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VAN•NESS Agency is a social media and marketing consulting group, ready to help businesses of any size to build their brand and enhance their presence on social media.

Here are our most popular packages! We also love customizing packages to fit your business’s needs perfectly.



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Simple, clean & serving the customers or target audience with information easily.

What is ROI to you?
What is your overall goal?
What does increasing traffic mean/look to you?
If you could take a picture of your target audience what do they look like?
What's your range of budget?
What do you currently do for social media, marketing, etc?

Analyze social media accounts, website Google Analytics. Understand the brand and overall message. Understand what the underlying goal is for the client and create a plan on how to get there.

Range of budget
Links to their Facebook, Instagram & Twitter (pinterest, Houzz, etc.).
Their understanding and concept of ROI.
List of what is currently being done, paid advertising wise too.
Target audience.
Goals as a business.

I love being able to work with different companies everyday and being creative. I love implanting new ideas or learning something new too. A challenge never discourages me. I love getting to know new clients too and their markets and watching their business grow!

I have always enjoyed my own freedom and I have always pushed myself harder on my own instead of someone barking orders at me. Being my own boss is extremely tough but it's also incredibly rewarding at the end of the day. I enjoy doing what I love and being creative.

I am extremely passionate about social media and marketing in general. I love helping people get creative and open their brains to new ways on how to bring business in, in a cost effective way! I always deliver what I say I will and I enjoy teaching and/or explaining to others about what I do. I believe in marketing through many different avenues and I will find the right fit for you. I also come from a family of small business owners and entrepreneurs so I understand the value of the dollar and stretching it as far as it can go, I will do the best I can to make sure you are receiving the best rates possible.