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Minta Moore

23 September 2018

She does Awesome work. I Loved working with this lady.


Jessica Muñoz

23 September 2018

Rhona is incredibly talented and has taken maternity and family pictures for me! She is fantastic and I absolutely love her work!


Miranda Perez

23 September 2018

I'm so happy i decided to choose TresPina. She was so funny and amazing and helped my awkward teenage self pose! The pictures were gorgeous. And the experience was amazing. I would recommend her to anyone More...


Sarah Terencio

23 September 2018

Hands down the best photography to work with! I am pretty shy when I get in front of the camera. This was my first gym fitness shoot and TresPina Photography made me feel so comfortable which created some epic photos! I really can't wait to see the final finish! More...


Ryan R. Araneta

23 September 2018

Love your work!


Liana Perez

23 September 2018

Rhona at TresPina Photography was amazing to work with. She has such a great eye. She was able to capture my daughters personality and bring her pictures to life!! Highly recommend Rhona to anyone looking to capture moments in time!! Thank you Rhona and Chris!! More...


Krystal Bonawitz

23 September 2018

@[1438235262:Rhona C. Pina] was amazing. She really calmed my nerves. We had her shoot Christmas pictures of our kids, an 8,7,3,2. She was so amazing with the little ones, even though they didnt want to cooperate she knew exactly how to handle them and let them work on their own time. I never could have imagined how amazing the pictures came out. @[172340439481088:TresPiña Photography] is always my 1st pick when i need a photographer!!! More...


Gisela R. Bosquez

23 September 2018

I went with my sister to have my nieces first bday pics taken and Rhona is amazing! The pictures came out so dang adorable!!! I look fwd to having family pics taken by Rhona!� More...


Hilary Ramos

23 September 2018

Had my daughters first birthday smash cake pictures done with Rhona and she was great! I loved the pictures they came out so cute! definitely recommend!


Natalia Canales Mendoza

23 September 2018

We just finished our engagement session with Rhona and it was lots of fun! Just as the sun peaked through the cloudy day, Rhona captured some of the most beautiful shots that could have come out of a day like that. She has an amazing talent and eye for photography, which is why we've chosen to go with her for our wedding photos as well!!� More...


Cheska Canoy

20 August 2018

Rhona is awesome!!! She is patient and has such a good eye for photography. Thank you so much for taking my maternity photos!!!

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I believe on catching the moments in photographs; and with this, it takes confidence. My first advice to any of my client, is to be relax; be confident. It absolutely shines thru each image we take. If you are being photograph with your fiance/ bride & groom, show confident you are that you are loved. If it's your quinceanera, sweet sixteen or debutant, be confident that you are becoming a lady. If it's your High School Senior, be confident, you're about to tackle the world. A headshot, whatever it may be you are needing the headshot for, show that you got this! With family, confidence that you are with the people whom you love the most. It doesn't matter what the occasion is, I truly believe that confidence is the secret to taking a great photograph.

I like stories. With the stories clients tells me at our consultations, we build a bond that will definitely show thru your photograph later. And during the story telling, after we establish where a few things, one of the questions we ask is, "What is your favorite music?" As I have said, we like our client to be confident, to relax, and to have fun. Music is the key to our soul as they said. Music speaks to each and everyone of us. Using this tool, we then bring a little speaker for our session, and there, we start to have fun!

They said, It is not a job when you are having fun, right? I believe it. It is such a relaxing feeling knowing that you are literally freezing time every click we make. To see the beauty unfolds, to capture the emotions, and to remember as time can be. This, this is what I love about my job!

Honestly, friends and family that saw my potential of becoming a "business". Yes, I am one of those mom who picked up a camera and started photographing her children. But as this hobby became a business, it turned in to a passion. Devoting my love of photography for my clients.

To me, photography is an art. Over the years of being in the business, we have always tried to cater towards what is best for our clients. We will work with you, starting from your consultation, help on color theme, ideas, location, and all the details for your session. I will put my heart and soul into creating that unforgettable image for you. My experience in this artistic endeavor has given me the opportunity to capture, deliver to you the moments you will cherish and pass down to your children. We strive for excellence to give you the best experience you deserve.