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The Sanctuary Of Growth, LLC

Colorado Springs, Colorado, El Paso

4 hires on Bark
The Sanctuary Of Growth, LLC logo

The Sanctuary Of Growth, LLC

Colorado Springs, Colorado, El Paso

4 hires on Bark


The Sanctuary of Growth is a holistic psychotherapy practice utilizing a New Age approach to therapeutic healing. The Sanctuary of Growth is owned and services are provided by Sarah Masse, MSW and Reiki Master. Sarah is a holistic therapist, mindfulness practitioner, blogger and Mom of four in the Colorado springs area, with nearly ten years of diverse therapeutic experience, along with the insight and training to help her clients begin to conceptualize and create the life they have always seen themselves living.


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Kolten Montgomery

25 October 2019

Sarah is absolutely PHENOMENAL! The combination of Holistic Psychotherapy and Energy work via Reiki was both an intensive and healing experience. I can't recommend Sarah and her amazing practice enough! More...


Lauren CLaire

21 October 2019

I love Sarah! She’s a great person and amazingly professional. Her goal is to make sure you always leave feeling better than you came and she always makes sure of that. Her space is clean, welcoming and beautiful! More...


Felicia Hug

20 March 2019

Sarah is absolutely amazing! She has helped me in more ways then I could have ever imagined. I have been to multiple therapist and counselors. I have never had this release of emotions. Sarah makes me feel at home and comfortable every time Im there. I highly recommend her services. More...



19 December 2018

Sarah is wonderful to work with, she really cares about her clients and working with them to suit their needs. The atmosphere is very calm, comfortable and relaxing.

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The capacity to bring healing and connection within the realm of mind, body and spirit to others, transforming their lives while also reducing the many stigmas that currently surround mental health care and energy work. It is truly an honor to have the freedom to participate in and witness this transformation of self.

I have been a social worker for the last 10 years, and have had some of greatest opportunities to experience the many multifaceted systems that are currently in place for mental health care, including home care based management and support, psychiatric in-patient and out-patient care, school systems as well as hospice programming and grief outreach for the community. I established the Sanctuary of Growth because I understand that often times something different is needed, and I understand from a personal level the need to incorporate our belief systems and sense of spirituality as related to healing in mental health care, in addition to the profound capacity of positive change and alignment that energy work brings in healing the root source of our perceived imbalances.

My Philosophy and Approach to Mental Health care

I believe that we live in a society that is becoming more and more estranged. This estrangement prevents positive internal growth and change by keeping us continually distracted, disconnected from each other and focused on our next “to do” so to speak, in addition to continually assuring us that quick fixes are what are needed when these imbalances are left unattended for long periods of time. This disconnect is precisely where I feel chronic discontentment and mental health concerns arise and escalate, and I truly believe through my own therapeutic experiences and the experiences I have had the privilege to witness over the years that healing is always within reach, if we are able and willing to begin the therapeutic journey.

I also believe that a complete healing of our mind, body and spirit connection is possible by honoring our capacity to heal by establishing mindfulness practices and changing our perspectives through immersing ourselves in internal therapeutic work to reinforce our sense of peace, purpose and safety, hence the establishment of The Sanctuary of Growth, a place where you can begin initiating and establishing positive changes, routines and self-reflection in your life, also exploring areas that may hold many significant answers to your own journey of growth.

It is of great importance that we live our lives not as a reflection of our distant past, but rather on a constant and continued pursuit of happiness and an appreciation for the complexities, personal growth and the many ways that life offers us this chance if we will embrace the opportunity!

Please feel free to contact us via text, call or email with any questions you may have. You are always welcome here!


Therapeutic Specialties and Areas of Focus All offerings at The Sanctuary of Growth can be attended in person at the cottage or online through the HIPPA compliant Doxy web conferencing platform Trauma and PTSD Chronic stress and related physical symptom management (Chronic pain, sleep/wake issues, overall issues that impact client’s sense of well-being) Vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue resolution therapy for practitioners Life path development and supportive coaching for wellness professionals, students and practitioners Somatic resolution therapy for physiological concerns Repair and strengthening of mind, body and spirit connection Grief and bereavement counseling for all ages Mindfulness approaches and internal conflict resolution strategies Disruptive, Impulse Control and Conduct manifestation concerns (Child and Adolescent) Marriage, family and social circle counseling approaches Anxiety disorders and panic attack resolution care Depressive symptomology and suicidal ideation Neurodevelopmental symptomology Substance abuse and addictive disorders