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Tarot Card and Psychic readings at affordable rates. Based in West Sussex but willing to travel within reasonable distance.
Paintings- Psychic landscapes for growth.
Workshops on Psychic / Tarot development.
Healing- Crystal and Spiritual.


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1 April 2019

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I have been reading cards for fourteen years , once I started I couldn't stop. I pretty much stay half in half out the spirit world most of the time ( which is foolish!). I run classes/ workshops in various psychic works but tarot has been my most recent and enjoyable. There are so many different types of card and so many different types of reading, every single one is different, because every persons life is so different. I have a lovely client base which is steadily growing in West Sussex and will soon be reading cards at the Shocktober Festivel. To see my price list to my website is: www.tiapricetarot.webs.com

All examples of my creative writing- but not the most recent for want off a good Internet connection and an iPad compatible site- can be found on my website: www.tiapricetarot.webs.com under 'blog' and the various categories from there. Something I wrote recently though, here's an example of what I do: Cassettes. So I hear they're bringing tapes back. Hipsters have decreed that Walkmans are a ok again. That its cool to use those free headphones - that never sit on your head right- from the airlines with your dodgy dated eighties-o-Rama tape chewing Walkman. I loved tapes. My first tape was Jason Donavans album, and I remember singing along in my mums car on the way to go food shopping on Saturdays. I remember a cranberries tape I bought later which I marvelled was bright yellow. And my Annie Lennox medusa tape where I stashed cigarettes inside around the age of eleven when visiting my friend in Cambridge. Annie's Carnival headress on the paper insert cover will always remind me of secret smoking in the park by the graveyard. I saw some school kids the other day, ripping out that long thin inside that made the music play through gods knows what means. They were pulling it out and winding it around each other, trapping their friends with the the plastic material and I wondered where they could've got it? Raiding their parents beloved old collection of dodgy bad quality listening material. It made me a little sad. As the film High fidelity goes into great detail about, the making of a mix tape is an art that I never quite managed. I only got round to making friends mix CDs. My friend Mike however, he made me a few mix tapes, and he did it with style and finesse ( he's a Leo and a music snob so I'd expect nothing less) attaching to the tapes a sheet of paper listing each song and its relevance, why he put it on and why he loved it. Each song was printed in different colour, another lovely personal touch......'- the rest is on my blog.

I use acrylic and I am very much a novice, I just love to paint or draw but I'm not an artist really. There are some incredible people out here I just enjoy painting ' faces in ethereal noise' as my friend once out it.

I have been working as a clairvoyant/clairsentient/clairaudient sensitive for about seven years, in a professional capacity. I am well recommended by my steadily growing client base and truly love working with spirit. To be clairvoyant does not mean communicating with spirit, it does but it is more through visions and imagery that can be passed through by guides and not necessarily a deceased relative or friend. Clairvoyance is saying what spirit show me and doing my best not to interpret it too readily. I tend to read using tarot but sometimes spirit takes over and it is lead through the other skills. I also do healing and work with crystals. See my site for contact info. Www.tiapricetarot.webs.com

I studied drama at University and though I didn't pursue anything professional I am always interested in any small projects. I am very good and I believe in my abilities and would love any chances to try them out. I have had a baby recently and so am carrying some extra poundage, but anything that's independent or interesting I would love to involved in. Some parts I have played in the past have been ' mrs Johnston' Blood Brothers and two years ago Katarina from the Taming of the shrew ( I adore Shakespeare). I'm told I should do VoiceOver work because I'm talented with accents and my natural speaking once is rather estuary!

This essentially involves listening and guidance but through means of being open to spirit and healing. To take responsibility for our own lives and blocks and being willing to remove them. I can tune into problem areas and what requires resolving and healing and offer ways in which to do so.