness and candor with my throughout the worst months of my life will never be forgotten, and had I not left San Francisco I would still be seeing him today.   Maya, for her part, was an insightful and compassionate ear for me.    She knew I was "broken" and needed an ally - many weeks it felt like she was my only friend.   Often I relied on the strength of my sessions with her to be able to face the challenges of the couples sessions and what was happening with the marriage.When we left California and continued couples therapy elsewhere, it became more apparent to me how much work in processing our grief we were able to do at The Well Clinic versus with others.    Ultimately, things deteriorated and communication became nearly impossible.    There is no way to know what would have happened with our marriage had we stayed in San Francisco and I continued to see Cameron and Maya, but I do know that I was on a great path with them.   I could not recommend The Well Clinic any higher and will always be grateful for their help and insight at such a crucial turning point of my life. More...


Ryan L.

28 November 2014

The Well Clinic has been an incredible resource.  I talk with a therapist at The Well Clinic about how to manage my work relationships and strategize for success.  I am learning tips for developing EQ which is supporting me professionally and personally.  I am a big believer in self reflection as a means to achieve big goals...in fact I think it is essential.  Therapy is a great vehicle for that. I like the comfort and feel of the waiting room - the artistic culture of this place fits with who I am.  The downtown location is only one BART stop from my work so I can slip over there easily, even on a busy day. More...


sirena m.

4 November 2014

Cameron Yarbrough is an excellent clinician. We saw him for couples therapy. It was my partner's first experience in therapy and it was a life-changing connection for him. I am grateful for the way he improved our relationship and the compassion and kindness he afforded each of us. I have nothing but positive feelings towards this practice. More...


Annie T.

31 October 2014

Two years ago, Cameron helped me and my live-in boyfriend through an incredibly difficult time as we struggled to commit to a lifetime together.  We sought his wisdom and care together through couples counseling, and then even after we made the difficult decision to end our relationship and thereby end couples work, Tom continued his work independently with Cameron on his own accord and with my full support.  He found Cameron's care to be genuine, his expertise and perspective deeply valuable, and felt uniquely comfortable to open up to Cameron and let his guard down.  He trusted Cameron completely. This in itself is an incredible endorsement, as Tom is not inclined to share feelings with people, was originally loathe to the concept of therapy and had to initially be dragged in.  The dissolution of my relationship was an extremely painful, disorienting, and depleting time in my life, and Cameron's thoughtful, even, professional, caring manner served as a crucial, illuminating, and steady metronome for my head and my heart.  I am in the unique and privileged position to still be in touch with Cameron today even though I no longer see him for counseling, two years later.   I highly regard him as a professional and as a person.  He is genuinely kind, smart, balanced and highly professional.   He offers tools and doesn't have a directive style. Instead he listens and helps to restructure communication strategies so that each person feels better heard.  What I found so impressive about him then, in his role as therapist and now still, is his combination of clinical and intuitive understanding of humans. He brings deep academic knowledge along with his ability to connect in a natural way with others to his work.  Cameron often has a book to recommend or a conference that he's borrowed wisdom from-- he is a lifelong student and committed to his field of study. Beyond that, he is relatable.  Cameron is a real, down-to-earth, intelligent and interested person with a sense of humor, who is gentle and kind.  The Well Clinic on Potrero Hill is a lovely, beautiful space that invites soothing and calm.  It feels like it should-- like you are going to a place that is going to attend to your needs and where you are giving yourself attention you deserve.I couldn't recommend Cameron or The Well more highly, and sincerely feel that it was Cameron who buoyed me through one of the hardest periods of my life.  I feel grateful to still have him in my life on the other side. More...


Marian S.

22 September 2014

I see a new therapist every year and never really find what I'm looking for. Part of it, I know, is me not really know what exactly that is. So I wasn't expecting much from the Well Clinic, but I new I needed to keep looking for "my place". I've been going weekly for a few months now and see Julia Barker (along with a few drug-related appointments with Julie Megler) and only do I have a better idea of what I need to work on, but how to get there (and how to trust the process). I can't possibly gush enough about the compassion and warmth of this space.The onboarding process involved a 45-minute interview where I was "matched" with the right therapist for my needs. The interviewer was kind and funny, a woman I genuinely enjoyed chatting with. No sterile canned interview questions here! And she matched me with Julia, the best therapist I've ever had. Some serious stuff is coming up and it's big and scary, but I feel taken care of for the first time in my life. Basically, give the Well Clinic a shot. All these glowing reviews are here for a reason.(My one teeny-tiny complaint is that there is no "front desk" so sometimes it's been a pain in the ass to schedule appointments. Though now that I can contact my therapist directly it's much easier.) More...


Rockstar B.

14 June 2014

My husband and I have received counseling from Cameron throughout the years.  He has helped us to understand our cultural differences and be more patient with one another through the rough spots.  My husband is Swiss and I am American. We live in Switzerland now but when we are home in SF we always book an appointment with Cameron just as sort of a check in or touching base. Couples counseling has helped our relationship by teaching us to express our feelings effectively and to truly listen to one other without taking defense.  The therapy sessions we have had with Cameron have really kept our marriage on the right track when we felt derailed.  I am a very big believer in the process, I can not see how individuals and couples can get through life without ever seeing a therapist.  They just help us to see where our issues stem from and how old patterns may be steering us in the wrong direction.  My husband in particular has always trusted Cameron...which says a lot for a guy who watches a lot of sports and prefers to talk about soccer over his feelings. Those two guys share a great bond now which has helped my husband open up more during our sessions.  I think Cameron has an ease with men which is a really great quality for this work.  He also has an empathetic side that appeals to me as a women, I feel he truly listens and never is taking sides.  The Well Clinic is a beautiful space too.  They have set up the perfect environment that feels private, comfortable and thoughtfully designed. More...


Ivette V.

2 June 2014

I absolutely love The Well Clinic.  I go to both the Potrero Hill & Financial District locations.  Very convenient for my husband and I.  Not to mention the beautiful decor at both locations.  Very relaxing & comfortable.We found this place when we needed it the most. Having had our first child we needed a little help reconnecting with each other as well as connecting with the individuals we were prior to our beautiful son. I sincerely believe that our couple's therapy has helped bridge some of the gaps in our relationship and helped us understand each other that much more.  From the beginning both my husband and I felt like we were in a comfortable and safe place. Through our couple's therapy I began my own personal journey and the work I do in my 1:1 sessions has really helped in the rest of my life.My husband and I see Cameron Yarbrough for our couple's therapy and his easy and welcoming manner really made it effortless for us to engage and fully commit to our sessions. If I could give him a gold star I would.  These sessions are obviously really personal and when you find some one you have an easy connection to, it makes all the difference. I cannot say it enough, I'm really grateful we found The Well Clinic and I'm especially grateful for Cameron.  He's really helped us come together and continues to helping us today.  For my solo sessions I see Erin Graham.  She's amazing, I feel like I'm seeing an old friend every time we have a session.  There's no judgement or uncomfortable pauses.  I honestly feel like I'm sitting across from an old friend who I can share anything with.  I walk out of my sessions feeling refreshed and unburdened.  She's really helped me frame certain experiences and given me a new perspective on things.  Although I still have some work to do I feel like I'm on the right path once again.  I highly recommend The Well Clinic 100% More...


Gary Peskin

31 May 2014

The Well Clinic deserves my strongest recommendation. They are an amazing group of therapist and what they do works! Thank you Cameron and Jonah.


Rosalyn Porcano

31 May 2014

The Well is a very special place - one can experience a wide variety of services in a modern and peaceful setting. I have worked with Maya Johansson (therapy) and Jonah Larkin (massage and acupuncture) and both were very professional and exceptional care providers. I will continue to recommend the Well to my friends and family. More...


Karen Little

31 May 2014

I highly recommend The Well Clinic. I've been there for acupuncture, massage and for several group sessions. The staff is very professional, and the space is inviting and comfortable. They offer a truly holistic approach to healing, both physically and mentally. More...


Kenny Osehan

31 May 2014

The well clinic staff is very friendly and warm. I love the feel of the space...it makes me feel like everything will be alright the moment I step foot in the office. Cameron is an amazing therapist and life coach. He has guided me through so many ups and downs in my life and always steers me right. Thank you Cameron for everything you've done for me! More...


J. E. Mooney

31 May 2014

I've worked with two therapists here. One for individual therapy and another with my girlfriend for couples therapy. On the whole, both experiences were really good. Therapy is not without it's difficulties and not for the faint of heart but it has definitely been worth it for me.The office is sleek, modern, and welcoming. It's not like some of the other therapy offices I have been to that seem to be a bit run down. This is definitely my go to place. I've seen they offer acupuncture as well so I am planning to try that for some of my insomnia issues. More...


Ethan Bell

31 May 2014

I have worked with two counselors at The Well Clinic and have been really happy with the results. I found Cameron to be a very effective and positive couple's therapist, and I would not hesitate to recommend him. We worked with him intensively a few years ago to address a few issues that arose in our family. We are not able to make it to the Bay Area frequently so we often worked with him by phone or video (though I am not sure that is a service he offers regularly). Cameron listened attentively, developed a thorough understanding of the dynamics, and offered very specific suggestions and tools that we could use to improve our relationships. I really appreciated his insight, empathy, and his expertise and skill at explaining to me the human motivations, emotions, and reactions that had precipitated the situation we were in. It actually only took a few sessions for us to move our relationship forward. Cameron also recommended I work with their staff acupuncturist Jonah. Wow, what a great call. He literally brought me from a place of being in so much pain that I had a hard time driving a car to surfing again in less than three weeks. In retrospect the physical pain that I was in was connected to the emotional struggles that I was navigating, since a lot of my stress was manifesting in my neck (in addition to bad fall at the skate park). I truly believe that it was the integrated approach taken at the Well Clinic that supported me to move forward in my life physically and emotionally. Based on plenty of previous experiences with counselors and acupuncturists, I truly recommend The Well Clinic. More...


Brianna S.

30 May 2014

The Well is totally an oasis, especially for busy professionals like me. It's a relaxing and safe space--the clinic in Potrero is a beautiful space, nothing like the stuffy or drab offices you'd expect when going to a therapist. I know Lexi Frank Newhall as a clinician, and she is an excellent listener, a holistic thinker who makes really insightful connections and brings a nurturing, integrative approach to her work. I can't say enough great things about the high-quality services and lovely, caring people at the Well. More...


Stephy S.

20 May 2014

The noggin.It's an interesting thing ain't it. Seems so simple and obvious sometimes what it will take to make it function blissfully, but every now and again you need some help straightening things out in it. Thanks to Cameron, those things are starting to ride the right course and I am forever grateful.I originally found Cameron here on Yelp as my relationship was on its last limb. The reviews from happier couples gave me hope and so we made an appointment. The session was amazing because it made me realize that this wasn't the relationship for me and while it didn't end up working out, I knew I had met my guy. Cameron's approach is no bs. I truly believe his mission is to get you in and out of there in a timely manner so you can get on with your life and live it to the fullest. I've had therapists in the past that asked me how I felt like they were reading a psych 101 textbook. I've had creepy crawlers threaten my boundaries. I've had the overly sympathetic ones that crinkled their faces at the stories of my past and none of them ever helped me see a clear path from A to B as far as progress went. In just 2 sessions, the light at the end of the tunnel was glaringly bright with Cameron.It's been two months now and I can't even tell you what an amazing difference he's made in my world. I look forward to therapy. I know that in every session we are going to make headway and he hasn't let me down on that goal. His process is kind and genuine and he has a knack for establishing the kind of non-threatening intimacy that it takes to get to the bottom of things. Seriously, I never would have considered a male therapist, but it's been the best decision ever!We've only just begun as the Carpenters once said, but I can't thank the universe enough for pointing me in his direction. If you are looking for a solid guy to help you through your stuff, you just found him. Just don't steal my appointment time or I'll have to kick your ass. Hey, you were warned. ;) More...


Dana K.

5 May 2014

The Well Clinic is a beautiful place. Finally a holistic approach, a place where all parts of ourselves can be tended too.  Lovely ambiance with professional and inviting therapists. I trust what's happening here whole heartedly and recommend it with confidence. More...


Katharine P.

2 May 2014

I was blown away by this place!  I had always avoided couples therapy but I had some burning questions about my relationship with my husband.  The Well Clinic is a very beautifully designed little spot in the financial district only a few short blocks from my work.  I felt so comfortable being there...and nothing about it at all made me feel out of place.  I will definitely go back on an as needed basis. More...


Hank M.

27 March 2014

Cameron Yarbrough at The Well Clinic has a gift and shares it with my wife and I on an ongoing basis as needed. Simply put, Cameron helps us identify obstacles that have prevented us from communicating to each other at the level we desire and carefully helps us open the doors to be more honest, supportive, and intimate with each other. I highly recommend Cameron and The Well Clinic. More...


Gary E.

5 March 2014

I highly recommend The Well Clinic. Julie Megler is one of the most intuitive and professional Nurse Practitioner's I have ever experienced. When I moved to San Francisco 13 month's ago, my new insurance plan was not going to be effective until March so I paid out of pocket until then. When my insurance plan did not More...


Jim M.

10 February 2014

I truly recommend The Well Clinic.  Alex Momtchiloff is a deeply insightful couples therapist.  He has an assuring and powerful presence combined with the kind of intelligence that is really needed for this kind of work.  He is able to point things out that I believe others would miss...or choose to miss at least.  He has an ability to do this without being intrusive.The clinic itself is inviting and professional.  I have never seen a counseling center quite like this one.  In fact, it doesn't really feel like a therapy clinic at all - there is a mid-century vibe mixed in with a kind of, hand-crafted touch which I find awesome.  The Well Clinic's design makes me feel comfortable and at ease, which probably benefits the work I am doing.Alex is not the only couples therapist there...I have heard from friends that there are quite a few good ones.  I would imagine his schedule is often full, but ask for him first. More...


Kenny O.

29 January 2014

We have received great consultation from Cameron.  He has been very helpful in helping us zoom out and see the big picture.  Counseling with Cameron has helped us re-prioritize our time and establish new goals.  We are a married couple running a business together so it is really important that we have excellent communication.  Our sessions with Cameron have really helped us move the ball forward. My husband and I are feeling so much more optimistic and even excited about the track we are on now.  His style is very direct...something we both like a lot.  This guy is not your average therapist, he will push you in positive ways, ask difficult questions, and hold both partners accountable.  We are so happy to have him. More...


D P.

8 January 2014

I highly recommend The Well. I absolutely LOVED every moment of my experience from being able to make my appointment on their easy to use website calendar to walking in and sitting in the cool, modern-60's design waiting room, to the exceptionally warm acupuncture service I had with their delightfully kind, engaging, and knowledgeable practitioner, Jonah, and the follow up email and recommendation he gave me.Jonah created a very inviting and comfortable engagement (it can feel a little exposing to share your medical history with a doctor, ya know?). And I loved how much information and knowledge he was willing to share with me about Chinese medicine. He was attentive to my needs, checking in to see if I was warm enough and comfortable throughout the session, making me feel really cared for. He also offered some holistic chinese herbs for me to help bring my system back to balance and followed up with a kind email and report of what we discussed.I can tell that The Well is very conscientious in choosing who will be a part of their team of providers. I will definitely return to try some of their other services! More...


Daniel C.

29 December 2013

The Well Clinic provides an incredible oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of the San Francisco lifestyle. The centralized downtown location, remodeled interior, and available services provides a convenient, calming, and cosy space to work on what ever issues that seem to be troubling you. If your lifestyle demands a constant go-go-go, with little time for self care, this Clinic is the answer. You can choose from a wide variety of styles and options to engage, indulge, and nurture yourself in the heart of downtown's environment. Highly recommended for the busy downtown employee looking for some 'me' time. More...


Nina W.

17 December 2013

The Well Clinic in the Financial District just feels good. It's more convenient for me now than their other location so I decided to give this one a try; now I've been there a few times. I went there for an appt and had to bring my infant (creating a need for easy parking and there is parking in the building if you need it) and the vibe there was calm and comfortable, not unlike their other location: she slept the whole time. It is decorated in this kind of rustic, modern way with objects and paintings I'd like to have in my home. At this point, I should probably inquire about who does the decorating I dig it so much. The admin staff (and therapist I deal with) are warm and organized-- I like that. The building itself must be mentioned, it's beautiful. It's one of those old SF buildings that make you feel like you have stepped into another era (oh, is it just me who gets all nostalgia-y for a time I really have no real concept of?) So yes, I go to therapy (and get massages and acupuncture and all that stuff) and I'm cool with it. And I am not afraid to write reviews that can steer others in the right direction, okay? More...


Dan N.

18 September 2013

This place is awesome!  I met with Harry, the M.D., about nutrition and really felt a connection that was in line with my philosophy.  He was an excellent communicator, and really listened to my specific needs and then tailored a follow up meeting to execute our plan.  The Well Clinic is an amazing place for holistic healing and medicine.  The services they offer and the professionals they employ are unparalleled.  They are a progressive, forward thinking bunch of healers who will make you feel at home.  When people ask me for health/mental health/acupuncture referrals, I always steer them to the Well because I know they will get the best treatment.  The offices are super nice/swanky, and they are very organized, which is a huge plus when scheduling conflicts arise.  Huge thumbs up for this awesome team!! More...


Theresa L.

28 August 2013

I went to see Jonah for acupuncture and had a really good experience! I had various sports ailments that I was hoping he could help me deal with before a triathlon race, including knee pain from an old ACL surgery, tight shoulder/back issue from swimming, and sore IT band/glute from biking and running. He was really good at listening to all of my issues and was very very thorough in addressing each of my pain points. AND, it really worked for me.  Everything felt loser and less painful even after one visit. Highly recommend Jonah for acupuncture and the Well Clinic overall! More...


Rob W.

24 August 2013

The Well Clinic is fantastic. Comfortable setting and acupuncture is awesome.  I strongly recommend to anyone!


Diana M.

22 August 2013

I highly recommend the Well Clinic for couples and personal counseling. I have been going to see Maya for about one year now and she has greatly improved my relationship with my partner as well as personally helped me grow and understand some of the obstacles I have encountered in my life.


Annie D.

19 August 2013

Compassionate and professional individuals in a lovely setting create the right environment for successful therapy. And their integrative and holistic approach to problem solving provide all the tools one needs to achieve a happier life. I highly recommend The Well Clinic. More...


Malcolm D.

19 August 2013

I know Cameron, who runs the clinic, and Jonah, who gave me acupuncture for a sore knee: two of the nicest guys around. It's a very clean, quiet, pleasant office, and the staff is friendly, professional, and efficient. Also a good location for me (my office is over on Bryant and Mariposa). Parking can be a challenge, but hey, it's SF. More...


Peter M.

16 August 2013

The minute I walked into the Well Clinic I felt comforted and at ease. The space was welcoming, I was greeted with smiles and the people coming out from appointments seemed energized. When it was my turn it was easy to see why. Dr. McIlroy evaluated me and explained their integrated approach to medicine. Instead of treating you with some pills and talk therapy he evaluated my situation and took my lifestyle into consideration as a whole. A Western MD with intensive Eastern medical training his approach to healing involved focus on improvements to my day to day life at home, acupuncture, breathing, meditation and medication management last -- which is a good thing. Every time I left I felt good and empowered to follow through on the path we had set together. Then he kept me on track, with a laid back compassionate, proactive approach to the course we had set. Together, we were able to cut down on the meds and focus on ways to treat my situation by putting my life in better balance. I've never felt better and am so happy to have found both Dr. McIlroy and the Well Clinic. More...


C. C.

13 August 2013

I love going to the Well Clinic. I have seen both Cameron Yarborough and Harry McIlroy there and it is always a joy to be in the space. There are comfy couches, tea, good reading material and I always feel a general sense of wellness and ease when I go there. The therapists are experienced, reliable, and have the utmost integrity. If you are looking for a therapist check this clinic out. More...


Jen Y.

28 July 2013

I began to see Lexi Frank at The Well at a particularly challenging time for me personally and professionally.  Her holistic approach and style has helped drive a shift in my life in the most positive and wonderful ways.  The Well offers a very comforting, clean and welcoming space.  I have come to believe therapy can be a critical component to your emotional health as regular workouts are to physical health.  I highly recommend The Well for anyone who is ready to start (or re-start) that emotional workout and journey. More...


Katie S.

27 July 2013

Cameron is an excellent therapist. I feel like he understands my relationship on a deeper level than even my husband and I do. He gave us practical communication tools that really helped us resolve some of our conflict. We have had sessions with Cameron at two points in our relationship. He helped us a few years ago and he was so effective that my partner and I have since gotten married and had a beautiful baby together. When we sought Cameron's help again, he remembered everything we had worked on in our earlier sessions. He is honest and straightforward and is certainly not the type of therapist that just sits and passively listens. He is so tuned into my husband and I that he is able to provide great advice which we can implement in our relationship on a daily basis. If you are looking to win an argument or get someone to be "on your side" of an argument, Cameron is not your man. He is not about picking sides, but rather works to help you understand your partner on a deeper level. Cameron is the type of therapist that always lets you leave feeling better and with constructive things you can do to improve your relationship. I would highly recommend him to any couple!  Cameron is worth every penny! More...


Dr. Natalie M.

24 July 2013

The Well Clinic offers both a beautiful serene setting as well as top-notch providers. I admire Cameron's ability and commitment to creating an integrative clinic for health care providers and therapists such that they can bring the best to their clients. I have continued to be impressed by the quality of care that each practitioner at The Well presents and the diversity of talents and skills they offer. The Well is a wonderful place to consider if you are seeking therapy and desire a holistic approach with integrative health care providers available to offer you complete wellness care. More...


Hap L.

20 July 2013

I have now worked with two different health care providers at The Well Clinic and have been very impressed.  I have worked with Dr. McIlroy for a general nutrition consultation, and with Jonah Larkin for acupuncture.  Both were a part of my larger effort to curb my anxiety related to work stress, and stay physically healthy as I plow into my 40's.  I am not a big fan of antidepressants or anti-anxiety meds so I sought out The Well Clinic for a holistic program.  They have been awesome. More...


Anna R.

12 July 2013

There aren't enough words to say how grateful I am to both Cameron (who acted as a counselor for my husband and me) and Erin (whom I saw individually for over a year). I'd seen therapists before, but none with their warmth, compassion and honesty. I felt my relationship with them was real, unflinching and unconstrained. They held me accountable, they didn't let me get away with anything (something I'd been very skilled at before), and they never gave up on me. Knowing them and liking them as people gave me the will and energy to work hard, to dig deep, and despite the difficulties, it was tremendously rewarding. They helped transform potentially sterile emotional pain into an opportunity for intense growth. It only ended because we moved away, but they got me to a better, more adult, and much more honest place.I can only speak for myself here, but my husband also saw Alex in individual sessions, and from what he told me, he feels very much the same way about him, too. This isn't an easy review for me to write. I'm French, so I tend to protect my privacy and don't readily volunteer this kind of information. But it needs to be known: if your therapist is half the counselor they were to me, consider yourself lucky. More...


Ethan B.

8 April 2013

I have worked with two counselors at The Well Clinic and have been really happy with the results. I found Cameron to be a very effective and positive couple's therapist, and I would not hesitate to recommend him.  We worked with him intensively a few years ago to address a few issues that arose in our family. We are not able to make it to the Bay Area frequently so we often worked with him by phone or video (though I am not sure that is a service he offers regularly). Cameron listened attentively, developed a thorough understanding of the dynamics, and offered very specific suggestions and tools that we could use to improve our relationships. I really appreciated his insight, empathy, and his expertise and skill at explaining to me the human motivations, emotions, and reactions that had precipitated the situation we were in. It actually only took a few sessions for us to move our relationship forward.  Cameron also recommended I work with their staff acupuncturist Jonah. Wow, what a great call. He literally brought me from a place of being in so much pain that I had a hard time driving a car to surfing big waves again in less than three weeks.  In retrospect the physical pain that I was in was connected to the emotional struggles that I was navigating, since a lot of my stress was manifesting in my neck (in addition to bad fall at the skate park).  I truly believe that it was the integrated approach taken at the Well Clinic that supported me to move forward in my life physically and emotionally. Based on plenty of previous experiences with counselors, and physiatrists, and acupuncturists, I truly recommend The Well Clinic. More...


Peter M.

6 April 2013

Great resource for so many different therapy modalities all under one roof.... what a great asset for the community!If they have a specific service you want, go for it... you'll be satisfied, I can pretty much guarantee :) More...


Greg T.

23 March 2013

I have been seeing Cameron for a while now, and can say that he is a skilled and talented therapist. I have gotten a lot out of our relationship, would have heartily recommend Cameron to a friend (and have!)


Justine K.

14 March 2013

My husband and I have been going to The Well Clinic for a year.  We love this office for the peace it has brought our lives.  The therapist we see there, Maya,  has a sliding fee scale that has allowed us to continue with them despite personal financial hardship. The space is clean and bright, with plenty of art and calming energy.  I highly recommend and wish I could give 6 stars. More...


Richard P.

3 March 2013

Cameron is great.  He's a fairly directive therapist ( vs. passive listening) so we've been happy to see movement with our issues very quickly.  The location is very nice and comfortable, with a nicely appointed 50's modernist waiting room.  We have seen cameron for several months now and I have no complaints other than the hot water pot in the waiting room.  Sure the tea is free but that water pot is counter intuitive.  You turn on the "unlock" button?There are also several other therapists that operate out of this space.  I like that.  Makes the whole place feel very professional. More...


Jared S.

21 February 2013

I came here for couples counseling and was totally impressed with this place.  I'm not exactly the couples therapy type so I was skeptical about the process.  The Well Clinic doesn't feel like a therapy center or a traditional sterile doctor's office.  They did a great job of creating a hip and artistic vibe which cooled off any fear of being analyzed I may have had coming in.  I definitely recommend this place if you are looking for a younger and more innovative culture.  My only criticism was that parking during the day was really difficult.  Give yourself enough time to circle for parking or pay $9 for the parking garage across the street. More...


Denise I.

11 December 2012

I've been coming to The Well since spring of this year. First to see Cameron in couples counseling (I wrote a separate review of his practice), and currently for a  women's self-awareness group led by Jyoti Rao (pacific-psychotherapy.co…). I immediately feel a sense of calm when I enter The Well. The place is furnished in mid-century decor, beautiful and simple. I wish my house was as clean and inviting. The art is contemporary, interesting, thought-invoking and seems to have seasonal turnover to keep things fresh. There is a cooler of water and hot tea in the waiting area. A white noise machine hums in the background so it doesn't feel too quiet or sterile.... or maybe that's to cover up any crying going on in the therapists' rooms.There are bike racks in the building so you don't have to worry about whether it's getting stolen outside, although occasionally all the racks are used so you gotta lock it to an outside pole, but I've never had any incidents doing so.Added bonus is that Whole Foods is across the street, so I can easily treat myself to some chocolate after my session. More...


vanessa b.

27 November 2012

I can honestly say that the practitioners over at The Well are as good as it gets. The psychotherapists use cutting-edge skills to help people to help people move through their suffering with compassion, honesty and mindfulness. It is rare to find practitioners as dedicated, full of integrity and skillful as this group is. As a Life Coach and Acupuncturist I refer clients to The Well all of the time because I believe deeply in what they offer. If you're looking for a way to move through whatever is causing you pain or distress this is the place to go. More...


Fatima S.

2 November 2012

I see Jonah for my acupuncture treatment and I couldn't be happier, he definitely makes you feel completely at ease and relax . He is gentle, a great listener, loves what he does, and truly cares about your well being.  I highly recommend Jonah for all acupuncture and bodywork treatment, you won't be disappointed. More...


nic d.

20 October 2012

I can not express how impressed I was with Maya Johansson at the Well Clinic. I didn't really know what to expect but found it a nonjudgmental and life changing experience.One thing in particular that I admired was the fact that there was a beginning, middle and an end to what we were working on. I had been a bit nervous that it was something that would go on forever . Obviously you never stop working on yourself and your relationships but it was nice to be given the tools to do it on my own.I could go on forever about how great Maya is. More...


Laura P.

5 October 2012

I have been working with Cameron for several months now and I can't say enough about how much he has helped me. If I could give him 100 stars, I would.  Cameron has such an innate sense of what the underlying issues are and can pinpoint a major theme or problem in such a short  period of time.  It's like he knows me better than I know myself sometimes.  Cameron brings sincere empathy and compassion to our sessions and I really feel like we are trusted friends.  He immediately made me feel comfortable and safe.  I have been to several other therapists and have never felt the connection and comfort with them that I do with Cameron.  I never feel diminished or talked down too and when he offers up a suggestion on what I might do in a circumstance, I never feel like he is pressuring me to take his advice.  He is all about support.  He has even helped me with career coaching and connected me with a wonderful mediation coach. Cameron is truly amazing and we are so lucky to have him and The Well in San Francisco. More...


David M.

23 July 2012

The Well Clinic is aptly named as it is a healing center filled with a variety of healing artists that each offer perspectives on taking care of yourself.  It feels very holistic and safe.  It's modern and clean yet still comfortable and relaxing.  The parking is easy and it's close to other conveniences as well.  Maya helped me to work with my partner on every issue we came up with.  She helped create a safe place to discuss hard issues and gave useful take away to help in every day situations.  Therapy is a deep place and especially challenging when working with two people at once.  Maya is a gifted listener, calm and insightful.  Highly recommended! More...


ashley m.

20 July 2012

I recently went to the Well for the first time last week. I was impressed by what a beautiful and peaceful space it was. They offer quite a bit of services depending on what you need. I recommend checking it out! More...


Leenda T.

1 July 2012

Cameron essentially saved my marriage.  We are so fortunate to have found him when we were in such a bad place and desperate for guidance.   We were struggling with everything from financial problems to infertility issues to a severe lack of connection between us.  Cameron has an unbelievable ability to see through the malaise of problems and get to the heart of the issue.  He never makes you feel like he is taking sides and inspires you to want to keep trying and to get better in your relationship.   In just one session I saw an unbelievable change in us as a couple.  Certain things I really needed from my husband and kept asking for over many months began to happen after we started seeing Cameron.  In return, I made big changes as well for my husband.  In just six sessions, we were a whole new couple and so much more connected and happy.  I highly recommend you reach out to Cameron Yarbrough if you need someone to talk to about your marriage or any life situation that is making you unhappy.  He is an amazing therapist and I promise you that you will not regret it! More...


John H.

13 June 2012

I cannot recommend Cameron's skill enough.  His ability to help "guide you to be your own guide" and come away with your own fresh insights that sheds a new reality on your experience is remarkable.  I've been to a few different cognitive behavior therapists in my time, all were supportive, but in terms of more penetrating insight that sticks and helps soften and break down the confusion and suffering, he's simply been entirely trustworthy, incisive, and excellent.  We are truly lucky to have him in SF. More...


James H.

9 June 2012

Love this place!These guys really have a great thing going here. If your in need of a physical or mental tuneup, The Well is the place for you. I have had experience with both Jonah and Cameron, and I can tell you they are good solid people that know their stuff. The Well is a modern, clean place that immediately makes you feel at ease and comfortable. Both my daughter and my wife have seen Jonah for his acupuncture services and came away feeling great. You will be in good hands at The Well! More...


Nina W.

7 June 2012

I've already reviewed my individual therapist. And now he's a part of this Well Clinic which is just very cool. I like the concept of having all of these treatments available in one place, a whole bunch of people devoted to health on the same wavelength. I feel calmer and less stressed just walking in there. The Well Clinic space is modern and uncluttered with fantastic artwork on the walls. (I wanted to buy at least two pieces I saw, oh money tree-- where are you?) So, yes, the Well Clinic is different than any other therapists' offices I've been to (um, let's not talk about how many I've seen over the years, okay? I've moved a couple times... um, what else does that say about me?... I'm working on it, alright?! Don't judge!) But I can say this one is the best designed by far, if you notice that stuff. I've also now been to Courtney twice for a massage. Where do I start with how good she is? She does this Intuitive massage, which is different than other massages I've had. It's like massage with energy work. I literally could feel the warmth and energy radiating from her hands! Courtney could even feel where I was having pain in my leg without me even telling her (I had forgotten to mention it earlier and she asked me about it during our session.) Her skill is like nothing I've ever experienced. If I'm not mistaken, even Courtney is a therapist, in addition to a massage therapist-- and it shows in her mannerisms and gentle demeanor. I'm going to start seeing her on a regular basis to continue what we've started. Amazing. LOVE the Well Clinic. And my calmer, more zen-like psyche and body thanks them. Maybe I'll try out the acupuncture next... More...


Karen L.

3 June 2012

Getting help for my back pain at The Well was priceless!  I have seen Jonah Larkin two times and he is extremely adept at finding - and relieving - any pain points.   The Well also has a lot of other experienced practitioners to choose from for different types of bodywork or therapy.  The atmosphere is warm, welcoming and has great energy!  I highly recommend The Well, and their truly holistic approach to wellbeing.  I will be back again very soon. More...


Rick K.

25 May 2012

I entered therapy for a "brief" therapy workout to work on some issues that had come up for me.  I found Cameron Yarbrough through a referral.  Thinking I'd work with him for just a few months, we ended up having a 3 1/2 year relationship.  Cameron helped me dig deep into my past and bring myself firmly into the present.  He is extremely skilled, supportive and loving.  He helped me get through some very difficult issues, including the loss of both of my parents.  Even though he bills himself as a couples therapist, I saw him alone.  I am sure he is great with couples, but don't let that scare you away if you aren't in a relationship.  He had the vision to start The Well and it is an amazing place. In addition to therapy, you can take advantage of massage therapy, acupuncture, nutritional counseling, and he even has an MD on staff.  It is a truly holistic center. More...


Rosalyn E.

10 April 2012

My first visit to The Well was in November of 2011, to see Maya Johansson, MFT.   Maya is an exceptional couples therapist that supported my partner and I through a tough transition.  Midway through our time with her, Maya moved her office to The Well and I couldn't have been more thrilled with her choice.  In huge contrast to her previous office, The Well has a modern, warm and inviting atmosphere.  The waiting room is very comfortable and I love that they offer a selection of teas to sip on before your session.  I quickly noticed that The Well presented many other services that support mental and physical health, and I have since indulged.   I have recently returned for an incredible massage from Liz Tong.  She was very personable and professional and I really enjoyed her unique approach to acupressure.  A few weeks later, I had my first acupuncture appointment with Amber Bryan.  She was so patient and knowledgeable and I really appreciated that she took the time to discuss my experience and answer all of my amateur questions!  I have had the pleasure to take advantage of several of The Well's offerings, and I can confidently say that the practitioners there have a modern yet experienced approach.  I will definitely be back! More...


Spencer R.

5 April 2012

I found Cameron while he was finishing up his degree. We were paired randomly, but boy was it fortuitous. I didn't see him for couples counseling, but on my own--though it was regarding to a crashed relationship... and then some!Long story short, Cameron is excellent at what he does. I spent about a year and a half with him during probably the darkest time in my life and he really helped see me through it. And helped me turn my life around.I've worked with 3-4 therapists at various times in my life, and never have I jelled with any as well as Cameron. He is very kind and compassionate; non judgmental. He never once tried to tell me what I should or shouldn't do, nor how I should or shouldn't feel. He just listened and helped me explore my feelings. And explore the reality of life, relationships, and the stories we tell ourselves.Cameron brings an eastern philosophy to his work that I really appreciate. He is very compassionate, patient, empathetic, and has a deep caring for his patients/clients. He doesn't sit on a chair next to the couch like we imagine from the movies, but is actively engaged in each session the way a close friend would be. Totally present.Thanks Cameron.To everyone: You'll get the most out of any therapist by going in open minded and ready to grow. Resistance is your worst enemy. More...


Rihanna R.

18 March 2012

Cameron is a wonder, exactly what you need in a therapist. This man can see through you pulling out emotions even when you promise yourself before walking through the door that you will not cry. Oh but you will and you will laugh too and you will be better for it.  I've had several sessions with him and I feel lighter each time I leave. He is direct but shows empathy, a much needed balance. This man is an Angel in preppy clothing. More...


Amanda S.

12 March 2012

The time had come to find a couples therapist.. my husband and I wanted to work on our communication issues.. I really did not know how to go about finding a therapist, combined with the challenge of finding one that we could both relate too. I decided to look on yelp, we met with Cameron once and both new that we had found someone we wanted to work with.  And our first instincts were correctCameron really listens.. he remembers what you have said and talked about even from sessions a while ago... he is compassionate and understanding.. and very intelligent..  We are able to utilize what we have learned in our sessions, and still continue to do so. My husband is out of town a lot so it has made it difficult to be consistent with our sessions, and Cameron has been super accommodating with our challenging schedule.His new office is beautiful. I really appreciate that he values all healing modalities and incorporates an integrated approach in the office space that encouraging physical well being as well as emotional. We feel very fortunate to have found Cameron! More...


Luis H.

8 February 2012

What can I say about Cameron? Well, with his help and care, my girlfriend (now fiancee, thanks Cameron!) and I were able to create a better relationship and become better people to each other. It was a long road, with a lot of tough work, but it is absolutely worth it. I can say without a doubt that his compassion and the safe space he provided played a pivotal role in helping us get to the point of effective and honest communication. We are forever changed from this journey and are excited to embark on this new chapter of our lives!If you are open to each session and have trust in the process you will be amazed at the progress you will make with his guidance. More...


Deb T.

22 November 2011

There are many good therapists out there, but if you want one that will transform your life and relationship in a way you never even knew was possible...look no further!  My partner and I went to Cameron for couples counseling after we started a business together. I agree with other reviewers here that his skill and range in dealing with 'issues' is nothing short of extraordinary. We worked with him for 3 years and even though the romantic relationship was not ultimately tenable, we are still reaping the benefits of the work; we are thriving in our business relationship and are still great friends. I think this is ultimately due to a paradigm shift that Cameron facilitated. Instead of seeing problems as something to solve or get past, we learned that deep intimacy is possible by going directly into the emotional experience that the problems bring forward. We saw that this was the key to loving each other more and more fully. As our work deepened, it was difficult and extremely painful at times. Working at that level of vulnerability would not have been possible with skill and insight alone. Cameron also brings a capacity for empathy and compassion that is unparalleled in my experience...in fact, I never would have known that level of trust and safety was possible in therapy. This has certainly been one of the most transformational experiences in my life. Cameron is truly an incredible therapist and an exceptional person. I can't recommend him highly enough! More...


rebecca h.

1 October 2011

Where I have experienced other therapists treat the symptom of a problem, Cameron goes to the root.  He has an amazing talent and sensibility for getting to the heart  -and quickly. Cameron works to understand our feelings, even when we do not, and gives us tools in the form of suggestions for moving forward.  He is an amazing resource, a breath of fresh air and brings light to where there is dark.   I have a great sense of comfort knowing that Cameron is with us on our journey.  Thank you Cameron! More...


Deb T.

30 August 2011

Okay, first read Michael T's review here: bit.ly/qjFTJ7Adding on to that, I have to agree: Cameron's a great therapist--personable but professional. He's very calm and respectful; he would lead us to our own understanding about a matter. He'd never say things like "You did this and you did that and that's why you're having problems" or make us feel bad in any way. It's like, he wouldn't describe what he was seeing as he looked at us; he would be the magic mirror that let us realize what we really looked like. Whenever he was being more up-front than usual, he would flag it and let us know he was going to say something more direct. He has deep wells of awareness and empathy and was supportive to both of us when the going was rough. When we were improving, you could feel his joy on our behalf. I grew to really look forward to our weekly and then biweekly sessions and part of me misses them now. It was almost like a psychological date night! In the beginning of our 2-year stint, the sessions were absolutely necessary. My husband and I just couldn't see eye to eye since our daughter arrived. There was a lot of anger and pain. I wouldn't budge and he wouldn't respond. Cameron changed that. Toward the end, sessions ended up being more about discovery. We learned things about each other that we wouldn't have otherwise, even after getting over the big hump of communication issues that was making our marriage difficult. A few times, we'd come in and say we had nothing to go over, and yet, we always came away with something unexpected. Now, over two months since our last visit, we are still feeling the lasting effects of Cameron's guidance, and discussions or incidents that in the past would have led to days of hard feelings rarely produce a blip of more than a day.When choosing a couples' therapist, we got a shortlist and then had trial sessions with Cameron, who is relatively young for a therapist, and an older person with much more experience. We are glad we went with Cameron. Even being on the younger side, he exudes insight and respect that in hindsight and with inside knowledge, I realize we wouldn't have gotten from the other person.On a practical level, Cameron was fantastic in working with our budget, as he wasn't covered by our particular insurance and we have to get a babysitter to the tune of $30-40 a pop on top of that. He was very responsive by text or voice mail, and it was easy to schedule appointments with him.I can't recommend Cameron enough. More...


Michael T.

14 June 2011

Cameron is simply great--everything a therapist should be.  My wife and I just concluded roughly two years of sessions with him (bi-weekly the last long stretch) and I can't say enough about what he enabled us to do for our relationship.  He's insightful, supportive, non-judgmental, firm when he needs to be, willing to allow those long silences to elicit the buried or reluctant response when he needs to, and--above all--incredibly caring.  Without getting into inappropriate details, my wife and I were in a difficult place when we came to him, and with patience and humor and deep humanity he coached us back to a place where our emotional intimacy is much enhanced and we feel much more loving and affectionate toward each other.  He zeroed in on exactly what we needed (communication tools, primarily, but also some deeper issues for each of us to explore and work on) and never let us take our collective eye off of the ball.  Of course in successful therapy the patients must be active partners, and so some of the credit--as he maintains--is due to us, but I have my doubts about how well we would've been able to repair our marriage without his guidance.  I can't recommend him enough--thanks, Cameron... More...


Pidge M.

20 May 2011

Cameron is an incredible therapist. My husband and I were in counseling with him for 9+ months. We came during a difficult time in our marriage (we've been together 17 years) and our work with Cameron was nothing less than transformational. It is not an understatement to say that he played a major role in saving and rebuilding our relationship.  He also gave me incredible personal insight and understanding, and so both my relationship and my Self were transformed in working with him. He was able to speak to both me and my husband in clear, compassionate terms. He met each of us where we were. He helped us to get out of the "content" of fights and disagreements and understand our core issues. He helped us to reconnect and also recognize the many wonderful things about our relationship that I couldn't see. I can't recommend him highly enough. He is an amazingly caring, compassionate, honest, insightful, and warm counselor and he also knows how and when to speak the hard truths. The learning from our time together continues to grow and live on in our relationship. More...


Shelley F.

6 December 2010

Cameron is wonderful in that he is definitely intuitive and is truly interested in creating healing for his clients. I have experienced tremendous benefit and healing for myself with the help of his professional mannerism and compassionate heart. I feel he has helped me pave a path for myself that is now and leading me to greater happiness by understanding myself and helping me heal emotionally and mentally from past trauma and negative beliefs about myself. I am now moving forward in life and taking responsibility for my choices in a compassionate way to self. I am creating positive life experiences by the same conscious choice. More...


emmanuelle a.

8 November 2010

My girlfriend and I sought couples therapy after struggling with issues around arguing.  After just a few sessions with Cameron we knew that we had found an amazing therapist.  Therapy with Cameron really transformed our relationship, taking us from a place where we constantly felt like we were on the edge of "breaking up" to one where there was space for our love to flourish and we could talk about our feelings from a place of concern and understanding.  Three plus years, now, and we are still going strong, with many thanks to Cameron for providing us with tools we could use to communicate better.When we first started seeing Cameron,  I knew right away that he understood our issues.  He is very intuitive and listens very well.  Also, being a queer female couple, we had been a bit concerned about finding the right therapist.  With Cameron we felt really well supported, without judgment, in our relationship.  Although it didn't come up a lot, Cameron was also really empathetic when we talked about issues of "coming out," within our families and the broader community.The bulk of the work with Cameron was unlike what either of us were really expecting, but it really made a lot of sense as we progressed and saw the benefits.   Not analyzing the past endlessly, Cameron brought new communication techniques to each session for us to practice.  Learning to listen, to mirror back what was said, to speak from one's basic emotion versus intellectual argument, and to not tell the other person what they are doing, thinking, and feeling were some of the new things we learned and practiced while discussing important issues in our relationship.  All of these and other new ways of communicating and interrelating, what we started to affectionately call "Cameron techniques", really helped us and continue to help us on a daily basis.Therapy with Cameron also transformed us individually.  I know that my girlfriend really felt like she learned how to communicate better within the broader world and has even seen it paid off in her relationship with her family.   For me, I felt like I learned how to stop to recognize my emotions more and now have more control over "calming down" and checking-in with myselfWith Cameron we made a lot of progress, progress that we are still continuing without him now that we have a stronger foundation and the tools to communicate effectively.  I really strongly recommend him to other couples.  Regardless of your reasons for wanting to see a therapist, I think Cameron can help you-- he definitely operates from a place of compassion with your best interest at heart and brings the best of his skills and his presence to each and every session. More...


Cody R.

6 July 2010

Cameron has helped me get in touch, in an incredible way that I believe I can use for the rest of my life. He is a true listener--putting sincere effort into empathy and helping transform the negative traits that I developed in my relationship. Each time I have left his office, I have undoubtedly felt far more awakened and attuned to what he calls: "the lovable Cody". Not once have I felt as if I was being scrutinized--on the contrary, I feel that he has been a compassionate guide that sheds some powerful light on the inner jewels within me and my relationship.I would highly recommend Cameron to any couple (or any individual) that wants to better understand themselves and their unique potential. More...


Tram N.

28 March 2010

Cameron was the one that referred us to Integral Counseling. I must admit, going once a week at $90 per session is hard b/c of our financial situation.  We went to him last year for 3 times... he was very understanding and seemed like he connected and knew where we were both coming from.  I highly recommend him.. More...


Margot K.

23 March 2010

Cameron has come at a very good time for us, we were hitting a lot of communication issues that we were having trouble getting past. He is incredible at listening to and distilling an issue with great understanding and compassion. I highly recommend Cameron! More...


Duncan M.

4 November 2009

My wife and I came in to see Cameron before we got married.  We were bumping into some communication issues that seemed to have a life of there own.  The couples therapy that we did with Cameron helped us overhaul our communication style in a way that I would never have thought of.  I was always skeptical of psychotherapy in the past but the work that we did with Cameron really changed my view about counseling.  We are now married and doing well together.  I imagine that we will come back in for couple's therapy for tune ups in the future. More...


Veronica C.

18 September 2009

I'm so pleased to speak of the therapeutic experiences I've had within Cameron's confidence, as he is a stellar person beyond his professional aptitude! His gentle and compassionate presence has given way for total trust and transparency, which I've witnessed to be a perfect combo for clear, comfortable and honest communication. It's apparent to me, that Cameron operates with innate wisdom that flows with ease and non-judgement; his reflections illuminate perspectives that have enabled me to see beyond my own limitations and aspirations, and that's a gift to be shared!  I have trust that those whom find themselves in counseling with Cameron, will experience many therapeutic and transforming perspectives and revelations...it's relieving to know that Cameron has a good head on his shoulders...Bravo! More...


Brie G.

14 July 2009

Its funny to stumble across my therapist on Yelp!  The temptation to write a review is too great so I am sacrificing a little privacy for a moment, in exchange for some good vibes.  What I can say about Cameron is that I just really trust him.  It has been so re-assuring for me to have this kind of relationship with someone that really does want to support me in my personal growth.  I have been to a couple other therapists in the past but what I can say about him that I think is unique is that he has this way of staying totally engaged in what I am bringing that day.  Something that has annoyed me about therapists in the past has been when they just listen and then repeat back to me what I just said.  If I wanted that I would have bought a damn parrot and stuck him in a cage in my living room. In fact Cameron does listen, but then very much stays in discussion and dialog with me about the stuff I am dealing with.  Going to therapy has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made.  I feel so much more relief from my stress and my relationship with my boyfriend has drastically improved because of it.  And he offers sliding scale therapy too which is great for me because I am a little short of funds these days. More...