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The NipTuck Coach

San Francisco, CA


The NipTuck Coach

San Francisco, CA



Your plastic surgery starts here..
Minimize your risks with non-biased surgeon referrals, preparation for consultation , pre and post -op planning, support, straight facts and customized services to meet you and your families needs.
Other services include: transportation, aftercare in the privacy of your hotel or home, shopping, dog walking, babysitting and personal services to make your recovery easier and stress free .

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Marisa Gambino

26 July 2016

A smart woman indeed- she is a nicer prettier version of Wendy Lewis! Go MICHELE!


Valerie B. Mehlman

13 May 2016

Women and men out there, please understand the importance of safety and education before you embark on the plastic surgery patient. Reach out to Michele Garber, The NipTuck Coach, to guide you through your plastic surgery journey. More...


Mary K Maloney

30 March 2016

Takes the time to inform and educate! A true consumers advocate!


Shh Secret

29 May 2015

I've been researching fillers, lasers, resurfacing and various procedures for two years. There are so many options out there and so many providers. Who to trust with my expert guidance with my best interests in mind? I'm there! Michele is kind, approachable, and so knowledgeable. Together, we've developed a one and only face? I saw Michele, the Nip and Tuck Coach, on TV and thought, plan to address my concerns and she'll be by my side helping me work the plan and make decisions along the way.Thank you Michele! More...


Supporting people through the emotional ups and downs of plastic surgery. Guiding them so they are empowered to make the safest and right choices. Watching them transform and being there throughout their journey knowing that they have all the right honest information.

My own bad plastic surgery experiences , insider knowledge and knowing their is a huge gap between the information surgeons give and the reality of the surgery. Safety is a big factor here.

Plastic surgery is scary. My background includes 25 years in the beauty industry. I know the facts and have insider knowledge. I’ve done all the research for you. I don’t take referrals fees, which means my referrals are based on my vetting process. I’m there for you as your advocate. My goal is to minimize your risks, prepare you to ensure that you will have the best safest outcome. Plus provide you all the best concierge and after care. services.