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Tina North Book-Keeping & Accountancy Services

Sheffield, South Yorkshire


Tina North Book-Keeping & Accountancy Services

Sheffield, South Yorkshire


I am based in Sheffield with 15 years experience in book-keeping and accounting. I take pride in providing an exceptional service to a wide range of businesses.

I have extensive experience in 'problem solving' and am able to help with all aspects of book-keeping and accountancy.



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I offer a completely bespoke and personal service to meet my clients' requirements; I am not a large practice where work is passed on to someone else, all work is undertaken by myself. I offer easy pay-monthly plans for complete book-keeping and accountancy packages, ideally suited to small businesses. Furthermore, I am not VAT registered so all prices quoted are exactly as stated.

No job is too big or too small, I am here to help and alleviate unnecessary worry and stress.

I use my own software at no additional charge, providing electronic records to meet filing requirements.

I feel that accountancy is often stereotyped as being a 'grey' boring profession and that accountants are all very serious and officious. This may well be true in some cases but I really do try not to be so; I think that many people find a visit to the accountant's office quite intimidating and I certainly do not want my clients to feel like that.

The thing I love most has to be the opportunity to work with such a diverse range of people and businesses. No two businesses are the same, even if they sell the same products or services.
I also love that I never stop learning; business and tax legislation is always changing so I have to make sure that I keep my knowledge up to date.

Having previously worked in an accountancy office I really wanted to develop and grow my own client base where I could offer the type of service that I felt wasn't always catered for in a larger firm. Most clients are just an account number and little regard is given to the individual business owners, they are all just represented by their own set of 'numbers' and I really wanted to offer a much more personal service than that.

When I take on any new client I will arrange to visit them and spend time to find out about them, their business and their expectations of my services. I know every single one of my clients personally and treat them all as individuals, not account numbers.

I undertake all work myself, it will be me who sorts through the large pile of screwed up receipts and it will be me who prepares your final accounts; if you need to call for any reason it will be me who answers the telephone.

I work from a home office so I will not incorporate expensive overheads into my charges; I will provide a professional service for a fair price.