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Nikki Binns

14 November 2018

Helen is great listens to all my problems and came up with many oils and combinations to help me to reduce the amount of painkillers I take. Can't wait to try some more.


Donna Giffen

14 November 2018

Visited The Soul Centre for the first time last week and met Helen at the Essential oil course with Viv. Tried the oils in food and drink. It blew my mind what you can do with them aswell as using them as aromatherapy. Cant wait to learn more More...


Chrissy Howe

14 November 2018

Helen is a really nice lady and gives advice in a friendly way. Because of Helen I've tried new foods and learnt things I didn't know about others. She is always ready with a hug for those she meets and makes everyone feel really welcome and at ease. A big Thumbs up for Helen! I would highly recommend attending one of her workshops or a 1-2-1 session! More...


Rob Silveri

14 November 2018

Met Helen through my partner and was offered advice on eating and health issues. I'm a type two diabetic diagnosed about 8 years ago and didn't accept it at first. This resulted in bad neuropathy and other medical complications from ignorance and stupidity on my part. Helen coached me and gave me support and advice how to deal with my extreme high blood sugar count and deprivation of quality sleep. I will be honest, I was sceptical and thought it was a load of tosh but went along with it to Keep my partner happy (didn't tell her that !) In all honesty the changes I made were minimal and achievable without altering my lifestyle, however the results were stunning. My quality of life changed instantly and my blood sugar slumped to all all time low within my health boundaries. Improvement indeed from someone who actually knows what she's on about and showed a personal care interest in making things better. I am grateful to Helen as I do believe I live a better quality of life because of her, but don't take my word for it try yourself, and for those sceptical dinosaurs out there, just like I was, think what do you have to lose More...


Alexandra Rose New

14 November 2018

I attended an online emotional aromatherapy class and it was very informative. I took a lot from the class and I am definitely going to buy some essential oils:) Helen is also a very lovely soul and out of the kindness of her heart, she gave me the forgive essential oil. I have been using it every single day and I feel a lot better. I wake up feeling refreshed and I have been less of a stress head� I definitely recommend the essential oils. More...


Melita Flash-wright

14 November 2018

I know helen very well i attended one of her workshops it was very helpfull and also very interesting i learned a great deal about nutrition and essentiol oils....shes fab �


Tehseen Mawji

14 November 2018

I went to Helen's aromatherapy course, she is really knowledgeable about essential oils. I had a really good time at the classes, it was a fun experience mixing oils �


Melanie Healy

14 November 2018

Helen knows her Do Terra oils. She advises the best way to use those oils and can advise on different oils for different uses. Her workshops are informative and interesting!! She is also qualified in Nutrition and can advise on the foods that are best for you and your lifestyle and what you want to achieve!! � More...


Sanja Jurić

14 November 2018

I've been on one of Helen's workshops and I've learned a lot about nutrition and use of essential oils, I implemented some of her advice in my diet and that helped me with my tiredness, migraines and sleeping issues! Would recommend!

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