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Failure,As discussed in the book “ outwitting the devil” Failure Is a man made concept and it is never real until it is accepted as perminate. Whatever brought you here today; from financial struggles, poor health, a feeling of endless stress, a fear in the pit of your stomach, to a search for deeper fulfillment, I get it.


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Lowridalou Máshïka Sioux

10 December 2018

Its the nicest thing I seen in awhile pass this on


Sissy Hamann

10 December 2018

Thank you for sharing your page. It is very beautiful and very powerful.


Martina McKenna

10 December 2018

I love this page. Enjoy the videos. So glad that I found the link. I will be checking it out daily.


Kimberlie D Mann

10 December 2018

Absolutely amazing experience!! I got answers to unanswered questions,and the amount of peace,and love generated was phenomenal! I will be signing up for more!! I am Grateful!! More...


John Born

10 December 2018

Sadie is so wonderful and caring heart that I know and truly cares about the people she helps. She's the real deal and does what it takes to help others find balance and answers to all they need help with.


Rowan Phillips

10 December 2018

Sadie is amazing at what she does, I was not expecting the reading she gave me, but everything was so spot on and was more than anything i could have asked for! She has a great gift from the lord and you won't be disappointed!! More...


Kayla Cleveland

10 December 2018

What a great experience I had with Sadie. She is passionate and really shows great interest in your questions .She was spot on and she answered things I didn't know about myself. she helped me understand and gave me a sense of clarity and peace in my life. She has brought hope back into my life . She is truly blessed with an amazing gift . I look forward to more readings in the future. More...

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The Merk offers a diverse curriculum from our conscious communities collaboratively dreaming together, networking, growing, evolving and exploring the body’s unlimited potential together! Our curriculum teaches one to self heal and prosper in a proactive health care campus setting. Unleash your inner super hero and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime! Yours!

World view- finely crafted complex every element carefully selected, it contains your values character and the source of your strength. This is what feeds the fuel of your determination; this your certainty. Your why.

Strong foundations a beautiful work in progress. You have everything you need to cultivate an extraordinary life. This is the time to focus on the foundations you build upon. Your work, your relationships and your very “ being “ are underwritten by your values, ethics, moral and core beliefs.