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I coach professionals and entrepreneurs to get the best out of themselves, optimise their environment, and maximise their performance.
We have that kind of conversations that would be difficult to have with anyone else.

I work with people for whom OK is NOT enough, who strive for more, who want to explore what they are capable of.


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Matz Skoog

30 December 2018

I had the great pleasure of working with Tomas as my coach over a period of several months. During this time he provided outstanding support both as a coach and mentor. One of his many fine qualities is his ability to make you feel that you are his ONLY client, which builds confidence and strengthens your motivation. In addition to having enjoyed a close and productive coaching relationship with Tomas I feel I have also gained a friend for life. Because Tomas is not only an excellent coach: He is, more importantly, a good man—and the world needs good men. More...


Katie Maycock

30 December 2018

Tomas is very genuine and add's a lot of value. He helped me create better structure for my business. Would highly recommend.


Nikita Desai

30 December 2018

The most life changing experience I’ve had. Tomas has helped me to get through many life obstacles, his confidence coaching really made a huge impact on my self awareness and gave me the boost that I needed to make huge life changes. Real game changer thanks Tomas :)


Dejan Popovic

31 October 2018

Tomas has been critical in my personal development as a health coach. His guidance is practical, ever present, and he has been stead fast in making sure I’m consistently at my best. He truly wants to see the best version of me come to life. It’s felt in every session working with him. More...


Robin Steegman

31 October 2018

In my opinion, Tomas has a limitless ability to think along, inspire and motivate on many different levels. Aside from that, his joy and passion is always present. I have recommended many friends and colleagues already and aim to continue. More...


Sandy Allain

1 September 2018

I worked with Tomas for 9 months or so. I couldn't stop since we always aim for higher goals every time. He is a very dedicated life coach. He will never let you procrastinate nor go away from your goals. He is very result oriented and aim for high goals. Highly recommended!! More...


Zdenek Koukol

3 August 2018

I was very surprised how easy I can change my life. It is a shame that I didn't meet Tomas sooner. Thank you for all your help, you are awesome.


Dee Sam

2 August 2018

For me the most important quality Tomas had was his authenticity. I felt safe and trusted he would do whatever it took to make sure he was providing me with everything he had. I felt special and that I was the most important client he had..(I'm sure all his clients feel that way though) He is golden.... More...


Ismael Masso

2 August 2018

I've been working with Tomas for longer than 2 years. During this time my career progress has boosted, I'm now able to get job positions with more responsibility and better salary. Tomas has also helped me create and define my own personal training business and supported me on my property investment journey. I highly recommend working with him if you want to take your life to the next level. More...


Beatrix A Schmidt

2 August 2018

Tomas is a very professional, knowledgeable and naturally talented coach when it comes to both business and personal aspects of life. I absolutely love his commitment and professional manner in which he has been supporting me to become the best version of myself - and continues to challenge me to improve and grow because he truly cares about his client's success. I highly recommend him as a coach and mentor! More...


Sílvia Sargatal Carbonell

26 July 2018

I worked with Tomas for 4 months. Before contacting him I was lost, I didn't know what was the right path to take for my business, I didn't know where to start and how to take profit of it. Tomas showed me the right way considering my habilities and my goals. He taught me how to be more confident and to give value to myself and my work. He shared with me loads of new ideas and gave me the clue to reach more people and to make my work more visible. I highly recommend Tomas, you won't be disappointed! More...


fazleh azim

3 July 2018

I worked with Tomas for a couple of months. I wasn't sure about coaching or its benefits until I met him. I discovered I am capable of so much more, bigger better things in life. I went to him during a particularly challenging time in my life. He helped me see the limits I have been putting on myself for such a long time. Also i have met great people through his extensive network, I highly recommend his coaching and him as a person. I will definitely go back at some point in the future. Thanks Tomas it was a pleasure working with you! More...

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Seeing the results in my clients and their life.
The fact that I help people transform their lives.

The desire to help others and love for personal development and business.

I have an extensive coaching experience. Psychology Degree, 5 Coaching Certification, NLP Certification, I'm an award-winning entrepreneur.
Since 2013 I've successfully worked with nearly 250 clients and accumulated 3500 coaching hours.
I have a very direct but personal approach to coaching.



I coach entrepreneurs, decision-makers, and managers for whom OK is not enough. I help them strategically improve themselves, optimise their environment, and maximise their performance so they can achieve better and bigger results. Areas of coaching: To improve YOU, we focus on your MINDSET, your PRESENCE, and you HAPPINESS and FULFILLMENT To optimise your ENVIRONMENT, we focus on your RELATIONSHIPS, your NETWORK, and the SPACE you live and work in. To maximiser your PERFORMANCE, we work on your GOALS and VISION, your HABITS, and WORK-LIFE BALANCE. More about me: Through the knowledge and skills I gained from my Psychology degree, several extensive coaching (and NLP) certifications, and years of personal development, I’ve helped hundreds of individuals to achieve a more fulfilling and authentic lifestyle. I’ve been featured in Vice, several podcasts including The Unconvetionalists, and I’m currently a coach for the Threshold Accelerator by Dent, who are worldwide leaders in business training and strategy.