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We are located minutes away from Woodfield Mall.
The Energy Oasis is a place for your mind, body, and spirit to relax and recharge.
Kara offers sessions in: Access Bars®, Reiki, Akashic Records, Intuitive Guidance, and more.

Access Bars® is the most popular session people book as it is extremely fast at resolving: stress, anxiety, PTSD, physical pain, over active thoughts, depression, addictions among other things.


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Ghausia Ludwig

4 December 2018

Kara is amazing!


Karen Hautzinger

9 October 2018

A few months ago I was searching for someone to help with energy work with one of my cats that has health issues and came across Kara. Kara has helped my cat tremendously including releasing some fear and anxiety my cat had. Since then I did attend other events at the Energy Oasis and enjoyed every single one of them. The space is very warm and you feel like your old friends with everyone that works there. More...


Joyce V Borella

22 August 2018

Before this appointment I was so unclear about my gifts or abilities. Kara is helping me bring my magic to life. She has such a warm, happy, fun energy!! Thank you so much for your time today Kara� More...


Dawn Winter

22 August 2018

I found the Energy Oasis a couple months ago. Kara is awesome! Very friendly and talented. I have participated in several of her classes. Some of them more than once, every time they are different depending on the energy. I've had my BARS run and it was incredible! She has also done remote Reki on my rabbit and was right on and my bun is much happier and more comfortable. Love The Energy Oasis. It really holds true to its name. More...


JA Hill

22 August 2018

I knew Kara before she opened this space. So happy for her. Went today for a reading and it was on point. She lifted some energy off with the Access Bars too and I could feel the energy shift. I loved how beautiful the rooms were decorated and how healing the energy felt in the space. The jewelry and gemstones were displayed so beautifully. Not to mention she helped me adopt my cat Milo last year when I wasn't clear if he was my cat. He took a year to walk in his power and duties; but she was right on about him. And he takes loving and healing me serious. Wishing you much success and abundance Kara; place looks great. � More...


Barbara Petersen

22 August 2018

I thank Sandy Tarkington for her beautiful way of teaching Beginner Mediumship. I came with doubt about my ability, but she immediately put me at ease and guided me to being able to do it. She made me feel very safe and her knowledge of what to do helped me realize that this gift was right there within reach. More...


Natalie Mareci

22 August 2018

I purchased the Peace, Love and Angels Crystal Infused Aromatherapy Roll-on and Bracelet and absolutely love them both. Would highly recommend, extremely satisfied!!


Vanessa Valek

22 August 2018

I received an akashic records reading by Kara on 10/31. It was incredible. Kara has this peaceful, soothing vibe about her where you can’t help but want to come back for more! She is so funny and caring, she feels like a long lost friend! She not only did my records but she helped me get rid of some problems in my past. It was an unbelievable experience and I am so grateful she did what she did for me!!! Thank you Kara! You are truly a gift to us all� More...


Jeanette Cooling

22 August 2018

I had a much needed spring cleaning with Kara!! I love everything she is doing for me I needed this!!! My energy is being rejuvenated!! She is an amazing soul�


Trish Kohl

22 August 2018

I completed my Level 1 Reiki class yesterday with Kara. AMAZING! This is opening a whole new world to me. Reiki can be used in every aspect of your life and the fact that you are giving and receiving at the same time. I know that I will be taking this farther in 2018 and can't wait to see the possibilities open to me. Thanks again Kara, you rock! P.S. All my family, friends and pets Thank you too as I use my tool on them as well. More...


Cristina Chirchirillo Moore

22 August 2018

I've done 2 sessions of readings and 1 session of a bars reading with Kara and I'm in love!! After my bars reading I felt so amazing! I felt a glow inside of me that I haven't felt in a really long time. I was over the moon with peace and calmness. Nothing could touch me or bring me down. I've learned so much within this short time and I am really looking forward to learning more. Thank you so much for your help and guidance through this. Kara has such an amazing energy and soothing touch to her work. It's a amazing. After my last session I am hooked! #freedomofcrap now I never want to live any other way! More...


Kelly Kellem Motley

22 August 2018

I've taken the Level One Reiki Class, which was fun and very informative. The 'hands on' time was especially important. The version I took focused on animals because I use Reiki on my dogs and foster dogs as well. We also had Kara do energy work and a communication session with one of my dogs and a foster dog. It was also packed with information and helped solve some issues, including a physical issue with my dog that resolved itself shortly thereafter! More...


clara nieto

4 June 2018

I went in on the Halloween special they were offering. The price was great! I brought my dog in and she was bouncing around filled with a renewed and energized spirit. My Chihuahua had a great time. As well as myself. The area was easy to find with easy parking.Elevator is available, this is a plus as some place still do not have elevators for wheel chair access. The people were very friendly and helpful. Overall an awesome experience. More...


Tommy John

13 August 2017

We couldn't be happier with our sessions today! Kara was amazing and the environment was very relaxing and comfortable. We plan on visiting again!


Meaghan Thomas

28 May 2017

Kara is a true delight, made us really comfortable and really helped us out. I highly recomend this place!

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Seeing people become happier and empowered especially when they felt so stuck for so long.
Change can happen fast!

I saw how I changed when I had Reiki done to me.
It inspired me to learn Reiki and then keep going with other modalities that create change!

I have been doing this for 10 years.
I am still growing and evolving myself to continue to help people and animals in the best way possible.

If there is something you would like to change, well let's create that change for you together!