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Vision Pro Studios / Bride and Groom Photographers

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Greetings from Vision Pro Studios and Bride & Groom Photographers.

Our 2019 and 2020 wedding season is in full swing. We have purchased new equipment and cameras for 2019 and are very excited for our clients and the results they will see.

Wedding Photography has become a EXPENSIVE part of a wedding. Having your wedding video also can prove to be expensive, and then you need a DJ for your reception. It all adds up to many thousands of dollars for top performers.

Vision Pro Studios offers complete packages when you bundle our services. Having all three services performing by the same company and for a discounted price is unheard of in our industry. We like to consider ourselves the Walmart of Wedding Services.

Our complete packages start at $1799 for Photography/Videography/DJ from start to finish of your wedding day, which includes up to 400 Hi Res Photos all edited and color graded, your video edited and color graded, and DJ with Light Show who hosts and MC's your wedding.
You will also receive a social network hi lite video, a 10 minute version, and the fully edited 1 hour video.

Add Drone Footage to your wedding for $500 more, and we will include amazing cinematic shots of your wedding day. Restrictions do apply for drone footage. Drones cannot fly within 5 miles of government buildings or airports.

Add our Premium light show for $500 and get a Las Vegas Style Club atmosphere with our lasers, gobos, and special effects to keep your reception rockin with 9,000 watts of power and music.

Add a wedding album for $350 and get a beautifully customized wedding album on 100# satin white bond paper, hard cover, and custom date and name.

All Couples who have their wedding day produced by Vision Pro Studios are featured in our Magazine "Bride and Groom", which is published once a year in the Spring.

We also are the only production company that offers a $199 down payment to secure your date. Pay just $199 down, and have up to 1 year to pay the balance of your wedding day production. Balances must be paid within 7 days of your wedding.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee. Review our contract, after making your down payment. If you are not satisfied with our agreement, we will refund your down payment, no questions asked. You have 72 hours to review the contract. After that, no refunds apply.

Lets get together and film your most important day…

Making each moment as special as the last one….

Vision Pro Studios
Michael Parker, CEO

Our typical process for working with new clients are as follows:

We like to meet in person if at all possible. If not, then by skype or phone. Once we have met, then we listen to what your trying to create, the atmosphere, the feelings behind how your wedding is to look and communicate.

The most important part of our interview process is telling us what's important to you in your photos and or video, and to tell us about you...where you met, what you did on a first date..many things that can be put into a story through photographs and video. We then create a story line and profile of photography and video that communicates to the world the reasons why this is the most important day of your lives.

We instruct the Bride and Groom at the wedding all throughout the process and timing of the photos and /or video, so that the transitions of events run smoothly. This is the specialty of our CEO Michael Parker. Michael has nearly 200 weddings he has MC'd and was the announcer of along with DJ. He worked closely with Photographers and Videographers to blend the announcements and sound with the services.

If there is a wedding planner, we work very closely with that person. If there is DJ from another vendor, we also work closely with the DJ.

Our main objective is to make the Bride and Groom comfortable, that we have the entire process worked out,and under control and want them to just be natural throughout their wedding.

Some folks wish to know what education and/or training we have that relates to our work?

CEO Michael Parker of Vision Pro Studios is a Graphic Artist, Website Producer, Photographer / Videographer. Podcast Producer, Documentary Film Producer, and Wedding DJ/MC for nearly 40 years. Additionally received his Masters of Divinity from Christian Leadership Institute, Warren MI. Is well established in the Radio and Video Industry.

President of Operations - Melissa Parker: 20 years in Hospitality Management/Restaurant Management. Currently attending Florida State University obtaining her degree in CDM Management. Has excellent Wedding Planning and Negotiation Skills with emphasis on decorating. Training and Management coordinator for our weddings.

Kandise Parker - Photographer - A self driven Passion for photography with education in Photography from Kraig Williams Wedding School.

Quinton Powell - Photographer - DJ - with an education from Kraig Williams Wedding School.

How did we get started doing this type of work?

I have been doing this kind of work as a hobby nearly all of my adult life. When the Internet went live for consumers back in 1985, I was there, programming HTML and designing websites for businesses. My heart has always been in photography, and purchased my first camera when I was 13. I have learned numerous computer languages, programmed websites for many businesses in the Branch County and St Joseph County MI area, have DJ'd 100+ weddings as MC and DJ.

I was given the opportunity to DJ a event in Grand Rapids, MI for a returning POW from Czechoslovakia who was returned to the United States by President Clinton. There were 5,000 guests in attendance. We also DJ'd the wedding of Parker Bohn, Professional Bowler.

What types of customers have we worked with?

We have just opened our business, December 23rd, 2017. We have filmed and photographed 3 weddings as part of our promotional Grand Opening. Our real expertise however we feel will come later with cinematic filming of weddings who have the budget to purchase our capabilities. Our recent documentary is a testament of what we are capable of filming and producing. As we venture into filming weddings, we want to be known as a company that will work with any budget as much as we can. Weddings are special, and deserve a large amount of attention. And that's where we plan on focusing our business.

Describe a recent project you are fond of. How long did it take?

Our wedding with Amanda Bungard and Jonathan Soave was a pleasure to do. These folks hired us at the last minute after a sickness caused the cancellation of their videographer. We cut them a special price, came in the night before and reviewed the plans for the wedding and the reception with the DJ. It was a 10 hour event....but we loved it. Of coarse, the photos and the video was another 20 hours of editing...and then the production video editing.

What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?

Pay close attention to the quantity and quality of work you will receive. Companies like ours are willing to go the extra mile and do more for a client even for less money, just to get the chance to film the event. Look for passion, and someone who truly loves what they do..your relationship with them will click immediately...and your event will be a huge success.

What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?

Clients need to understand that this industry isn't buying a couple of IPads and recording the event.
There is editing time, especially for video and sound. There is image enhancement and effects. There are computer programs that technicians use that huge Hollywood producers use also...only they have the budget to produce them with literally hundreds of hours of programming and editing..and we don't have the budget to do that...yet clients want the same results. Our company uses state of the art software, and most of it could purchase a mid size car at today's prices.

So, a client should seriously think through exactly how much they want to spend, stick to their budget, and then ask what they will receive for that amount. In the $800-$1,000 price range, most photographers who are professionals at their craft, wont even get out of bed to quote a gig for that.....But we will...because we know that giving a quality filmed wedding, with the taste of cinematic added to it, along with features that some would receive in a more expensive service, will bring us more business....

So, think through exactly what you need, and compare that to what you want. Then get quotes for both....just don't forget to call will be pleasantly surprised.

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Vision Pro Studios / Bride and Groom Photographers Reviews


Review of Vision Pro Studios / Bride and Groom Photographers by Jesse Himebaugh
5 12/04/2018 Jesse Himebaugh

I have known Michael Parker for nearly 40 years. His experience and expertise in the entertainment industry is top notch. He surrounds himself with employees who learn his craft and take it to new heights.

His attention to detail and capturing moments that others would miss opens doors for him and allows his newly started business to flourish.

My entire family is scheduled for Family Portraits this summer, and we cannot wait to see what he has in store.

If your looking for a professional who has the most affordable prices for the quality of work, then look no further.

Review of Vision Pro Studios / Bride and Groom Photographers by Evangelist Mike Bradford
4 12/04/2018 Evangelist Mike Bradford

Michael Parker has been a huge part of making our ministry a success with his team of WordPress Programmers and CGI Scripting Technicians. He has also showed a talent for Photography and Videography, Produced Infomercials for our ministry, and has helped us get our YouTube Channel operational.

We know him personally, and have been associated with his business since 2008. I highly recommend his talent, and his team.

Review of Vision Pro Studios / Bride and Groom Photographers by Justin Griffn
5 12/04/2018 Justin Griffn

I have known Michael Parker for nearly 25 years. He is incredibly talented with his style of DJ entertainment. Noted for his ability to mix old school with new school music, he has a wide range of ability to actually beat mix music. He was highly recommended as a DJ and wedding DJ when he worked for Pure Energy Productions out of Sturgis, MI. where he was a regular DJ at a local club, and traveled to do Karaoke in Michigan and Ohio.

One of the features of his ability to DJ was always keeping the event moving and involved....never a dull moment!! His experience has now allowed him to run his own business, and we are looking forward to having him as our Wedding Photographer and DJ at our wedding in Boyne City, MI. We highly recommend him and his wont be sorry.

Review of Vision Pro Studios / Bride and Groom Photographers by Evangelist Dina Kalmeta
5 12/04/2018 Evangelist Dina Kalmeta

Michael parker of Vision pro Studios has been at the forefront of helping us produce and promote our News Channel for nearly 4 years. His team and talented CGI Script Technicians really know how to produce award winning intros, commercials, and Adobe After Effects. They have been a part of our ministry from day one, and would never consider sing anyone else for our programming needs. His eye on detail, video, and photography is a talent few possess. We highly recommend them for events, weddings, videography and Cinematography.

Review of Vision Pro Studios / Bride and Groom Photographers by Pastor Ken Billsborrow
5 12/04/2018 Pastor Ken Billsborrow

Vision Pro Studios has been a vital part of our Church for nearly a year, professionally producing our morning services at Good News Bible Church in Coldwater, MI. We are very proud to recommend them for any video or photography you may need

Review of Vision Pro Studios / Bride and Groom Photographers by Brandon
5 12/04/2018 Brandon

Our wedding was slightly over budget, and we were told that a guy from Coldwater wanted to video our wedding for free...and he did. Michael from Vision Pro Studios of Coldwater came and did a really nice promotional service and gave us a video and printed photos of our wedding for FREE!

My wife and I were pleased with his professional service, and cannot thank him enough for his graciousness. Family members were pleased with his service as well. You never know when someone is going to do something nice for you, and Vision Pro Studios pulled through for us..thanks Michael!!

Review of Vision Pro Studios / Bride and Groom Photographers by Amanda Soave
4 12/04/2018 Amanda Soave

Michael and his team from Bride and Groom Photographers attended our rehearsal and also attended our meeting with the DJ we hired. They were professional, courteous, and payed attention to detail. We hired them for just video, but as an added bonus, we received photos and prints of our wedding...a 13x19 Print of my husband and I..totally unexpected. We had a small problem with the format of DVD we ordered, since we had a Apple Computer, but they corrected the problem and sent the right one.

We enjoyed their company, and they remained at our reception until the very end, filming highlights all for the same price. We were very happy with the outcome.

Vision Pro Studios / Bride and Groom Photographers

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Vision Pro Studios / Bride and Groom Photographers Q&A

Company Q&A

What’s the secret to keeping a party dancing all night long?

With nearly 40 years of experience in the D.J. Entertainment Field, keeping the party going all night long requires a certain amount of energy from your entertainment enthusiasts. Crucial times for playing popular songs requires knowing your crowd and guests. It is literally a minute by minute monitoring of guest participation. Finding guests that are enthusiastic, and enriching them to join in on the fun. Most wedding D.J.'s seem to think that the music speaks for itself. However, it is the talent and MC credentials of a professional DJ who can read a crowd and go with the energy they provide.

How would you describe your ‘style’?

Our style is a well kept secret recipe that blends music so that when the order is placed, its taste is palible for all who engage it. Becoming a professional mixing D.J. allows one to hear the music and beat of all types of music, from every era. Remixes and beat talent are essential. Discovering how to beat mix in a digital society where most just blend a pre-mix is mundane and bland. We vigerate our style with culture and sense the beat before it happens.

What’s the secret to taking a great photograph?

Timing is the real secret...paying attention to detail, focus, and having an eye for the unique expressions that sometimes happen within seconds. Include passion, intensity, and emotion and transform that with verbal accents, and the picture or video is timeless.

What questions might you ask a client when starting a new project?

With our weddings, we have a complete interview process. We want to know everything there is to know about you and your prospective spouse. Not just how you met, or what you like to do together, but what events took place that allowed you to arrive at the moment you did you know that this person was whom you were going to spend all of your life with? Our interview process builds the frame work of the story behind the photos and the video we create.

What do you love most about your job?

We are a family that has been blended together for this moment in time, to accomplish these tasks of filming the lives of those who allow us to do truly is a blessing and a joy to do it.

What inspired you to start your own business?

It's not our first rodeo for being in business..from successful Computer Repair, to Graphic Artists, to Video and Photography..we love what we do and cannot wait to do each one.

Why should our clients choose you?

We have asked ourselves this very same question. We know this much regarding those that do..that it was meant to happen. There will be no coincidence in the matter. Once we sit and talk, and learn what it is that brought you to us, then we devote ourselves to providing the very best in production and visual enhancements.

Services provided by Vision Pro Studios / Bride and Groom Photographers


Video and Drone Footage

We now offer Drone Video footage of your event. Please contact us before booking this service. Certain restrictions from the FAA must be met before we can film your event.

DJ Services

Introducing DJ Ice and our branded style of DJ Entertainment for your wedding. With some 200 weddings, clubs, nightclubs, and teen venues under the professional style and experience of DJ Ice, looking for the right DJ has just us for rates and discounted premium packages that are bundled with photography and video.


Chapman/Yunkers Wedding Reception

On July 28th, 2018, Vision Pro Studios along with Bride and Groom Photographers will be filming and providing the entertainment for the wedding reception of Brandon Chapman and Shannon Yunkers, in Angola Indiana. The bride and groom are traveling to Jamaica to be married, and returning to Indiana to celebrate with guests at their wedding reception. Vision Pro Studios will be providing DJ entertainment, along with Cinematic Filming of the event.

Coldwater, Mi Collectable and Antique Car Show and Swap Meet

Vision Pro Studios will be on hand to film the 2018 Annual Car Show and Swap Meet at the Branch County Fairgrounds May 12th and 13th. This years annual event also includes the interview of local resident Dave Bates and his 50th anniversary edition 2018 Camaro SS.

Kester 50th Wedding Anniversary, June 16th, 2018.

Vision Pro Studios is proud to announce the filming and photography of The Kesters of Ft Wayne Indiana at their private residence. We were hired to film the lives with additional footage from the 60's and beyond of our anniversary couple spanning some 50 years. Friends and family will be gathered to help celebrate this achievement.

Wedding of Brianna Huff and Fernando Nieves.

Vision Pro Studios along with Bride and Groom Photographers is pleased to announce the Photography, Videography, and DJ Entertainment for the wedding of Brianna Huf and Fernando Nieves both of LaGrange, Indiana. Engagement photos are planned in the near future, and a wedding date has been set for August 24th, 2019.

Putman/Stepp Wedding Reception

Vision Pro Studios is pleased to announce the filming and DJ Entertainment of the Putman/Stepp Wedding, located in Marshall Mi, at the The Medalist Country Club and Banquet Facility. The wedding will take place July 20th, 2018.

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