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Complete Photography and Videography services using a wide variety of equipment from professional cameras, drones, action cameras, 360 cameras - whatever needs to be brought to bear to get the content you want.

Being in business for over 20 years, we have covered pretty much everything at one point or another.



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Thinking about the image and capturing it in your mind before you pickup the camera. Then, once you have the camera, get the image as correct as possible in the camera.

The more specific details, the better. Do you have a specific date(s)? Do you have a list of the content you want? How will the content be used? For locations, have you secured permits/permissions to be there? Do we need additional credentials to access a location? All of these are generally fairly easy to address, but the sooner those questions happen, the better the planning and experience will be.

It starts with a conversation with you and what you want to end up with. From there, we will explore ideas and concepts of how to get to that end point. From those concepts, we'll actually develop the plan to work against and get it done. As always, things are always dynamic, so we can pivot pretty quickly if a change happens when we work the plan.

Just like journalism, ideally, the who, what, when, where, why will do. We'll worry about the 'how' for you. Most of the time the work starts with coming to an agreement on the final deliverable, and then the payment of a retainer fee to block our calendar for you.

Working with a varied range of customers - everything from individuals, to small businesses, to multinational corporations. One project, we'll be at a race track covering some races, then another to interview the founder of a large corporation, then another to a research session, then doing an inspection with a drone, then a portrait session, then a music video, then...well, you get the idea.

I was working for a telecommunications company and after a while, it was apparent that I was in the wrong position. I had always loved photography and when I transitioned out, I made it a point to make that my profession. A lot of training, reading, and research went in to starting it, but ultimately it was buying the film and start experimenting with ideas and concepts. That is a tenet we keep going today - always be learning new or different ways of doing things.

While we have a excellent track record of successful projects, we are not your standard 'photographers'. We enjoy a focus on our clients helping them to get where they need, and we like to think of it as a partnering activity, not just a project. Sometimes this means we invest back in our clients - for example, a start-up project we ended up helping with their seed round. Sometimes it's providing additional goods, such as non-profits hiring us for event coverage and we contribute something like a silent auction item. Other times, leveraging our varied background, there is the possibility of some business consulting. With us, you get not just your content, but more.



Full end-to-end project management from certified PMs. We've delivered projects in app development, security, software, marketing, and many other fields

Our subscription service where you buy a block of time on a monthly basis and use that time in any area we cover, from content development, project management, training, or anything else we delivery.