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Derek Brown

23 May 2019

Went to see Claire with anxiety and a fear of lifts,anxiety has gone completely and although I’ve not been in a lift since I feel like it won’t be a problem.
Many thanks derek


sarah chandler

30 April 2019

Clare is brilliant! So friendly and makes you feel at ease. Highly recommend having Hypnotherapy with her. Very approachable and understanding lady. Ive never met anyone so passionate about how the brain works! She explains how it influences the way you behave/act to . If you've never had Hypnotherapy before I urge you to see Clare or if you just need a top up (like me) go and see her!! She's so inspiring and in my opinion will change your life! More...


Julie Morgan

30 April 2019

Seeing Clare has changed my life! Deciding to take part in the Slim Habits programme is the best decision I have ever made. Clare is effective in understanding the root of your issues and provides you with the tools to overcome them. Slim Habits is highly effective and for the first time ever I feel in control of what and when I eat. Total weight loss in 3 months: 2 stone 4lb. Thanks Clare. More...


Anna Janovics

31 March 2019

Clare is very approachable and lovely, it was a pleasure to work with her. She asks the right questions driving you towards the results.


Mark Schofield

31 March 2019

Had three sessions with Claire to help me with my fear of flying, and I must say the therapy really does work and I feel ready to get on with my travelling. Thanks Claire.


Dawn Evans

1 December 2018

“ I have been to see Clare to help me with many aspects of my life, mostly left-over baggage from a messy divorce, excess drinking, poor eating habits, procrastination, you name It I had it.Clare carefully unravelled my issues over three sessions and the results are very evident to me, my partner and my business.The session is held in a comfortable room with the emphasis on you, starting with a detailed chat about what you want to achieve.I would not hesitate in recommending Clare to friends, and colleagues who need the sharp edge of life smoothing out.” The power of the unconscious mindDawn More...


Judy Parsons The LinkedIn Lady

2 October 2018

I had 3 sessions with Clare and they have definitely had a positive impact, giving me greater clarity and perspective. Clare is not only personable and friendly but offers great advise to boot. I'd highly recommend.


Kyle Wisniewski

2 September 2018

Before seeing Clare I was exceptionally dubious of Hypnotherapy, I didn't see how it could help anyone except those who are not really experiencing problems. Clare has changed my mind, the techniques she has explored with me have allowed me to actively look at the world in a different way, its not a miracle cure, its a process, but if you genuinely want to make a difference, give her a call. More...


Liam Cann

27 June 2018

Simply put, life changing.

If there's a fence you're on, jump off and book a consultation, worth every penny and more.

Message me if you want a full testimonial as Clare has helped more than I could repay. More...


Joanne Murray

22 May 2018

I had a session for my fear or flying and one for my fear of birds, I've faced both fears head on - it's worked better than I thought possible. Clare is very talented and also a very calming person to work with, I can't recommend strongly enough More...



3 May 2018

Such an amazing experience with Clare, Haven’t smoked or eaten crisps since I went there


Ross Downs

24 March 2018

Really enjoyed working with Clare. Clare focuses a lot of time on finding out the source of the issue to work out the best strategy for improvement. I saw a huge difference after spending time with Clare.
Clare is very personable and friendly, always makes me feel at ease and helped me stay focused and kept me accountable to getting the most from my experience.
Highly recommend and will certainly return in the future for anything Clare can help with!
Thank you Clare.


Kate Appleyard

22 February 2018

Thoroughly enjoyed working with Clare and would recommend anyone who is looking to make a change to give her a call.


Ann bedford

8 February 2018

Clare has the ability to get to the nub of the real issue. I shall not hesitate to go back if needing any top ups.



14 December 2017

Claire is amazing! Her programmes are tailored to the individual and they really work. I have had and continue to have great success. I highly recommend Claire - as well as offering a fantastic bespoke service, she is such a lovely person too More...

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