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The services I offer are especially designed for those who have problems with their back, legs, arms,... as results of bad posture, twists and bends, sitting for long periods, stand for long periods, lifting heavy weights, wrong moves,... and also for those who want to improve their muscular strength, flexibility, to gain more mobility, more energy, improve their sleep patterns.


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Help people improve their health because my belief is:
Better Health - Better Life - Better World

Since I was a chid I loved to help, to relieve the pain of those who suffer, to cure.
Starting my own business give me the chance to do what I like the most and also make a living.

I put all my energy and knowledge to solve my patients problem and till now no one walked out of my door without a major improvement.
And this is because I’m very passionate about the human body and the way it works. I’m constantly studying and exercising for better and quicker results.
My aim is to inspire and help people to achieve a better health physically, intellectually , spiritually and emotionally.