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As a photographer I take a variety of pictures of people. I capture head shots, portraits, fitness images, yoga portraits, baby showers, maternity shoots, engagements, etc. But even though I capture a variety of images the most important thing about what I do is making sure that the individual I'm capturing images for is being treated well.

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27 May 2020

such a great experience! photographer makes you confortable helping with poses, shots and locations, and the pictures turned out amazing!!

24 May 2020

Working with Truth and Love photography was such a great experience! Chris has a great eye and is able to capture not only the beauty of the models but also the natural landscapes . He’s very collaborative on photo shoots and open to new and creative ideas. He takes the time to make sure the images reflect truth and beauty. He also provides a quick turnaround time on getting the photos back.I highly recommend working with Chris! More...

23 May 2020

He’s very easy to collaborate with! He’s open to ideas and always pleasant and positive. He’s never turned down one of my suggestions, so photo shoots are not just what he wants to try but also about what the client wants as well.

23 May 2020

I have been working with Chis for the past 4 years and counting. The work we have created along the way has always been at a perk rating with every post that I've made to date. Very easy going, cool to work with and creatively we have both combined our knowledge to create the perfect image. He's super dope with the edits and he always seem to amaze me everytime. I appreciate his work so much and i would definitely recommend him to any and everyone of my fashion creatives. More...

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There is no secret it's just about learning the fundamentals and putting those fundamentals to practice. Practicing the correct things will allow your photographs to be unique and amazing.

What is the purpose of this project or this photo shoot? That's the most important question to ask a client in my opinion.

I love meeting new people and capturing new and exciting moments with them.

I didn't think I would do photography as a business but as time went by I ended up loving it so I made it into a business. And now I just enjoy what I love doing.

My clients should choose me to be there next photographer because I am very easy going, I always consider what the model wants to do besides what I want to do in the photo session, and I am patient with everyone that I do a photo shoot with.


When it comes to head shots, I typically do a 2-hr session and I capture as many shots as possible. But in the end, the client will select 2-3 of the best head shots.

Within portraits I offer lifestyle portraits that focus more on you, what you like to do and your personality/character.

Capturing the moments of the soon to be mother and her belly. These photo shoots are one of the best services I provide. Once I capture these images for the soon to be mother, she gets to pick 25-30 of the best images.

Capturing action, still and posed photos for fitness trainers and professionals.