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I have been learning the art of photography since I was a teenager and I simply love it. I keep my prices competitive beacuse I work 3 days in the city, Manchester, which allows me to balance my passion for photography with family life.



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Light. Every photographer will tell you the same. When I'm not doing studio work I have little handheld lights that give me what I need from a shot.

This really does depend on the project, for commercial I normally ask whats the demographic, as a 20 year old has a completely different take on a product to that off a 60 year old and it can make the difference. I know that's a huge genralision but it is good to tweak images to your target. I also know that if you have a vision in mind for your company image it's important the photos go with that too.

Working with different people and getting to see the work pay off at the end.

I love everything to do with photography and I love creating inspiring images that tell a story so it made sense to turn my passion in to a small business.

I'm easy to work with and laid back (so my clients say) . I do not compromise on quality and will always give you my professional view, I appreciate that you will have a vision in mind and I will always do everything I can to get us to your vision.