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I am a professional Personal Trainer with an E.Q.F. (European Qualifications Framework) Internationally Accredited Level 4 in Personal Training. Although I specialise as a Gym, Group Fitness & Kettlebell Instructor, I have a wide variety of skills and aptitude's that allow me to be versatile in my role.



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We first sit down & have a consultancy, at this stage we'll identify the individuals goals, aspirations and present circumstances in detail. I'll use this information to build a regime uniquely tailored to the individual that's designed in such a way that achieves the best possible results in the shortest time but always in a safe manner.

From this stage henceforth our results are achieved via expert personal coaching, detailed data gathering, diet evaluations, nutritional advise and plenty of time invested on the gym floor.

Knowledge & consistency. Where there's is a will there's a way.

My passion for fitness began as a teenager when I was involved in everything from rugby to martial arts to water sports but it wasn't until I joined the military that it became a way of life for me. There, functional fitness was taken up and beyond. A true challenge and a proving ground. I naturally enough ended up assisting the military PTI's (physical training instructors) and it was then I became aware of my talent for teaching and instructing. I knew then that post military life, this is what I wanted to do.

My satisfaction comes from helping people reach higher levels, that they once perceived as an impossibility. To witness someone once unfamiliar with fitness become determined and dedicated to it is an incredibly rewarding thing to behold.

For results. My foundation and further education in the fitness industry is of a high caliber. My military background breaks through the wall many other Personal Trainers stumble upon. I haven't simply completed a singular course and donned myself an expert in the area, I have truly relied upon my own personal fitness levels and my knowledge base concerning such in order to preform in extremely challenging environments. This is what I offer to those seeking a trainer, something suitable for everyone, regardless of the level your currently at.
In return for dedication and consistency I can guarantee progress and results. With me, you can achieve what you previously thought you could not.