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Metamora, Michigan, Lapeer

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Metamora, Michigan, Lapeer



I help you craft your dream wedding. From how the ceremony will flow to the rituals included, what symbols you want, I can help with vows and I write your ceremony, so it is uniquely yours. And you have the last say! By the time you walk to meet each other you will know exactly what will happen and when-from the music to who walks when. I will help you keep calm and assured.

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Jeff Lantzy

12 September 2018

Lisa is very kind and patient, is very accommodating and offers many ideas to make your special day your own. I would recommend The Ceremony Path to friends.

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I love helping people figure out how to show what they want to show, outwardly. That way the folks who attend the ceremony leave feeling the love you have for each other.

You should choose me because I have spent the time to become educated and certified in ritual, ceremonies, symbols, and learned to understand cultures, religions and what is required for multicultural, same sex, hand fasting, and a variety of life cycle ceremonies.


Celebration for mom-to-be by friends and family. Create a safe space for her to share her concerns and get positive feedback. Rituals are performed if requested.

Like a Baptism just a little less formal.

I come in and bless your new (or old) home. This ritual can be as religious or not as you like

Like a wedding but isn’t necessarily a legal ceremony. It certainly can be legal-again, your choice. It started out as a Celtic ceremony.