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Visavis offers professional digital services for small businesses. We are a full service digital boutique, which offers graphic design, digital development and strategic marketing services for small businesses.

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15 May 2019

REVIEW OF Visavis-Brooklyn NY Web Designer and Digital Services for Small Business

This review was sent to John one week before posting with no reply from him.
Earlier in 2019, I placed an ad on Craigslist looking for someone to build, design and help maintain a Business Website. With over 100 replies, I settled on Visavis and its owner John Preston.
He was a local company and according to his reply to the ad, capable of completing the task. After several emails back and forth, I sent a mock up of what the site should like like and sent it to him. I asked him to send me an html page with his idea to see if we were on the same page which he did. It appeared we could continue. We signed a contract and a deposit was given to begin work.

After a few more emails, John suggested we meet in person to go over the next steps. He showed up as promised and on time. We had a long discussion on my needs and he took numerous notes. As the end of the meeting, we agreed to meet every week or so to continue. That's where the story goes awry.

After a week or so I received an email stating he was working on the code and would have an update shortly. He also said we could communicate via email at this stage.
2 weeks later after no communication, I sent an email asking if there was any issues since I had not seen any new updates. The reply was that there were no issues and he was continuing to work on the code. He apologized for the delay and promised an update in a few days. Since then there has been no updates and no replies to numerous emails.

It became obvious that there were only 2 options. 1) He did not intend on honoring his contract or his word and the whole thing was a scam. 2) The task was above his expertise and he was embarrassed to say so.
I think the 2nd option is more likely the one since I met John and he seemed sincere.

So if you are looking for a simple website site with few interactive options and basic designs, Visavis might be capable of the job. However if you need a professional more complicated website for your business then absolutely avoid this company. Fell free to contact me with and questions or clarifications

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I love the process of bringing an idea from an initial concept to a fully-functional solution that is successful and measurable. This can include anything from a business idea, a brand, an application, website, etc. It's the process of bringing the solution to life which is a passion of mine.

I've worked for some of the world's largest agencies and have managed projects for some of the largest corporate clients for the past 15 years. I love the industry and I love the medium of the Internet. I was inspired to start my own business because I wanted to apply the same skills and processes that I've worked with in the corporate world and apply them to smaller businesses (which I can have more of a direct impact on).

For me, its all about the relationship with the client and producing solutions that are unique to their needs.

Clients should choose me because I take immense pride in my work and they should know that when working with me, they will receive the highest quality of work.