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At Vibrant, we are committed towards education and promotion of digestive health which in turn helps you experience true beauty, vibrant health and complete well-being.

Our friendly team of professionally accredited advisors ensures that you are relaxed and comfortable at all times.

We understand that true healing only happens from inside out and therefore focus on therapies that encourage you to make healthy choices, and enable you to listen to your body and mind, understand your emotions and connect to your soul in order to achieve life affirming health, harmony and balance.

Here is why you will make the right choice as you decide to visit Vibrant for a therapy or consultation:
Digestive health is our exclusive focus area. Your immune system can sometimes get compromised due to lack of optimum digestion, assimilation and elimination. Improper digestion, combined with the modern day stress can result in accumulation of toxins, which in turn is an invitation to parasites, scavengers and infections that destroy the natural balance in your gut flora. This leads to disease condition and lack of vitality.
We want to help you regain your strength and energy by focusing on the problem you are facing. Our plans are therefore personalised for you and include a combination of nutrition and lifestyle management therapies.
We help you prepare for your treatment. Prior to your treatment, you receive a set of instructions that enable you to decide on the things that you should be doing before the start of your therapy. Our consultations ensure that your treatment is tailored for you to receive what is best for you, based on your goals.
We provide a personalised follow up plan that enables you to maximise the process of detoxification and experience great energy levels and optimum health even after treatment.
Our rooms are sanitised and prepared for each therapy and our materials are single use disposable.
We focus on organic, holistic therapies and products that can help you regain your health, rebalance your life and re-energise your body and mind.
We believe in and propagate use of real, organic supplements with no added synthetic components.
Our online reviews are real and genuine.
We have received accreditation from I-ACT/ I-CHA and cater to the highest levels of professional excellence to enable our clients experience greatest standards in health and beauty.
Allow us to help you achieve your balance, rejuvenate yourself from inside out and feel in great shape – always.

We believe in changing the world for good – one person at a time!

vibrant feeling ltd Reviews

vibrant feeling ltd Reviews

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vibrant feeling ltd

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Google Reviews

Review of vibrant feeling ltd by david gunn
2 months ago

Great first time visit, tania is great. She put me at ease chatted through out the session which relaxed me.
She is certainly very knowledgeable and it was an educational experience and I would highly recommended her.

david gunn
Review of vibrant feeling ltd by Michaela Banthorpe
1 month ago

After a visit to see Tania my daughter's digestive health, emotional wellbeing and energy levels have improved dramatically. I am so happy we found Tania and would highly recommend a visit to anyone struggling with digestive problems. We will be returning to seek advice for the rest of our family soon!

Michaela Banthorpe
Review of vibrant feeling ltd by Kathryn Shaw
3 months ago

Loved my first visit. Tania was ace, put me at ease and chatted through everything - felt almost like a therapy session :) After years of problems, it was so nice to hear someone say they understood, that I wasn’t alone and that we would fix it. Will definitely be back, and can’t wait to start on the supplements.

Kathryn Shaw
Review of vibrant feeling ltd by Helena O' Shea
4 weeks ago

Excellent knowledge and advice about digestive health. Really made me feel reassured

Helena O' Shea
Review of vibrant feeling ltd by Jt Jt
3 months ago

Great service Tania made me feel at ease and explained in so much detail. Follow up is brilliant i receive text messages to see how im getting on. If you been thinking about going you must wish i has gone alot sooner .😁

Jt Jt
Review of vibrant feeling ltd by jayne donnelly
2 months ago

Virbrant was a professional and very friendly experience, Tania was amazing she made me feel totally relaxed and I knew I was in good hands with a professional lady who knew what she was doing. I give her and Virbrant Clinic 5 stars and would highly recommend anyone to go.

jayne donnelly
Review of vibrant feeling ltd by melanie booth
3 months ago

absolutely amazing - would recommend tania - she is very friendly and knowledgeable - im booked to go back

melanie booth
Review of vibrant feeling ltd by Samantha Metcalfe
4 months ago

I had been on and off steroids, antibiotic and antihistamine tablets for seven years. Instead of having a breakdown after a stressful and traumatic period in my life, i developed many food allergies, inc, wheat, barley, maize, dairy, eggs, fish, peanuts, strawberrys, kiwi, soya, sulphates, etc. I got ezcema all over my body, itched all the time, my stomach would bloat so i looked pregnant at times, i always felt tired, often very depressed. My Doctor did many tests and could confirm my allergies, but no solutions, just methods to cope. The antibiotic constantly gave me thrush. The antihistamines made it easy to sleep but hard to get up .
1 met Tania two months ago, I take one antihistamine a day now, no steroids, no antibiotics, i have very little eczema. I feel great and so positive about life! Thanks Tania

Samantha Metcalfe
Review of vibrant feeling ltd by Phil Green
3 months ago

great service and very insightful and couldn’t recommend enough.

Phil Green
Review of vibrant feeling ltd by Gina Keen
6 months ago

Fantastic service. Very knowledgable and made me feel at ease the whole time. Would definitely recommend.

Gina Keen
Review of vibrant feeling ltd by Emma Horner
11 months ago

Would highly recommend Tania and the service she provided her knowledge and advice was great! Never had a colonic before and would have to say now I would recommend to anyone and definitely be going back. Felt a stone lighter coming out! Thanks Tania you put me at ease and made me feel comfortable throughout.

Emma Horner
Review of vibrant feeling ltd by Kirsty Hull
8 months ago

Just had my first colonic irrigation Tania was great made you feel at ease through process explaining everything and really knows her stuff felt better instantly would highly recommend

Kirsty Hull
Review of vibrant feeling ltd by Stacey Dixon
11 months ago

I would highly recommend this place, after suffering for 20+ years with my stomach had immediate relief after my treatment and 2 weeks later with Tania's advice and supplements I am so much better already. Also, had the food testing done today and it was brilliant, totally painless and so easy to understand, I will continue my treatment and take all the advice from Tania and get even better still, absolutely brilliant! 😊

Stacey Dixon
Review of vibrant feeling ltd by Daniel Fleary
1 year ago

Tania is lovely and her treatments very professional and also educational. I have a new lease of life and a flatter less bloated belly from the colonic hydrotherapy! Definitely going back for more!

Daniel Fleary
Review of vibrant feeling ltd by Phoebe Aspery
11 months ago

Would definitely recommend, Tania was lovely and extremely knowledgeable. Thanks for all your help.

Phoebe Aspery
Review of vibrant feeling ltd by Cheryl Todd
1 year ago

Tania was lovely and very helpful made me feel very relaxed and very educational will definitely be going back soon brilliant experience.

Cheryl Todd
Review of vibrant feeling ltd by Spazza G
1 year ago

Tania has solved my problems through natural suppliments. Great service. Would highly recommend her and her services.

Spazza G
Review of vibrant feeling ltd by Laura G
1 year ago

I recently visited Tania for colonic hydrotherapy and i am so pleased i did. I was nervous about the whole procedure but Tania instantly put me at ease and did so throughtout the treatment. I felt amazing the day after and would highly reccomend having it done if you are currently thinking about it. The salon is stunning and easy to find. Couldnt recommend enough!

Laura G
Review of vibrant feeling ltd by Beth Henderson
1 year ago

Since visiting vibrant my health has improved immensely! The treatments and Tania's knowledge and advice have turned my health around for the better! Would recommend to everyone!

Beth Henderson
Review of vibrant feeling ltd by Lesley Coates
1 year ago

Tania was really helpful with my IBS, not only establishing the cause but also recommending supplements to take to resolve the problem. Would highly recommend

Lesley Coates
Review of vibrant feeling ltd by lucy haigh
1 year ago

Very professional and friendly both times I have visited. Tania is lovely and made me feel very at ease throughout my treatments. With her help and specialist knowledge I feel I am finally making improvements to my health after years of struggling with little solutions from doctors. I would highly recommend visiting to anyone and will definitely be continuing to do so myself.

lucy haigh
Review of vibrant feeling ltd by joanne Weston
1 year ago

I visited Tania in April to help with anxiety and general health. On arriving I was immediately made welcome and put at ease. The premises are lovely and give such a warm, relaxed feeling. I had a treatment on the Pulsed Electro Magnetic Mat, I highly recommend this for anyone suffering with stress or anxiety. I found the whole experience very relaxing and feel much better since my treatment. I will be using Tania for other treatments and highly recommend her services.
I have also had a Hopi Ear Candle treatment with Tania. It was very relaxing, I highly recommend.

joanne Weston
Review of vibrant feeling ltd by Nichola Lamport
1 year ago

What a lovely place to visit, I feel better then I have in months just after one visit. Thank you so much for all of your help.

Nichola Lamport
Review of vibrant feeling ltd by samantha dearnaley
2 years ago

First impressions the place is stunning you walk through the door and instantly feel relaxed the i[lace is immaculate and the atmosphere is amazing! Tania greets you and makes you feel even more at ease. The treatments are top quality and the information Tania has is second to none. The results from my treatments are amazing! My life has been turned around by this woman and her vast knowledge of digestive health and relaxation techniques. The P.E.M.F mat is a must try... I would highly recommend Vibrant!!! Thanks Tania see you again soon x

samantha dearnaley
Review of vibrant feeling ltd by Olivia Metcalfe
2 years ago

From the moment I walked in, I was greeted by Tania who is so warm and welcoming. I felt at complete ease considering it was my first ever colon hydrotherapy session. I was so comfortable telling Tania about how I have been feeling for years now, and she understood my problems completely! She was so knowledgable about my condition and went into detail about why my stomach was so bloated. I would highly recommend Vibrant Feeling for anyone who feels uncomfortable with their digestive health. I feel so much lighter in the way my stomach feels, and although I'm not fully treated, I know I am heading in the right direction with Tania's help and vitamin recommendations. Thank you!

Olivia Metcalfe
Review of vibrant feeling ltd by Jonathan Carnell
1 year ago

Vibrant is a fresh and clean place. Tania is very knowledgeable, inspiring and experienced therapist who strives to get to the root of the problem. Highly recommended.

Jonathan Carnell
Review of vibrant feeling ltd by Kelly Cumberbirch
1 year ago

Lovely lady very knowledgeable would definitely recommend

Kelly Cumberbirch
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vibrant feeling ltd Location

39 Outram St, Darlington DL3 7DP, UK

Services provided by vibrant feeling ltd

vibrant feeling ltd Services

Colonic Hydrotherapy /Irrigation

Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy Clears away built up waste and toxins, allowing the colon to function more efficiently and preventing toxins from being reabsorbed May hydrate the colon Gets rid of more waste than the colon can deal with on its own Is much more effective than an enema, because it reaches the whole length of the colon Can reduce bloating, creating a slimmer appearance, and help with weight loss Can help to improve quality of sleep and boost energy Can help to regulate bowel movements and relieve constipation Can help to alleviate the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome Can improve the complexion, help with skin conditions like eczema and make your skin look clearer and brighter

Food Intolerance Testing

Benefits of Food Intolerance Testing Will enable you to identify which foods you are intolerant to Enables you to make positive changes in your diet so you can enjoy better health in the long term We give completely individual and tailor made treatment and advice to every client, as each person has unique dietary requirements The testing process is non-invasive and painless We can test for intolerance to a hundred different foods, from common problems like gluten and wheat intolerance to less common issues The treatment can also identify airborne allergies and determine levels of Candida and vitamin and mineral deficiencies You will receive nutritional advice to help you on your way towards a healthy and beneficial diet

Digestive Health Consultancy

Where you’re at... You feel tired and bloated; you have days when you’re so constapated, followed by days when you hardly dare go out. The problems you have right now... You know help is out there, but you just can’t make up your mind. Your motivation is at rock bottom. You just want someone to help you, to put you back together so you can get on with your life. What you need help with right now.. You need to focus on you, how you are going to get better, and who you are going to see to give you the results you need. It has to be someone who has loads of experience, someone well qualified, someone you can trust. The place has to be warm and friendly because you just want to feel safe. The programme that will suit you best is our Digestive Health Consultancy. This is for people, like you, who really need to get back to their former health levels. It’s also an excellent starting point for people who have had long term problems. The programme will also be of particular help to people with digestive disorders such as IBS, Constipation, Candida, Parasites. We use natural methods with a holistic approach.


Aromatherapy is the use of oils extracted from plants for therapeutic purposes. This increasingly popular treatment can be used for many different purposes, including stress relief, mood enhancement and relieving aching muscles. Each essential oil has its own unique properties and will produce different results, which is why we will always provide a bespoke aromatherapy session for you. As with all our treatments, we offer a completely personal service to each client. To begin the session, your particular condition will be assessed and your therapist will then determine which type of treatment would be right for you. A blend of oils will be prepared specifically for your needs. Each blend has its own unique and luxurious aroma. The treatment itself will usually involve massage; this is so that the oils can be absorbed through the skin. Despite the name, the benefits of aromatherapy are not completely based on smell, although the natural aromas from the oils will also be inhaled during the treatment and complement the massage therapy.

Hopi Ear Candles

Hopi Ear Candles This treatment creates a feeling of warmth and balance, dispersing tension in the ears, head and sinuses. These organic candles create gentle suction, easing pressure in the ears and softening built-up wax. The treatment is finished off with a pressure point massage to complete the effect. If you suffer from stress, tension headaches, earache, or are a frequent flyer, this is the perfect choice for you. Benefits of Hopi Ear Candles A gentle and relaxing treatment which leaves you with a pleasant sensation of warmth Softens built up ear wax Relieves pressure in the sinuses, ears and head, which results in a feeling of greater clarity Can relieve headaches and earache Can relieve ear pain for frequent fliers and people with swimmer's ear Can relieve feelings of stress and make you feel more peaceful and calm Is an excellent option for frequent fliers as it will restore balance and relieve pressure in the ears Is a holistic treatment which uses natural ingredients The treatment is combined with a relaxing massage

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy

One of the most exciting treatments we offer is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (P.E.M.F.), delivered with the use of the iMRS mat. This innovative device uses electromagnetic pulsations to help alleviate a wide variety of different problems, including joint pain, back pain, osteoporosis, rheumatism and many other painful conditions. As the person lies down on the mat, it delivers pulsations to every area of the body at the same time, treating all the meridians of the body. The pulsations of the mat may help to relieve pain but may disperse stress and tension in the body. Many people suffer from tension in the head, back and shoulders due to everyday stress from work, and these mats may reduce that soreness to help you feel more relaxed and aid sleep, energy levels and overall feelings of wellbeing. The treatment is simple; all you need to do is lie down on the mat as the electromagnetic fields do their work. The treatment incorporates an integrated sound and light relaxation system to complement the effects of the mat. The treatment energises the cells of your body, enabling them to take on more oxygen and nutrition, improving circulation, and promoting natural feelings of calmness, focus and clarity. As with our other treatments, the P.E.M.F. mat offers a holistic treatment. Book an appointment today and see how P.E.M.F. can help you to relax, reduce your stress or help to reduce the pain of your particular condition. We recommend at least three to six sessions for optimum results( close together ) Benefits of P.E.M.F. Whatever your state of health, fitness, stress or fatigue, the P.E.M.F has something to offer almost everyone, it may help utilise: Better blood circulation and oxygen utilisation Increased metabolism and energy levels Improved immune response, helping to prevent infection and disease Reduced pain and inflammation Greater psychological well being in case of stress, depression and anxiety Deeper relaxation and stress reduction Better sleep Accelerated healing of wounds and injuries Greater bone density Faster recovery from illness Slowed down ageing process Overall wellness and vitality


Looking good starts with feeling good. We offer relaxing and rejuvenating facial treatments that will leave you glowing and looking healthy. Holistic Facials Treat yourself to a relaxing, hour-long holistic facial and feel all your tension drift away. Our holistic facials result in smoother, brighter skin, and your emotional needs will be well taken care of as well. You are certain to leave the session feeling fantastic and looking great. Benefits Can help to create a smoother, brighter complexion The treatment feels great and is very relaxing Will relieve your tension and stress Will leave you feeling energised

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