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My name is Andrew Hale and I am a science led, positive reward based dog trainer and behaviourist.

I am passionate about using humane, non conflict methods to help our canine chums deal with their issues.

I am fully insured and a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. I am also a full professional member of the Pet Professional Guild-The Association for Force-Free Pet Industry Professionals

I offer positive, reward based training and behavioural advice for all dog issues such as:

General Issues :Barking, Jumping Up, Recall, Basic Training, Pulling On Leash etc

Aggression : Including Dog/Dog reactivity, Dog/Human reactivity, Intra-household aggression, resource guarding etc

Anxiety : Including Seperation Anxiety, Noise Phobias, Fearful and nervous dogs

I also of an excellent PUPPY 1 -2-1 service for people too busy or unable to attend puppy classes.

I have a Bsc (Hons), Diploma in Canine psychology and an Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour.

Train positive  Reviews

Train positive Reviews

Review of Train positive  by Faye Robertson
5 09/04/2018 Faye Robertson

Andrew is fabulous. He really helped us with our hyper sensitive dog. Most importantly he taught me what to do to help her. She still has the odd moment but in the main she is a completely different dog and I recognise and avoid situations that upset her. This was from just a couple of hours with us, Andrew really knows dogs!!

Review of Train positive  by LizzyH Hamblin
5 03/04/2018 LizzyH Hamblin

Very friendly knowledgeable go out of their way to help!

Review of Train positive  by Charlie Dandridge
5 19/02/2018 Charlie Dandridge

Andrew made a huge impact straight away and within a couple of weeks we had noticed a massive improvement. He explains every option and process in depth and provides ongoing support. Brilliant and worth every penny!

Review of Train positive  by Kirsty Rowe
5 13/09/2017 Kirsty Rowe

Andy is so helpful and understanding of the minor problems we have had with our pup. Even now he emails on a regular basis for updates and sends over tips and advice if I need. A true help and always uses the best interest for the dog. She is now a lot happier and chilled thanks to Andy!

Review of Train positive  by Bev Clark
5 05/09/2017 Bev Clark

I can't thank Andy enough for his advice, brilliant knowledge & taking time to talk to me. I've not had the pleasure in meeting Andy, but spoke on several occasions on the phone. I found his advice invaluable & put all my trust & faith in him to help me find a behaviourist in my area in Kent.

Review of Train positive  by PAT Long
5 18/07/2017 PAT Long

Andy was recommended to me by my vet as my 11 year old cocker spaniel Alfie was suffering badly with separation anxiety and was also becoming aggressive towards other dogs when out on his lead following a house move and lots of upheaval in his life over the previous year. He was subsequently diagnosed with cognitive dysfunction and it is really good to know that Andy works very closely with my vet and even accompanied me and Alfie on a recent visit to the vets. Right from the very first contact with Andy he has been so helpful and he is always there if you need any help or advice. Despite Alfies Cognitive Dysfunction thanks to Andy's help and guidance I can now leave him for an hour without him howling the place down and getting himself really stressed. An hour is a big improvement considering I couldn't leave him for 2 minutes previously and we are working on gradually increasing this. Alfie is a different dog already and I feel happier knowing he is happier and this is all down to Andy. I can't recommend him highly enough and dont know what Alfie and I would have done without him.

Review of Train positive  by Daniel Donnai
5 04/06/2017 Daniel Donnai

Andy helped us immensely. It feels like I know my dog better and this helps us both make better choices and work through the problems we were having. I would not hesitate to recommend his services.

Review of Train positive  by Carla Bryan
5 20/05/2017 Carla Bryan

Andy is brilliant! I was skeptical anyone would really be able to do much with my two crazy Belgian Shepherds. We didn't have any really serious problems, they are just so lively that they're a real handful and very noisy! It's nothing short of amazing what Andy has achieved in just a few visits, and all with no force or stress to them - they love him! I have also learnt so much from him that I'm astonished by the progress we're making creating an environment where they're actually so much happier. Thanks Andy, I can't recommend you highly enough!

Review of Train positive  by Sally Williams
5 08/05/2017 Sally Williams

Our second romanian rescue dog, Alfie, joined us a year ago this week (we already had his mum who was such more confident and took to home life immediately and we had been warned that Alf was much more shy and would take longer to settle than Tina did, but so wanted to reunite them). In those early months, though very much loved, Alf was such a nervous boy around people he didn't know, of wearing his harness, walking etc. We realised we needed the help of a professional and I was so impressed by the positive reviews about Andy's approach and his success with helping nervous dogs. The change in Alf over the time we have been seeing Andy has been tremendous and although we still have a way to go, with Andy's patient and skilled guidance, and the time Alfie needs - we know his confidence will continue to increase so he can really enjoy his life in the UK to the full. To see our lovely dog now wag his tail as he sniffs around on his short walks from our house and start to see that the world outside our gate is not as big and scary as he thought, is so incredibly rewarding. Thank you for all you've done to help Alfie settle into UK life, Andy and here's to bringing him up for a good run around your fields very soon!

Review of Train positive  by Pete Moon
5 24/03/2017 Pete Moon

We have two wonderful cockapoos. The younger one, Willow, is very nervous round strangers and other dogs. We have tried various dog behaviourists/ trainers with limited success. We found Andy after a google search. We sent him a quick e-mail to see if he could assist and he phoned us back on the same day and spent nearly an hour talking through Willow's background, her behaviour and how he could assist. As it was the Christmas period we weren't able to meet him for a couple of weeks but he gave us some pointers on how we could help Willow with her anxiety. Andy came to our address as arranged and it was quickly apparent that he is one of the nicest people you could meet, very friendly but extremely knowledgeable about his subject matter. Andy clearly knows the science behind dog behaviour and then explained it in simple 'layman terms' that we could implement to help Willow. All we want to do is help build Willow's confidence, we're not expecting miracles and the only goal is to help Willow lead a happier life. Andy's handouts on 'clicker' training and positive reinforcement rather than shouting/ not understanding Willow's mindset just made sense from the outset. Willow quickly took to clicker training and is eager to please, we have even taught her some new tricks! We felt reassured that Andy was at the end of the phone/ e-mail and checked on how we were progressing. The follow up support was impressive and much appreciated. A couple of weeks ago we met Andy on a coaching walk in Paignton. Again Andy was full of useful info and took things at Willow's pace although it was clear for all to see that she had made progress. The break through moment came on the promenade where we were able to sit on a bench and Willow feel confident enough to approach Andy and allow him to stroke her! Apart from me, my wife and immediate family Willow has NEVER allowed anyone to come that close to her, and this was on just the 3rd time of meeting Andy!!! We couldn't belie

Review of Train positive  by Mrs F
5 21/02/2017 Mrs F

I can highly recommend Andy for his knowledge, professionalism and practical training and handling skills. He's greatly helped my dog who has dog aggression / fear issues using up to date behaviour techniques and his lovely stooge dogs. She's been able to learn in a positive way from the choices she makes, in a very safe environment. I can't thank him enough for his help.

Review of Train positive  by Andrew Minns
5 14/02/2017 Andrew Minns

Andrew has really helped us with my dog Alfie. He suffers with anxiety issues, and with Andrews advice we have already seen a difference in 3 weeks.
He keeps in regular contact with us, and we can contact him if we have any questions.
I can not recommend Andrew highly enough, and I am so glad that we found him to help us.

Review of Train positive  by Elaine B.
5 09/09/2016 Elaine B.

We had lost all hope with our dog which had developed fear aggression and had become a nightmare to walk. We were amazed by the knowledge and patience of Andrew and loved his kind and scientific approach to helping Tilly with her issues. The change in her has been dramatic and we can now enjoy walks out with her again. Thank you Andrew - can't recommend him enough

Review of Train positive  by Peter Adams
4 29/08/2016 Peter Adams

Detailed reasoning behind advice has brought a steady, if somewhat erratic, progress. Certainly, the dog we have now is totally different to the one we started with five months ago. The relapses are infuriating but the trend is demonstrably upwards.

Review of Train positive  by Julie Duffield
5 14/05/2016 Julie Duffield

I found Andy on the Internet and really liked what I read. As a family we would like to thank you for all you have taught us. Your love for dogs is obvious but also your caring manner with their owners is great too. Andy, I highly recommend you and would like to say a huge thank you for everything. ☺

Review of Train positive  by Symi Fuchs Warner
5 20/04/2016 Symi Fuchs Warner

I found Andy on the internet after much much research into who I wanted to have me help train my 3 Newfoundlands (one 15month old, and siblings of 4months old – all three rescues), who’d suffered numerous levels of trauma in a very short space of time. I chatted with numerous trainers local to me before I found Andy…and I was deeply saddened by some of the training methods still in existence that some of the trainers were talking to me about on the telephone. My belly turned uncomfortable somersaults and I knew there had to be another way. I was looking for kinship with my woofs and Andy’s ways of training totally echoed how I felt about my dogs and how my woofs should be treated: with utter love and respect…and my intuition only wanted to adopt the positive reward-based training approach. I’d much rather have a kerjillion woofer treats in my jacket pocket than use force or pain.

My faith in Andy runs deep as he has been exceptional in helping me with my three beauty.full woofs who I love dearly. His continued support and wisdom, compassion and care, not just for my woofs, but also for me is outstanding, touching base frequently and reaching back whenever I’ve sought for advice or have encountered something I was struggling getting the woofs to understand: Andy speaks woof, and was able to translate what I wanted into woof so that my dogs were able to understand what it was I needed from them (eg. not jumping up, taking the stairs into the back of the Landie, guarding issues, confidence building…..). Andy’s capacity to love the woofs he works with, opens the door to a training tool that is incredible, helping me educate my woofs in a really fun way…even when some of the behaviours like jumping (Bear weighs 75kg and is still a pup!) are a little more challenging and frustrating, Andy’s ‘problem’-solving hints and training methods are awesome.

Furthermore, Andy has instilled a confidence in me that is so precious, as having more than one dog, having three dogs (and big dogs!) has felt like I have eight! But, love also multiplies three times as fast, and I was beginning to lose sight of that as I struggled with integrating the two rescue siblings into my ‘one-woof’ family. In helping me create order in the fuzzy chaos through some environmental change suggestions, as well as suggesting a change in foods (I have always fed raw but incorporated kibble, and have since changed kibble based on Andy’s advice), and thereby helping me manage the tension that was building up, especially between the boy-pup and Bear, Andy has helped me regain my own confidence in maintaining and continuing to create a beautiful harmony in my trio of fuzz home! Andy’s calm behaviour methods and ideas are real life strategies that encourage awesome behaviour in dogs and still allowing woofs to be the joyful woofs nature intended our four-legged companions to be. He is an ambassador for training that comes from a deep love of dogs, teaching not only woofs but owner, that learning full of love is fun and deeply rewarding. Thank you, Andy, for everything that you have done, and continue to do for us.

Review of Train positive  by Mandy Powell
5 11/04/2016 Mandy Powell

Its so obvious and simple when an expert like Andrew explains things to you about why dogs behave and react in the ways they do, that you wonder why you couldnt see it for yourself! Thats the sign of a real expert.
Thank you Andy for your help.
Love from Petal, Blinker and Puppy xxx

Review of Train positive  by Hayley Ashworth
5 10/04/2016 Hayley Ashworth

Andrew was recommended to us by a friend, and was by far the best phone call we have ever made.
From first meeting our very nervous Jackzu, Andrew educated us into recognising how and why Ozzie behaves the way he does.
He gave us simple explanations and easy to follow instructions to care for Ozzie's needs. We use Andrews guidance in our everyday lives and have had remarkable changes in Ozzie's behaviour.
We now recognise and understand his insecurities and can turn them into positives very quickly.
Thank you Andrew for teaching us, and giving us constant care and support, we will be forever grateful.

Review of Train positive  by Melanie Penwill
5 05/04/2016 Melanie Penwill

We are so pleased that we chose Andy. From the start he was incredibly helpful over the telephone, then spent a lot of time with us and our dogs to improve the situation. We couldn't imagine how we could change the situation beforehand but Andy gave us so much help, advice and reassurance even after the first session we felt much more hopeful. Following his advice has meant that not only do we have a much better understanding of why our dogs act the way they do but the problem has been almost resolved and we know how to continue to improve the situation. Andy broke the changes we needed to make down into manageable chunks that were practical and fitted in with our lives so it did not feel overwhelming. I found it useful that Andy was able to provide handouts and videos so that I could keep going over these in my own time and can be contacted so easily if there are any other problems. The way that Andy was with our dogs and how they have responded, it is clear that theory of positive reinforcement training fits. It's such a relief to know that our dogs are much happier and that we now have the knowledge to approach difficult situations in a better way in the future. I would highly recommend to anyone and wouldn't hesitate to contact Andy with any future concerns.

Review of Train positive  by Frank Nevens
5 20/03/2016 Frank Nevens

We have a very reactive Chocolate Labrador who didn't seem to be calming down and after 2 years we finally decided to seek help. Andrew was recommended to us and from the first phone call offered his advice and experience to help us. Andrew's approach is very calm, explaining the psychology behind the behaviour to allow us to recognise the signs and understand the behaviour a little better. On his first visit we made progress with Conker and our other 2 Labradors, who are fine on the lead but all 3 go a bit nuts when anyone comes to the door. The follow up visit was a great success and armed with Andrew's advice and techniques we have seen tremendous progress with Conker over the last couple of weeks. We are looking forward to progressing her training to the next phase.

Review of Train positive  by michelle g
5 12/02/2016 michelle g

Fantastic dog behaviourist - highly recommended. Andrew initially offered real support after a very dangerous experience with a self-styled 'dog expert', and then started working regularly with me and my lead-reactive laborador...he shows patience and complete understanding of dogs (and their owners!), with clear, achievable goals, and excellent handouts which are really easy to follow. It is all positive-based and everything he asks you to do is clearly explained in the context of how it will help your dog change his behaviour, and at the same time you build confidence, trust and a happier relationship with your dog...and most importantly, he has a real bond with dogs which you can see immediately from the first dog loves him :)

Review of Train positive  by John Paula
5 02/08/2015 John Paula

i found Andrew after much searching for a real positive reinforcement trainer.Many of them said thats how they worked but it was not the case.Andrew has been great with both my dogs ,who became leash reactive with other dogs. it gave me clear instruction and handouts to back up what had been taught so i could practice and not forget. He was always available on the phone or e mail and best of all,our first session he came to us at our house to see them in their own environment which was really encouraging.
absolutely recommend him .

Review of Train positive  by Dean Hewins
5 08/03/2015 Dean Hewins

Cant thank Andrew enough. the work he has done with me and my little jack Russell has changed the way i see my dog and in turn changed his behavior. the support given and advice was superb.

Highly recommend to all my friends

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