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Small agile company that provides intimate photography such as weddings, engagements and couple's shoots.

I also offer a wide range of lifestyle photography involving, cooperate, events, small business photography and many more, just ask!



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We can all say composition, lighting and/or equipment used. But this is just the fundamental building blocks of photography in general.

I believe it's the photographer that must posses the ability to understand and see opportunities when present. This is what separates photographers and people with cameras.

When would you like the pictures?

This to some people might be 30 minutes after the shoot! Others may say 10 working days... this is important ,as guarantees cant be made until I know the full expectation from my client.

The diversity and evolution. I'm everywhere, different counties, countries and continents. Its busy and I travel alot, but I love it. I also like the evolution of it all. Like lost technologies, photography is up there in terms of constant change...in both imagery and hardware.

After leaving the military, I realised that maintaining my core values, keeping a disciplined way of life and taking on challenges could not be achievable in most civilian jobs.

So I decided to take the step into business ownership. Its tough and keeps me on my toes but it's the challenge and achievements that make it all worth it. Risk reward and that!

There's a lot of us out there. But there is only a few of me.

Before this, I had a career in imagery, surveillance and reconnaissance photography.

Having this background has allowed me to carve my own niche in this vastly saturated industry. And like my previous job, I dont miss a shot.