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With our range of lawncare services we can take care of everything through every season.
Welcome to TruGreen West Midlands

We offer a wide range of services aimed to help improve the conditions of your lawn using truly customised treatments. We pride ourselves on ensuring that we are able to offer our customers the most appropriate customised service for their lawns. Our FREE 14-point lawn analysis is a great place to start to enable me to build the right programme of treatments.

Why choose TruGreen West Midlands to provide your Lawn Care Services?

More than 35 years business experience has taught us all at TruGreen that each lawn is unique and thus, we customise our lawncare service to suit you and your garden.

At TruGreen we constantly evaluate our products, equipment and methods of lawncare to ensure that we are able to offer the most appropriate customised service for your lawn.

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Weed Control

Moss Control

Fertiliser Treatment

Pest and Disease Control

Growth Regulating

Give us a call for your FREE no-obligation 14-point analysis on 0121 445 6565 or 0788 899 6565, fill in the form on our ‘Contact Us’ page, or email us direct from here at

TruGreen West Midlands Reviews

TruGreen West Midlands Reviews

Review of TruGreen West Midlands by Jon Segar
5 24/01/2019 Jon Segar

We switched to TruGreen from another (national) lawncare company, who appeared not the know the concept of communicating with the customer. We have been with TruGreen for a year and they have been great. The lawn found the long dry spell last summer very hard, but George and Paul scheduled in extra visits to help it along. We now have a programme set out for 2019, with visit dates proposed (I know things can need to change, but it is great to know what the plan is. Highly recommended

Review of TruGreen West Midlands by Sue Fairhurst
5 04/11/2018 Sue Fairhurst

Truly Professional
A superb job from start to finish with friendly professional people
The attention to detail, in ground preparation through to actual laying of new turf was extremely well done. We are very pleased with the way the whole process was undertaken.

Review of TruGreen West Midlands by Phil
5 25/10/2018 Phil

George and Paul have worked really hard trying to get our lawn back from the brown dried out thatch we were left with during the summer, to a lush green lawn, and I’m pleased to say the fresh green shots are starting to develop
Thanks guys, your help, hard work and advice has been really appreciated, I cannot recommend you both highly enough

Review of TruGreen West Midlands by Jeremy Trigger
5 07/10/2018 Jeremy Trigger

We have been using TruGreen for a few months now. George and Paul are both friendly and very professional. We have seen a big improvement in our lawn, they have also given us some great advice. We would definitely recommend them.

Review of TruGreen West Midlands by David Fairhurst
5 20/09/2018 David Fairhurst

TruGreen West Midlands were Truly Professional
A superb job from start to finish with friendly professional people
The attention to detail which George & Paul put into the ground preparation through to actual laying of new turf was extremely well done. My wife and I ( and our dog!) are very pleased with the way the whole process was undertaken and are loving our wonderful new lawn.

Kind regards
David and Sue ( and Maggie!)

TruGreen West Midlands

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TruGreen West Midlands Q&A

TruGreen West Midlands Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

I love meeting new people and wondering what lawn issues we may face, the best part is after only a matter of months when the homeowner compliments us on how well their lawn is looking.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I worked in an office for many years and as I enjoy the outdoors and gardening it didn't take me too long to decide on my new career path in lawn care and I haven't looked back since.

Why should our clients choose you?

We are a father & son team who have the knowledge, expertise and professionalism to overcome all lawn issues.

Services provided by TruGreen West Midlands

TruGreen West Midlands Services

Free 14 point Lawn Analysis

The starting point for a greener, healthier lawn is to have a TruGreen lawn care specialist evaluate your lawn and give you a free in-depth 14-Point Lawn Analysis. Your lawn care analysis will include: Comments on the overall health of your lawn. Information on the different grasses and soil types that make up your lawn, including their current condition. Identification of any weeds, pests, fungus or diseases that may be affecting your lawn, together with our recommendations for controlling them. Recommendations for improving your lawn, such as the best type of grass for your area and soil type. Advice on proper mowing and watering techniques, to help you keep a healthy lawn.

Six step lawncare program

Our year round six step lawn care programme provides fertilisation, weed control and a continued moss control during the winter months. In recent years one of the key alterations in the UK climate are winters that are wetter and have milder temperatures. This has lead to an increase in moss growth on lawns. Our lawn care programmes are continually modified to overcome the challenges that the climate provides. Ensuring your lawn starts to look its best earlier and for longer.

Lawn Scarification

Scarification can be used to help remove heavy grass thatch from the lawn. When the grass thatch is so thick that scarification is required, the grass roots are clearly not penetrating into the soil. Therefore the lawn should always be aerated following scarification to facilitate root penetration. TruGreen lawn care technicians carry out scarification at the beginning of the growing season (Spring or early Autumn) to allow the grass to recover from this rigorous process as fast as possible. Because of the stress that scarification places on the healthy grass plants it is not done routinely, but only when it is apparent that it will specifically resolve some difficulty or problem. Care is taken to remove as few healthy plants as possible during the process however the process may result in a need for overseeding. To help recovery and provide a lawn better able to cope with the stresses that are a particular issue in your garden TruGreen will overseed your lawn with a specifically chosen professional seed mixture when your lawn has been scarified.

Lawn Aeration

If the ground is compacted it is harder for air and water to penetrate, which will result in poor grass growth, and discoloured growth or bare patches. As part of your TruGreen® lawn care programme the process of lawn aeration would be used to loosen the soil allowing nutrients, water and oxygen to penetrate, promoting deeper and stronger root growth. A good lawn aeration programme not only reduces soil compaction, controls grass thatch, helps control or eliminate moss, but can also thicken turf, reducing weeds and increasing your lawns stress tolerance. Does your lawn suffer from any of the following? Compaction Excessive grass thatch Poor drainage Moss Lawn aeration is the key to good cultural care and will almost certainly help alleviate these problems, allowing deeper root growth into the soil ensuring strong healthy plants at all times!

Lawn Fertilisation

All living things need nutrition, or food. Grass plants absorb their nutrients through their root system therefore a good soil rich in nutrients is essential for a healthy lawn. Fertilisation is a lawn treatment that provides, or supplements, the natural nutrients needed to become a healthy lawn.

Weed Control

Even the very best kept lawns are susceptible to weeds. Weed control is achieved through the application of herbicides, which are absorbed into the weeds primarily through their leaves. The ideal time for weed control is when the weed is actively growing.

Moss Control

Moss can be a perennial problem in many lawns. The only way to really eliminate moss from your lawn is to eliminate the conditions conducive to moss growth. Lawn aeration can be the key to effective moss control as it will improve drainage and alter the conditions that moss needs to develop. The moss control products that TruGreen® Lawn Care specialists use are specifically designed to help control moss. They may be granular or liquid and may or may not be combined with fertiliser, depending on the time of year and the specific requirements of your lawn. These products are only available to lawn care professionals. Areas of turf that are shaded by buildings or trees are quite problematical but may also respond well if drainage is improved and the shade can be minimised with pruning, etc.

Lawn Pest Control

It is important that the pest is identified and the appropriate course of action is taken before the pest causes extensive damage to your lawn. Products for these lawn pests are not generally available in DIY form to homeowners. The most common lawn pests are: Leatherjackets Chafer Grubs Casting Worms Frit Flies Ants

Lawn Diseases

Lawn diseases are almost always a fungus. If the fungus is not correctly identified and treated it will spread and damage your entire lawn. An accurate diagnosis is essential to ensure the correct lawn treatment is applied.

Turf Replacement

TruGreen can turn the worst lawn into the perfect picture. By investing in our turf replacement service we can transform a lawn that you may well believe is beyond repair into the most aesthetically pleasing turf that will make you the envy of your neighbourhood

Hard Surface Treatments

Is your driveway and patio covered in moss and algae? Has your driveway been neglected? Is your patio greener than the lawn? TruGreen offers you the highest quality of Hard Surface treatments of any Lawncare provider. Our highly skilled operators can remove all mosses and algae from patios, deckings, driveways and other areas that may have become a problem. The past 12 months has seen some of the most extreme rainfall for more than 100 years, and this may well be the year when driveways and patios will become a major hazard. Why do hard standing surfaces need to be treated? To remove unsightly moss and algae To remove the chance of injuries through people slipping To maintain the quality of your tarmac and block paving.

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