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The Dude with a Camera

Eastern Hills, Tennessee


The Dude with a Camera

Eastern Hills, Tennessee


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Courtney Crosby

4 October 2019

Honestly, just amazing. We had our wedding photos done and were super pleased - not just by the photos but the experience as well. It was all very genuine, personal, and effortless. So when it came time to do headshots a year later, I knew exactly where to turn. I’ve had headshots done before that were dated and boring; and even after an hour-long shoot I walked away hating all the photos. This time around, the shoot was easy going, fun, and breezed by. And there were dozens of photos that I loved! Honestly couldn’t recommend Lucas enough. More...


Tara Swalgren Thomas

19 August 2019

He recently took photos for our wedding. We are in love! They look fantastic and he captured the whole day! What a wonderful way to look back on that special day. He was extremely professional and timely. He gave us a wonderful and affordable price. I would recommend him for any photos you have in mind. We are doing a family photoshoot for my Mom in October, we can't wait! More...


Emily Pica

12 August 2019

Very nice, down to earth, and understanding!! Would definitely recommend!


Bobby Gordon

9 August 2019

as a DJ I have worked along side many Photographers. this one is the one you want. great guy great photographer, genuinely artistic and doesn't just do the same photos everyone else does. you will not be disappointed. I look forward to working along side him again soon! More...


Thomasa Ross

26 July 2019

Lucas is the best! I contacted him for professional headshots and he responded expeditiously. I had such a positive experience. I highly recommend this photographer! More...


Haley Cole-Barton

21 July 2019

Lucas is always amazing! He’s quick to get those beautiful shots while keeping calm and smiling behind the lens.


Cynthia Diane Brown

25 February 2019

Love having aerial photos of Clarksville.


Tina Armstrong

24 February 2019

Takes the most amazing pictures.


Wendy Himo

9 January 2019

Lucas is an amazingly talented photographer and captures some of the most beautiful photos I've ever seen!


Jaci C-l

2 November 2018

I have known Lucas for a few years now; he is a talented photographer and is a true professional. I recommend him for whatever your needs are personal or business!


Kari Burgess Moore

19 August 2018

Lucas is so easy to work with! He has vision. He is a professional. He is delightful!


Jackie Stanfill Chambers

6 August 2018

Amazing and very professional!!!! His work speaks for itself ❤️


Trish Bell

24 June 2018

DUDE will go to ANY LENGTHS to get what he perceives as a "Good" picture....i live his enthusiasm n his MOTIVATION......PLAIN is not in his vocabulary.....


Rich Holladay

20 May 2018

A true artist in every way- his talent does great things for all


Trish Bell

10 April 2018

Takes the most unique, unusual, awesome pics I've seen of landscape i may never see, but at least now i know exist....i love taking pictures Myself n i adore his concept on picture-taking.. Pictures, theirselves are becoming a thing of the past and need to be brought back to capture the essence of things before they're gone....for instance, our little town, Clarksville, has so much to offer....Dude, capture them, As you've done ready with so many I've seen.... THANKS , for bringing back just regular , magnificient pictures of the railroad bridge' downtown, (one of my favs was CHRISTmas parade, rooftop, looking down on Franklin) More...


Angie Morales-Link

10 February 2018

Lucas was our Keller Williams awards photographer and we absolutely loved his work. He was timely, professional, and had pictures up promptly. We highly recommend him and will be using his services again in the future. More...


Pamela Holz

30 January 2018

Incredibly talented and yet so humble-- He makes the ordinary extraordinary. A photographic adventurer, he captures and puts on display the art that is all around us.


Morgan Knight

17 November 2017

I have had photos taken by the dude many times! The first time was a Downtown Clarksville shoot and he did a spectacular job of not only making my friend and I feel comfortable, but we had a BLAST! I had so much fun I decided that I wanted photos with my 4 legged bestie! Thank you Lucas for documenting so many moments for myself and my family! More...