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True You Nutrition

Romford & South Woodford (surrounding areas), Essex

1 hire on Bark
‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
True You Nutrition logo

True You Nutrition

Romford & South Woodford (surrounding areas), Essex

1 hire on Bark
‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


If you would like a direct quote or to book a complimentary coaching call to discuss your nutritional needs please email laura@trueyounutrition.com or call 07753 344927.

Nutritional Therapy​
What we eat and the activities we carry out on a daily basis impacts on our bodies at a cellular level as well as psychologically.


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Chrissie Pringle

20 September 2019

Responsive and caring and extremely knowledgable


Karen Fage

14 December 2018

I have just finished the Christmas Sparkle Challenge along with my daughter. Wow what a result we both lost over half a stone and both feel much more energised. Food was tasty and you didn’t feel hungry at all. We are going to continue lots of the ideas and know what we should be eating and, more importantly, what we shouldn’t. Laura was always on hand to answer any questions and encourage, she was probably fed up with all of mine! We are definitely going to do this again in the new year and I would recommend everyone to at least give it a go! More...


Bedia Cetin

28 October 2018

I have just completed the Autumn Body Reset programmes and was amazed at how easy to make, but also tasty and filling the meals were. With Laura's programme, you don't feel like you are on a diet when you're suffering with hunger and cravings, you end up eating delicious food, not feeling hungry but feeling healthy. I had thought that I knew a lot about healthy eating but I learnt so much from Laura; her programmes are not just for losing weight, they are for learning to make good choices for a lifelong healthy diet. She gives a lot of guidance about healthy eating and balancing blood sugar levels. As a vegetarian, I found a lot of the recipes suitable or adaptable, and I got out of eating the same old things over and over again. Thank you Laura. More...


Kate Pattison

26 October 2018

Laura is such a knowledgeable lady who shares her knowledge in such a natural ,skilful and patient way.She is encouraging and supportive and has taught me a lot in the last three months. I don’t want my time with her to end! More...


Helen Roberts

24 October 2018

I have just completed the autumn reset programme with True You Nutrition and can highly recommend it. The recipes were varied, simple, nutritious and delicious. Laura provided a good level of support and is obviously very knowledgable in her field. She is also realistic and gives guidance on making better choices when out wining and dining. Although the first few days of the programme were challenging, I have felt so much better since I’ve been on it. I have felt more energised, less bloated and much healthier, as a result I will keep it going! Thanks Laura! More...


Chloë Mulholland

15 August 2018

I completed the Summer Shape Up challenge with Laura, it was all about eating a better diet to balance blood sugars and it was amazing! It has changed the way I eat forever. My diet is so much better then before and I feel so much better for it. The value for money was beyond amazing, I would happily have paid twice the price for the difference it made. Thank you so much Laura! More...


Jacqui Taylor

9 August 2018

If you are even considering how nutrition can be used to improve your lifestyle, Laura is the person to connect with. I've just completed her summer challenge and it has changed the way I shop, cook and eat. At the end of the challenge I've learnt so much. What are you waiting for? More...


Jenni Sarah

30 July 2018

I joined the summer shape up plan in July and it is one of the best things I have ever done. I was struggling to lose my baby weight and had completely fallen out of love with food (not thinking about what I was eating and grabbing snacky foods). I can thoroughly recommend this plan and Laura. Laura was incredibly supportive and motivational and provided me with achievable meal and snack solutions. I have lost the weight I wanted to loose but more importantly I understand more about the nutrients I should be putting into my body and am excited about eating healthy, clean, simple recipes. I have continued to use Laura's recipes and look forward to trying new recipes from her monthly newsletter which is a great read. More...


Sarah Berry-Sop

17 June 2018

I can highly recommend Laura , we contacted her for advice for my daughter who’s t professional dance collage , Laura has been great full of information and understands what exactly is needed in the dance Diet to help her maintain energy and move forward with her goals , a genuine caring lady .


Laura Grant

18 March 2018

I can highly recommend Laura and her services. I recently completed her 6-week healthy eating plan, New Year, New You and she was an amazing support and health coach. I've never had the will power to stick to any healthy eating plans or diets but with Laura's brilliant recipes and advice I managed to complete the 6 week-course. I also thought I had a reasonably healthy diet but Laura helped me realise how I was missing out on a lot of important healthy food groups and I now have a much more balanced and varied diet and look forward to breakfast time thanks to Laura! She was a great emotional support too. A big thank you to Laura and her knowledge, guidance, caring and personal approach, I'm a much healthier person for it and for that I'm very grateful. If you're struggling to make changes to your health, diet and lifestyle, big or small, I would strongly recommend getting in touch with Laura at True You Nutrition. More...


Natalie Glassock

9 January 2018

I would highly recommend Laura at True you nutrition. I completed one of the plans before Christmas, the recipes were simple, easy to make & also very tasty. It didn’t feel like a diet as there was such a large variety of options to choose from. Laura was great, really responsive & encouraging through every day of the plan, giving tips & ideas. The Facebook group works well & lets you see questions from others & also allows you to motivate each other. Thank you. More...


Mary Nixon

6 January 2018

Loving true you nutrition, I have done various diets ect, but completed the little black dress food plan, (in my case ex-large). I am going to be honest I didn't follow it all I am a greedy eater and it seemed extreme. BUT OMG I still lost 8lbs, but best of all kept it off over Xmas, the easy follow recipes, support from laura and group, and most important , the education of WHY I'm eating certain foods has helped me stay on track. I didn't deny myself at Xmas, ( sorry laura) but my taste buds and body tolerance has changed and after a day of overindulgence I was able to feel my body say enough. Thank you laura, I still have a long journey ahead but actually feel more in control and more positive for sucess. � More...

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A healthy diet is so important for everyone's health and well-being! It is our foundation, the simplest things we can change that can make such a difference to how you look (physical health), and more importantly, how you feel (mental and emotional health). As Hippocrates once said, "All disease begins in the gut".
In the society we live in today, it is vital that we start to make the necessary changes to both our diet and lifestyles to ensure that, no matter how long we live, those years are in good health to enjoy it!

I really do love what I do!
I love working with people to help them to overcome whatever health related issues they are trying to deal with. And most importantly, I love when they get the results that they want! Whether that is lowering their cholesterol levels, trying to get pregnant or simply losing weight (and flourishing from all the other benefits that come with it!!), to help them to achieve this is just amazing! Education and empowering others is my passion!

I have been teaching Food & Nutrition for the past 13 years however after my own health taking a bit of a dip, I seeked out the help of a Nutritional Therapist and I was hooked! With her help I managed to overcome several issues I was struggling with, however I wanted to understand more about the 'why' these suggestions were helping. So I enrolled at the College of Naturopathic Medicine where I undertook 3 years to become a Nutritional Therapist... and I loved every minute of it.

By all means, you don't have to choose to work with me, however, no matter whether you do, I would strongly urge you to take control of your health and to get the help necessary to get you on your journey. After all, you have come this far.
If however, you would like to work with me, please be assured that I am committed to all of my clients, in a professional and respectful manner. I will help you to decide what your health goals are and we can work towards them as quickly or as slowly as you feel comfortable with. If I feel that you require more specialist help, I will happily refer you on to other specialists in the correct field of health.