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Traveling Butler & Associates

Bronx, NY, Bronx

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
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Traveling Butler & Associates

Bronx, NY, Bronx

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


We offer an array of services:
Private Butler
Wedding Butlers
Private Chefs
Honey moon Locations with a butler

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Angie Gaston

15 July 2019

Amazing service. My family and I received VIP service from start to finish. I can’t wait to book again. A.T. is very professional and passionate about his profession. I highly recommend Traveling Butler & Associates. More...


Marti DeLee

25 June 2019

The question is, what did we not do! A.T. Wilson made our Hotel Reservations to Arlo Nomad, one of the Top Ten NYC Rooftop Bars - Amazing Views, reserved Bar 65, got our Yankees Tickets, breakfast in bed and toured us all over. What made this do special though, it’s as if we’ve know him our whole lives . He doesn’t meet a stranger. God speed my friend- keep doing you! More...


Erika Weber

3 January 2019

The Traveling Butler is incredible. If you want to make your vacation even more special, hire the Traveling Butler!


A.h. Fisher

2 August 2018

A.T. Wilson / The Traveling Butler and Associates. Mr. Wilson is truly passionate about the services he provided. I was intrigue by the exceptional services provided by Mr. Wilson the room décor was fit for a queen, a scrumptious meal was prepared by, the Butler himself, along with a bottle of wine. It was an experience I will never forget, looking forward to hiring him and his staff in the near future. More...


Anika Strawberryz Smith

2 August 2018

I advise all brides to hire Traveling Butler & Associates you will be very pleased, I can't praise him enough and I wasn't the bride . Lol I know Charlette T Adams Miller is very pleased with his service. Thanks again for everything. Mr.Wilson you made my cousins day . and we all had a ball . Super Sensual Superior Service.... More...


Samantha Williams

2 August 2018

This man is blessed. He comes with more than his culinary skills. He comes with a wealth of knowledge. We enjoyed every minute of New York. Everything he touched was gold. We were greeted with one surprise after another. Thank you just doesn't cover the gratitude we have for this experience. More...


Aaron Schatzle

2 August 2018

What an AMAZING anniversary A.T. planned for us over the weekend in New York. Arrived in town on first night had a delicious meal for the evening. Breakfast and snacks all weekend, guided tours to all the spots we were interested in and he made reservations for us based on our culinary interest. Not to mention the little surprises he throws in that he doesnt let you know about until he's ready. A-class service, outstanding meals, payment options. What else do you need. If you plan to travel for an anniversary, quick get away or just because give him a look first. I promise you will not be disappointed nor will you want to travel any other way.
Thank you A.T. Wilson, looking forward to next trip already, where to next!!


Dee Bee Cee

2 August 2018

A.T. Served as the butler for our 10th year anniversary and we loved everything about the service so we acquired his expertise for our 12th year anniversary dream trip to NYC! He surpassed our wildest expectations! He provided daily breakfast, snacks, guided tours, he made all reservations and made our trip the most memorable experience ever! His meticulous methods and attention to details made us feel like royalty. Needless to say, we’ve already hired him for our 13th anniversary and my daughter’s sweet 16th. � More...


Kenya L Brown

2 August 2018

Excellent service and the meals were more than we could've imagined. I highly recommend!


Gabrielle Nicole Glasper

2 August 2018

Absolutely amazing service, worth every penny you will spend.


Tiffany Schatzle

2 August 2018

A.T. made our trip amazing in New York! As it was our 1st time there, we had no idea what we were doing! He took care of everything! We stayed on an 18th floor apartment that overlooked the New York skyline. We were minutes from Times Square!! A.T. had breakfast daily and an anniversary dinner! He made all our reservations (including an amazing surprise massage) and was our personal tour guide and brought us to all the top spots we wanted to see. He carried our bags while shopping, took pics for us and made us feel like royalty. I don’t think we’ll go back to a regular vacation without him! More...

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Seafood Gumbo, with French Bread, this is a nice spicy not too spicy dish that everyone raves about.

I like to personalize the menu according to the clients palate.

The interaction with the guest and clients. We believe in the power of service and what it brings to the guest. We never discount why we are in their presence.

Passion is what drives the company, We are called to be in this business and our countless clients can definetly back that up as well. It's not about money it's about loyalty.

I love what I do, it's amazing to be around the public and how they are enjoying your gifts of cusine , every chef thinks their the best, I just love to cook and see guest happy. I'm also dedicated to my craft and to my clients needs as well.



This service is a 10 hour service built around the bride, the butler prepares meals for her, sets up an array of snacks for her and her bridal party., run errands for her, make sure she is time complying.. spa treatments, He assist her after she get's dressed, assist at the Venue where she will get married at. At the reception he's there serving husband and wife for the first time.

The most exclusive passionate service for any wedding to have. Someone to welcome your guest at the wedding, our butlers are trained to make sure to never say no, they will also be on hand making sure appetizers are passed or Tapas and drinks are passed at your cocktail hour. If you're having a sit down dinner wedding reception, then our well trained staff will sweep the room with menu items in hand and make sure all guest are served promptly. A butler will be assigned to serve the bride and groom dinner. We believe in making sure everyone is having a great and grandeur time. Our staff size range from 8 to 20 butlers. Some Butlers will have secret service ear pieces, these are consider the captains that make sure everything runs smoothly.

We have a Latin Chef, and a Southern Chef from New Orleans, both have the drive to make sure you enjoy the evening with great food dancing in your palate. We ask if you specify how long you will need our chefs, especially if it's all weekend or week.

We have several homes all over the globe that you can vacation to on your honeymoon. It comes with a live in butler that is ready to assist and prepare meals daily, from turn down service, to setting up excursions for you and much more. Our Butler is very discreet, we believe in your privacy we are only there to make sure your needs are met.

Our well trained bartender are friendly and love to serve drinks in the most prompt way. They are TIPS CERTIFIED. We ask if you let us know how many bartenders you need.