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Ground maintenance and Tree Services

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Mark Clews

29 July 2017

Very efficient, professional & friendly service. They give sensible, sound advice on any vegetation related issue


Nina Newton

28 May 2016

So impressed with the careful and very thoughtful tree pruning I witnessed on the trees outside Hammersmith Hospital, Due Cane Road, London this week (beginning 2 November 2015). I have a horror of so-called 'tree surgery' that most often looks like thoughtless butchery, leaving trees never able to regenerate their natural shape. And also leaving them looking ugly and incredibly sad.These guys are worthy of being called 'surgeons': I have no vested interest except that of being a passer-by and lover of trees. This is husbandry of the first order and I will have no hesitation in contacting this firm, based on what I saw this week, for any tree maintenance I may ever need. More...

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