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Alyssa Alley

Made my wedding cake exactly as it looked on Pinterest, if not better. Absolutely use them for your wedding! Great job! Exactly as I envisioned it!


Mary Baxter

When I am always having a party and need a cake, I go to upper crust and they get it perfect everytime. Best bakery and service �.


Derek Tarwater

Good job not posting your menu online anywhere. Must be bad if you won't even let anyone see it. Good luck you lost my business before you even got it.


David Butts

When you bake custom Breads and Pastries some can take longer than Pop -n- Fresh or the Pills Bury Dough Boy. To do real Pastries takes time, you don't rush protection.


Randall Kilgore

This is NOT the Upper Crust before it relocated to the new and improved location. Service was on the lower side of "Good". A very nice young man who was our Server ("Zach") was obviously so tired from his evening and night before, he kept referring to the Sunday morning as "evening"! He just wasn't 100% with "it", and it showed in progress and clear ways throughout the time I was present with my dining partner.

No salt on the table. Had to retrieve a salt shaker from another table.

Coffee urns not completely set-up and ready to serve at time of opening. In fact, an apology was offered that there were "problems" with coffee making system in the back. For there to be wait staff taking orders for breakfast, you would think for the price coffee would be served tableside, or at least an invitation to the side-table for coffees would be made and offered consistently.

No toast? A breakfast omelet with one side (fruit or potatoes) for $8.95 seems as if it should come with complimentary toast or some sort of bread item. When I inquired, it was explained to me that "toast" or other bread item was a "side" but ordered separately from the menu. No...not for the price it was being offered!

Inconsistency with seating and management from the Greeter Station. The store opened at 0800 AM and a very pleasant young man greeted us and proceeded to take us to a table for two beside a wall. There was ample seating in the dining area, but other options were not offered. We could have asked for a different seating and table, but did not. Throughout the time we were present, the consistency of seating was quite simply "off", and often times patrons would arrive and no one would be present to greet and seat, leaving the person(s) there to wonder, "Is anyone here? Hello?"

And, what's up with the retail area where nothing but empty bread baskets were lined up above the window where the ovens and baking area could be seen? I learned from my dining partner that she had visited with Adam Guy, and he had remarked that the calibration of these new and expensive ovens had never been finalized with the manufacturer! What???!!! No breads? No "upper crust" like we have all come to know and expect? It just seemed "off" and not the customary lively exchange and 'energy' of the former location of this store. No one remained behind the cashier area the entire time we were present. And, while our check was delivered to the table and payment made in that same manner to the Server, it seemed odd to me that service was not readily available for patrons entering the store to purchase items from the cases.

This was my first time to be in the "new" and "improved" location. I will cautiously return in the future, or when I know the routines for serve are improved, and the great baked items have returned as staple offerings. There is room for improved management, and better training for servers should be considered. A beautiful venue, refreshed and expanded...but lacking the quality of food service and attention to details the other location afforded its clientele.

I would like to try the lunch time venue and see if similar things occur. A Columbia "staple" needs much improvement. Otherwise, "Sophia's" next door will be the place of choice for Sunday Brunch. Get it together, Upper Crust! Call on help!

Food quality was good. Its the delivery. Make or break you in the details.


Bethann Rosson

They charged me $80 for a birthday cake that was poorly done! The cake was terrible and the icing was poorly spread all over the cake! When I asked for a partial refund, the president Adam Guy, told me I was unreasonable. The customer is never right, and they say that their work is art! Don't use them unless you plan to be very disappointed! More...


Brian Hinkebein

Ordered cupcakes for a birthday. I was told they were filled. When I picked up the were not filled and cake was dry. I called and they claimed I did not specify that I wanted them filled....even though when I ordered, they said they would be. Wouldn't do business with again.

Jillys cupcakes in St. Louis are the real deal and cost the same.


Megan Barnes

I recently had a wedding cake made by The Upper Crust. I could not have been happier with how it turned out. It was exactly what I asked for and the flavors were amazing. I had guests at the wedding going back for a second and third piece! More...


Geraldine Swientek Butts

It is a great place to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner. We have had breakfast and Christmas Eve Dinner Buffet. Great food, service and atmosphere. Pastries and baked goods are phenomenal. It reminds us of French Restaurants in Cannes, France or New Orleans. It brings a touch of class to a college town. More...


Justin DC

We've used UpperCrust several times and we love it. Food is always great and they are just a really great crew to deal with. Thanks


Kirk Utterback

Had a bad experience. Used to love them. The server messed up both specials, which we then ordered only to find out they were something different. No big deal, the food was still prepared well and tasty.

Went to grab pasties on the way out. Cupcakes were dry as sawdust and the 'fresh' French loaf had mold on it by 5:30 of the same day.

Wrote an email to the manager. It's been three days and they didn't feel the need to send an apology.

We were contacted by the manager, Tony, quite promptly after this review and he was cordial, polite and sympathetic. Glad to know they DO care! Thanks! Added a couple stars for quality customer service...

Contact through their website contact form DID not work well, though.

Lowered this rating back to one star. Manager Tony contacted us and mentioned sending us a gift card... It's been twelve days since then and we received nothing so far. Just lip service.


Mary Hart Burton

If I could give it negative stars I would. Too snooty and not that great of a bakery. Sorry my business wasn't good enough for you, but Lubeley's Bakery in St. Louis was more than happy to accommodate me, I'll just travel to Columbia with my cake and I'll make it point to never say anything nice about this place again. Don't waste your time or money here. More...


Pauline Mashburn

I'm so very disappointed with The Upper Crust Bakery and Cafe. I had no idea it changed hands. Our past experience with them and their cakes has been exemplary. But since they've changed hands it's been a very disappointing experience. I could have done better making them myself. I couldn't believe one of the cakes literally collapsed when cutting it. It's now in a heap in the box. Never never again shall they get my business!!!!!!!!!!!! More...


Christie 'Price' Rohde

For the last 6 years I have ordered my boys birthday cakes from The Upper Crust! I always order online and then take in a picture of what we would like. The cakes always taste amazing and they do an excellent job on doing the best they can to match the design! Will continue to come back every year! More...


Cheryl Ann Perry

I am so disappointed today. After all the years and all the cakes my family has bought today took the icing right off my joy. I ordered via web page last week a specialty cake for 10am pick up this morning for a 10:30am celebration. I even have a confirmation email. I filled it out for the Green Meadows address. When I arrived this morning there is a sign closed for remodel. So I called. I was told over the phone they could not locate my cake. Imagine my surprise. Huge party....no cake. I am very sad. Never saw this coming. This was so huge an error and embarrassing on my part at the celebration. I guess I'm done being a supporter of Upper Crust. I needed more than just "I'm sorry ". More...


Brian Flowers

Rude - called about ordering a cake that I needed about 35 hours later. Now I understand that it certainly would have been considered short notice, but they would have had the better part of two days to make it. I was transferred directly to the bakery, where the women who answered said in a very sarcastic tone "ya that's not going to happen"! I called another bakery in town, who was very friendly and they're baking two cakes for me. I guess my business will be going elsewhere from now on. More...


Phyllis Stroup Bell

I thought about this for a while. When we first arrived in Columbia. I loved the UC at Green Meadows... Great friendly service and fast.... Great food. Ordered several cakes from there and they were perfect. Couldn't wait til the new location opened. First time on a Sunday after new opening. We got there around 2. No one to seat you and no servers visible. Finally seated and there's a definite smack down going on with staff. Took a full 30 min to get a server and service was poor... Late and wrong !
Ordered a cake for my daughters birthday....was not what I asked for and had a lonnng conversation about what I needed. Was told they could handle it. When I came back to complain, my number was taken but I have never gotten a call back.
Second and third lunch visits .... Same issues .... No one at front to greet or seat.... Or take bakery orders ... Some people just left !!! Took over 15 to get a server... No refills.... Food mediocre and cold . if you want to succeed , there needs to be lots of immediate changes !


Colin Edsall

Eggs Benedict was delicious, and I really enjoyed the side of julienned melon. We were seated quickly and food was prompt. Service was good, but not polished. Atmosphere was exceptional. To get five stars they would serve me coffee instead of self-serve, have a bakery menu, and better location( a place this nice shouldn't be across from a car wash and autoshop). More...


Kendra LyNell

I am beyond disappointed with the catered items that we received.
1. Baked chicken breast w/mushroom sauce and steamed broccoli-chicken was dry and the broccoli was over cooked and discolored as if it had reached it's expiration date.
2. Breaded chicken patty w/Alfredo sauce, served on a bed of "herbed" pasta, green beans and a breadstick- the chicken patty had too much breading(very little chicken inside) a very small amount of sauce on the top, the pasta was plan, no herbs or any other seasoning(just straight from the pot) there wasn't enough sauce to flavor the pasta AT ALL, so I just didn't eat it(I don't know anyone who enjoys plan, dry pasta). The bottom of the bread stick was soggy because it was placed in the container on top of the green beans.
3. Smoked brisket, corn,potatoes au gratin and pork & beans-the brisket was smoked very well, however, the portion received apparently came from the bottom of the pan because it was very greasy and extremely salty, the potatoes au gratin was gritty in texture as if it were prepared the day before, refrigerated and reheated, and had only a "spot" of cheese on them. I understand that not all servings will have the same amount of cheese, but each plate that you serve/sell should be nothing less than appealing and you should strive to make them all as perfect as possible. Because we had smoked meat, I'm pretty sure that the beans were "supposed" to be baked beans, but no transformation nor effort was put into them and they were simply pork and beans dumped straight from can to plate. Needless to say, they were tasteless. This meal consisted of 3 vegetables loaded with carbs and nothing green.
4. Croissant sandwich with pickle- this meal would have been "ok" but they carelessly placed the pickled in the container which made the croissant soggy, so I did not eat the bottom portion.
5. Breakfast burrito- this meal didn't taste too bad, but each time you slice the burrito a ton of butter secreted from it.
I really hope that you have a serious meeting with your team and rectify these issues immediately. You're only as good as your reputation, and word of mouth is EVERYTHING!!!!


Niloo Far

I ordered a birthday cake for my baby. I showed several pictures and explained what I like and what I don’t like. When I received the cake everything was different from what I ordered: the design and the icing. On top of that, the cake was tasted so bad as if I have made it at home and even worst. I do not recommend this place. More...

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