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We offer personal training, back to old school style exercises to strengthen your core, give all round body workout, and cardio.
Each session is based around the client and what they want to achieve, weight loss, tone up, get fit, or just enjoy exercise.



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We will sit down with you initially and discuss your end goal with you. What you want to achieve personally in your life as well as your fitness goals. When you take up with a personal trainer we look at it as a lifestyle change, not just exercise.
We will go through your food, and see what changes can be made. Basically, we try and work out a plan around your needs and hours of work, being a parent etc.

Working hard, never giving up even when you have a bad day, always say tomorrow is another day. Think yourself fit, and you can achieve.

Seeing the transition in clients from when they start to how they progress over time, and seeing them start to believe in themselves. We can be there to offer the advice but the clients put in the hard work and commitment.

I've always been into fitness from a young age, particularly based around martial arts, having diabetes I've also found I've had to stay fit and healthy and eat right.

I have a wealth of experience, I am motivational and committed to what I do and to every client that walks through our doors.