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Garage conversion costs
Planning permission
Building regulations
Garage conversion design
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1-first Conceptual Images & Sketches ,Convey Colour Scheme & Design Style ,Finish & Fixture Direction and Physical Finishes Samples
2-Floor Plan Critique and Preliminary Furniture Plan .
3-Finishes & Fixtures Specification ,Supplier Contact Details and Pertinent Notes for Construction .
4-AutoCAD Drawing Package for Permit, Tendering, & Construction ,Construction Plan ,Finishes & Key Plan and Reflected Ceiling Plan

Looking to revamp your interior style this year? Not sure where to start? Whether you’re putting the finishing touches to your kitchen, or embarking on an entire first floor renovation, honing in on an interior style can help focus your décor efforts. From Scandi-chic lighting to cool and contemporary furniture, follow our definitive guide to the top interior design styles and get your creative juices flowing. tigress property services has sourced expert advice from a range of interior professionals to help you stay on track, as well as key pieces that define each interior design style. Don’t miss the links to other brilliant articles at the end of the post for even more interior design style inspiration.

More than 14 years ,we did it all ,a to z ,this is a family business and we meet every day to discuses the trust of other in our business

The work comes with a written guarantee that covers a majority of projects that we do for 1 year.
A guarantee is usually included for free with the product you’re buying. It’s a promise from the trader or manufacturer that they’ll repair or replace the item, or give you a refund, if it becomes faulty within a certain amount of time.

in terms of the nuts and bolts of my job, it involves spreadsheets and numbers and a lot of problem solving. I’ve always enjoyed puzzles and am always discovering new Excel features, which only serve to remind me how little I really know about its full capabilities.
Team work is big big big factor

All what I need is discipline, keep daydreaming, thinking outside the box and reading between the lines. I'm not smarter than the rest of the world, but I put much effort everyday to become a better version of myself yesterday. But for every success there is a price, you need to sacrifice something

Confidence: “He knows what he’s talking about and how to get things done. I should listen to him.”
Excitement: “She’s energetic and enthusiastic. I’ll enjoy working with her.”
Dependability: “He’s easy-going and steady. I can depend on him.”
Trust: “She understands my problems and listens to what I say. I can trust her.”


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