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I am an experienced full time guitar tutor with over 15 years experience.

I am based in Penwortham on the edge of Preston but also teach via Skype to students all over the country and around the world.

I teach acoustic and electric guitar and cover a large variety of styles so you can learn guitar to your favourite music, as long as its not dance;


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David Teasdel

30 May 2018

As one of Wayne's "mature students" I can honestly recommend him to anybody. Not only has he taken me from absolute beginner to complete novice (!) he has also introduced me to new music and new artists that would have passed me by. I've done the same for him, but I'm not sure he's quite so appreciative...In the past year I've gone from making an unintelligible racket to the point where it is sometimes possible to work out which song I'm murdering, and that's down to Wayne's patient tuition. More...


John Devereux

30 May 2018

Been playing with guitars for 30 years and never really got anywhere with it. Tried a few different lessons on line and various guitar teachers but nothing really helped but recently I’ve started taking a weekly lesson with Wayne and his patience and flexibility to change how and what we are working on is really having a massive effect.. I’m starting to understand why I’m doing things and some recent technical skills are helping me play what I want to play that’s now not just beginner stuff.. can’t reccomend any higher.. cheers Wayne More...


Liam Eccles

30 May 2018

Had guitar tutoring from Wayne back in high school; every lesson was super fun and fine tuned to what I wanted to learn and needed to learn for the genre of music I wished to play.Super fun and chill guy to Jam with. Would recommend anyone that wants to learn guitar to join up with Wayne McMillen Guitar Tuition! 11/10 More...


Zack Breen

30 May 2018

Wayne taught me from an absolute beginner to where I am now (10 years on) , and its only due to his patience and professional tutoring I have been able to reach a standard of musicianship I otherwise thought impossible! With Wayne you don't just get a phenomenal tutor, but a great friend who will care and cater for both you and your playing. I cannot recommend him enough!! More...


Thomas Knowles

30 May 2018

I had Wayne as my guitar teacher for little over a year, and during that time I developed more as a musician than I had done in the previous years combined. Wayne doesn't just teach you to play guitar, he teaches you to understand it and look at music as a whole in a way that is often overlooked. To top it off, Wayne introduced me to guitarists that I had never heard before, and helped me to develop my own personal style. It has been nearly two years since I stopped lessons with Wayne to focus on personal study, but to this day I still remember all of our lessons fondly, and often find myself looking over the notes I made during his lessons. I would wholeheartedly recommend Wayne to any guitarist in the area, whether you want to play rock, Pop, Jazz, or some awkward hybrid in between like me. More...


Richard Mac

21 September 2016

He makes a great cup of tea during visits


Philip Pearman

8 June 2016

Being new to the guitar I contacted Wayne and started taking lessons and since have never looked back. His patience is beyond compare as I really need it, being of an older generation and left handed which again is another challenge both for me and Wayne. He will have you playing along to some familiar and not so familiar pieces of music. I enjoy his approach which is to move along at your pace and enjoy yourself. I know I do. More...


natasha salthouse

30 May 2016

I've been having lessons with Wayne for a while now and i have learnt a lot in the time. Wayne is very patient and lets me decide what i want to learn and he uses his own time to work out the chords and write them out for me. Wayne is a great teacher and an excellent musician and i always look forward to going to lessons each week. I would recommend his tuition to anyone. More...


Lydia Moseley

30 May 2016

Wayne has taught me from being a beginner and I have come on in leaps and bounds. Wayne has encouraged me to learn songs of my choice, which is great. I really enjoy my lessons as they are pretty chilled and relaxing, with a great atmosphere. I would definitely recommend Wayne as a teacher to others. More...


Leigh Naylor

30 May 2016

As a mature student i was initially apprehensive but was soon really enjoying my lessons. Wayne encouraged me to learn to play music from artists I knew which was brilliant, I was very soon playing Beatles, Cold Play, Dire Straits to name a few which was amazing as an absolute beginner. He teaches at your pace and is very patient, which was greatly appreciated, as I did not find it easy to start with. But once you can strum or pluck a recognisable tune that actually sounds like the real thing you cannot wait for your next lesson to try the next one you fancy doing. I was amazed i could master it even at my age as it had always been a lifelong ambition to play guitar and now I CAN!!!! Thanks Wayne More...


Chris Heys

30 May 2016

As a total newbie to guitar with only a couple of you tube videos used as a teaching aid I decided to go for lessons with Wayne. The progress I feel I've over the past four months has been fantastic. As a tutor he's superb in all aspects of playing and teaches in a relaxed friendly manner. Honestly can't recommend him enough first class. More...


Harry Park

30 May 2016

I have been receiving lessons from Wayne for over 5 years now and I wouldn't go to anyone else. Wayne is very versatile in the genres he teaches so you can learn the songs you love and also learn the techniques and concepts surrounding your musical taste. Wayne's lessons are very relaxing and Wayne always makes the lessons fun and enjoyable. Whether you've been playing guitar already or want to start playing, Wayne will be able to push you in the right direction to suit you and I wouldn't recommend anyone else to do so. More...



18 November 2014

“Wayne is both an incredible guitarist and an excellent teacher; I would be nowhere near as good as I am if it hadn’t been for these lessons. He was able to teach me a wide variety of techniques and songs, as well as musical theory.I learnt a huge amount from these lessons, far more than I would have been able to learn on my own.” More...


Peter Beardmore

8 June 2014

Wife and Daughter gave me guitar lessons for my 60th birthday. After researching the various tutors in my area, I plumped for Wayne, and all I can say is that I was not disappointed.He has to be patient with me, and he is!!, and I do feel I am making progress each week.I would strongly recommend Wayne for your guitar lessons, you will be highly satisfied. More...


April Martin

8 June 2014

Not knowing anything about music it's very difficult to know who to choose when picking a tutor. I decided to stay away from Rimmers and go for a private tutor. Wayne is very pleasant and patient with my daughter (aged 8), and makes each lesson fun. So pleased I went with him and would recommend to a friend. More...


Richard Mac

8 June 2013

Great guitar teacher - Had a few lessons with him to help me brush up on basic skills.Really helpful teacher.

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I love seeing my students progress! The most rewarding part is when a pupil nails something they've been practicing for a while, the look on their faces is priceless!

I naturally fell into teaching as a profession as I had learnt it myself for years. My tutor asked if I would be interested in teaching a few lessons on a couple of evening and that was that.

After I got comfortable being the one teaching and not learning I decided this is what I wanted to do with my life and started up my own business in my own studio. I developed a real connection with my students, knowing what it's like to have lessons myself - I even still do! You can never know it all!

I don't want to go on about how awesome my guitar lessons are (they are by the way! ha) All I would suggest you do is try out the free 30 minute trial lesson and see for yourself.

We can go over what you want to learn and how we can approach it and then it can be your decision as to whether we will be a good fit. You can also check out my website wmguitartuition.co.uk for some video tutorials to get an idea of what it's like to have lessons with me.

The only other thing I want to mention is that we'll have a laugh. Whether we're chatting about video games or I'm making stupid jokes so your child feels more at ease in lessons it is always enjoyable and I honestly do enjoy sharing my passion with others :)



Whether you’ve never picked up a guitar or just don’t know where to go next with your playing my guitar lessons are one to one and personalised to what you want to learn, whatever age, whatever ability, just dedicated tuition! My main guitar studio is located in Penwortham right on the edge of Preston and Lostock Hall as well as via Skype so you can learn from the comfort of your own home. If you’re looking to treat someone special I also do guitar lesson gift vouchers for both Skype and Penwortham lessons. Have a look around my site for information on lessons, testimonials and a bit more about me and if you’re interested you can book a free 30 minute trial lesson so you can get a taste of what your lessons will be like without any cost or commitment. You can also fire me some questions on Facebook or Twitter if you fancy.