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Tara, our cute little green and yellow Tuk Tuk will dress herself up to the nines and be your wedding car, your photo booth , your entertainer or your fellow adventurer. Or all 4! Head over to her website and check you the smiles.

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Prem Gyani - Gmail

22 August 2019

I'm Tara's dad so I have to give her 5 stars. Otherwise she will leave home.... Wait a minute... Is that a plan?

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It's unique. The little green and yellow Indian (made in India) Tuk Tuk will bring a smile to weddings and events that dare to be different.

Unlike the staged picture in front of boring old props ( you know we are talking about you Mr R Royce, right?), Tara the Tuk Tuk will bring limitless smiles and laughter to the event.

You are unique in your own way. Make sure you make those shots unique too.

Head over to her website at tuktukwedding.com and see for yourself.

What do you want? Everything we have is either very silly or very Indian. Not the cowboy type but they could be. We also have full lighting rigs, backdrops and stuff like that.

The smiles that happen when we meet people and they see, ride or just sit in Tara.

I'm 61 and have always dreamt to being a three wheeler driver in India, living on the streets and having no stress.. Having stopped working in very serious London jobs last year, I decided I didn't want to hassle of earning tons of money or managing people any more. For once, I wanted to do something I enjoy. I thought I would enjoy driving an authentic Indian Tuk Tuk around. I didn't know that I would so fall in love with Tara the Tuk Tuk and I certainly didn't know that everyone who meets her would adore her and take her to their hearts so much. I can safely say that I have never had a better job in my life and don't want it to ever end.

Everything I do is from the heart. I don't work to grow an empire of earn a obscenely high rate. Everything I do is done with love for my clients. That means that I go over the top and do more than o should. But life has lots of Karma, doesn't it? I do good things and others do good things for me. It works. I smile a lot .....

Two other things you may like to know;
1). A certain amount of every fee goes to pay for Tara to attend charity events.... I call that "Pay it Forward"....
2) if you use Tara as your wedding car, she will drive you to a restaurant of your choosing on your first anniversary so you can re kindle your memories...