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We are a personal training company located in Thame, Oxfordshire. We provide Personal training at Thame Leisure Centre, Oxford Rd, Thame, OX9 2BB.

Whether you are looking to enhance your body through intelligent exercise or are an athlete looking to enhance your performance, our coaching model is designed to address your unique needs and develop a bespoke programme that is right for you.

Our passionate and experienced Personal trainers are all members of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) and the UK Strength & Conditioning Association (UKSCA).

We are driven by continuous improvement and quality; we have a system and a method behind everything that we do and constantly adapt that to each individual’s unique circumstances, physical capabilities and needs. We believe it is this attention to detail that produces such amazing results.

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Thame Fitness Reviews

Thame Fitness Reviews

Review of Thame Fitness by 08poolefs
5 26/02/2018 08poolefs

I have been training here for the last 4 years but decided I needed new ideas and some help to really achieve my goals so 2 months ago, I started to train with Max and I have just had such an incredible outcome from this.

I’ve lost over a stone in weight and I am now even seeing my body change for the better.

Extremely helpful and useful advice from a lovely person who genuinely wants to help.

Could not recommend highly enough!

Review of Thame Fitness by Terry Beeson
5 27/12/2017 Terry Beeson

Highly recommended. Max is very knowledgeable and professional. Before working with Max, I was unmotivated, overweight, out of shape, and had an old pulled muscle injury and hips pains from bad posture at work - and I was making very little progress with Physio. After a couple of sessions with Max, I saw a huge improvement in my body and injuries. After 12 sessions, the pains have gone, and my body and fitness has been transformed. As for my motivation, I'm off to the gym now.

Review of Thame Fitness by Lyndsey Wright
5 02/11/2017 Lyndsey Wright

I enlisted the help of Max in June, in my quest to lose (a significant amount of) weight for my daughters wedding in September. At the start we worked from my home, but more recently I have attended sessions at Thame Fitness Centre when work scheduling permits, where we have been able to do more work. (I have also joined a small gym at a local hotel, too close to home to have any excuse not to go!). With Max' expertise, and considerate style, aided by a strong work ethic on my part (immodest but think Max would agree!) I managed to drop from a size 26/28 to a stylish 16/18 by the wedding and thus did not feel I would spoil the photos! I am continuing with my journey to a maintained 14, having lost 50lbs overall. Max, the gym and 'MyFitnessPal' app are my new firm friends, carbs my enemy. In truth I cannot place red wine or cheese in the latter category - but I am getting the hang of managing them! The support Max gives is vital to the new lease of life of this sixty-something, and I'm enjoying the challenge and all the compliments I receive on a daily basis - not to mention all the chic new clothes I can now buy from any retailer, not limited to the plus size providers! Thanks, Max.

Review of Thame Fitness by Samantha Gregory
5 22/09/2017 Samantha Gregory

It took me a while to find a personal trainer who could fit me in due to their other commitments., but luckily I had the good fortune to find Max. I have been working with Max since the beginning of July and the transformation has been amazing. As well as putting me through my paces with an exercise program Max also helps with nutritional advice. I have completely changed the way I eat. Fuelling my body properly to help achieve my weight loss goals. Max is always very motivational during workouts always making me push that little bit harder to achieve good results. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a good personal trainer.

Review of Thame Fitness by Fiona Good
5 15/09/2017 Fiona Good

Working two jobs with one at a leisure centre and one as a police officer I find it very hard to find the time to fit in/be motivated to do any exercise. Booking sessions with Max has been so easy and flexible to fit around work and they're always enjoyable while also making me work hard. Would definitely recommend!

Review of Thame Fitness by Josh Mcerlain
5 23/06/2017 Josh Mcerlain

I've been training with Max Smtih, the personal trainer at Thame Fitness. I would definitely recommend him to all ages. Having trained with many personal trainers myself I think Max is the best, and he also helped me recover from a long term back injury. The sessions are a lot of fun, and a great way to do some serious excercise without really realising!

Review of Thame Fitness by Lyndsey Wright
5 08/06/2017 Lyndsey Wright

Prompt and courteous communication, prompt and professional delivery of service

Used this pro
Review of Thame Fitness by Tom
5 14/05/2017 Tom

Thame Fitness are experts in showing you how to achieve sustainable results, regardless of the constraints you believe confine you. Max is personable, professional, reliable and inspiring, all you need in a leader.

Review of Thame Fitness by carriepell
5 26/04/2017 carriepell

I love training with Max. He has so much knowledge and expertise in training and nutrition. I can message him if I'm stuck and I love that he gives a PERSONAL approach. He doesn't just give you exercises and let you get on with it, he constantly gives helpful tips which has a huge benefit.

Review of Thame Fitness by Jennie Ward-Smith
5 08/01/2017 Jennie Ward-Smith

I found Kensington fitness to be exceptional. Max was informative and very knowledge. I'm amazed that I would enjoy pushing myself to lose weight and work my body so hard.

Review of Thame Fitness by Katie
5 08/01/2017 Katie

I'm so pleased with the results I've gained from working with Max. I was extremely unhappy and self conscious about my body when I signed up and I've seen such a difference in myself physically and mentally. I would highly recommend him!

Review of Thame Fitness by Caterina Nitch-Smith
5 16/05/2016 Caterina Nitch-Smith

Without a doubt Max is the best personal trainer out there. He takes the time to listen and truly understand how your body works which enables him to tailor each session. No two sessions are the same making each workout interesting, varied and dare I say it even fun. Would highly recommend the guy who helped my lose 10lbs in 4-5 weeks!

Review of Thame Fitness by Lucia Schieroni
5 11/04/2016 Lucia Schieroni

About Max? The unique personal trainer you would look for to push your motivation beyond any expectations and achieve your fitness goals with happiness and good vibes!

Review of Thame Fitness by LIAM DRIVER
5 26/02/2016 LIAM DRIVER

Max has got to be amongst the best London. Hes genuinely keen on your reasons for training that he is determined to help you better your goal.

Im a professional actor and would reccommend him to any models/actors or anyone who is looking for a worthy investement to better their careers or life in general.

Whilst I imagine hes quite a hearthrob with the ladies hes a real inspiration for the gents, removing any intimidation of goals and proving you can get there.

I did two sessions per week for 8 sessions and am definitely continuing, my posture has changed, the same clothes i wear look good on me for once.

He's the man if you want results!

Review of Thame Fitness by Sam Underwood
5 14/02/2016 Sam Underwood

Been training with Max for a few weeks and am already seeing my body change. Workouts are tough but very efficient and effective.

Review of Thame Fitness by Heather Kennedy
5 23/01/2016 Heather Kennedy

Kensington Fitness is the best place to train in London. I have tried many personal trainers at large commercial gyms but found I needed a more in-depth and personalised approach. Every session with Max is tailored to my body and my goals, no one else's. I received a comprehensive nutrition guide when signing up for personal training and this has been so helpful guiding my food choices. I have lost over a stone in a month and feel confident I will not put it back on. Max is warm and friendly and knows how to get the best out of me. I can't recommend Kensington Fitness enough.

Review of Thame Fitness by Pauline Layton
5 23/01/2016 Pauline Layton

Max at Kensington Fitness is who I turn to when I need to slim down for Summer or a warm holiday abroad. Over time Max has shown me staying in good shape doesn't need to be difficult. Max has shown me how to make small lifestyle and nutritional changes that fit in with my lifestyle. The best bit about training with Kensington Fitness is how much fun we have! I highly recommend Max to anyone struggling with weight loss or low self esteem. My mood has changed so much since beginning my exercise programme and I can't thank Max enough.

Review of Thame Fitness by Jen Smith
5 21/01/2016 Jen Smith

A big thanks to the team at Kensington Fitness for supporting me with my weight loss over the last year. I have always found exercising difficult but always feel surprisingly relaxed and at home in the studio. Going to a big gym was never going to be an option so I am very pleased I found a private training venue. My trainer has supported me with nutrition too and I think this has made a big difference. I'm slimmer than I have been for years. I highly recommend this company to anyone who has tried to lose weight before but struggled to attain long lasting results.

Review of Thame Fitness by Alessandra Lucignano
5 06/11/2015 Alessandra Lucignano

Max is amazing – He is the perfect mix of tough and encouraging, and can help anyone of all fitness levels.

Always looking to improve performance but careful not to over-extend. The 60mins sessions are really enjoyable and we always discuss my goals and expectations.

After the first consultation at The Kensington Fitness a tailored program was created for my needs, combining a regular intensive exercise plan with healthy eating targets. Since then my body has changed shape for the better and I have lost weight, increased my muscular strength & endurance considerably and all of this in only 2 months.

I feel more motivated to exercise, now that I have a variety of exercise programs. Not only he comes up with amazing circuits, but he also knows how to deal with different sensitivities and how to roll out/stretch tight spots to have instantaneously a relief and a better motion.

Overall Max is firm, but fair and definitely gets the best out of me and I can’t recommend him highly enough as Personal Trainer to anyone who is serious about changing the lifestyle. It's extremely beneficial!

Go see Max at The Kensington Fitness!

Review of Thame Fitness by Calum Freer
5 31/10/2015 Calum Freer

I am a sports therapist and refer my patients on to Max. With detailed individual plans, he consistently returns my patients to sport at a much higher condition then they have ever been.

Review of Thame Fitness by Filippo Bianco
5 30/10/2015 Filippo Bianco

Max brings personal training to a different level. From ultra-marathons preparation to general fitness, his approach is fun and totally personalised.
Knowledge is combined with creativity. Nutrition advices complete the training perfectly. To me, Max is by far the most efficient way to exercise.

Review of Thame Fitness by Virginia Scaringella
5 14/10/2015 Virginia Scaringella

Professional personal trainers with good attention to detail. I have already seen good results after a couple of sessions and would definitely recommend these guys. Thanks for everything!

Review of Thame Fitness by Adrian Smith
5 04/10/2015 Adrian Smith

I have been a customer at Kensington Fitness for just over a year now and am very happy with how I am progressing. I had a lot of weight to lose initially so I was probably quite a "difficult" client but my trainer has been very attentive and has kept me motivated throughout. I am now almost half the weight I was when I started exercising. Highly recommend.

Review of Thame Fitness by Ben Saunders
5 18/08/2015 Ben Saunders

Max is so good at understanding what you want and delivering every time! I couldn't be happier with the results I'm seeing already after having found this absolute gem!

Review of Thame Fitness by ryan losasso
5 30/07/2015 ryan losasso

Had a great session with Max earlier this week. He certainly knows his stuff. Many thanks.

Review of Thame Fitness by Ash C
5 04/07/2015 Ash C

Really enjoyed my sessions far, looking forward to more!

Review of Thame Fitness by Graham Lee
5 11/06/2015 Graham Lee

Very grateful to Max at kensington fitness. His friendly yet professional approach really helped me achieve my goals.

Review of Thame Fitness by Charles Aram
5 03/06/2015 Charles Aram

Max is excellent really knows his stuff

Review of Thame Fitness by Chiara Camandona
5 02/06/2015 Chiara Camandona

I have been a client at Kensington Fitness for more than 2 years now. Max has been a great PT following me through my post pregnancy and now through the whole of my second pregnancy. Thanks to his attention to detail and knowledge of the body, each lesson is extremely personalised, efficient and effective.
Max now trains my husband and my cousin too; on top of achieving all our fitness goals, we also enjoy the time with him as he is extremely friendly.

Review of Thame Fitness by Tom Jackson
5 02/06/2015 Tom Jackson

Max, at Kensington Fitness, is who I used to turn to at the beginning of each year to trim the gut ready for summer. Over time, Max helped to show me that getting in shape didn't need to be such a consistent focus if I maintained the shape I got into in the first place. Max focused on realistic programmes and lifestyle changes that I could make alongside work, and taught me how I could get the most out of them. I'm looking forward to working on increasing my strength and power now that I've developed such good foundations.

Review of Thame Fitness by Max Smith
5 02/06/2015 Max Smith

An exclusive fitness studio with fantastic attention to detail. A real luxury!

Review of Thame Fitness by Katie Champion
5 26/05/2015 Katie Champion

Amazing! Couldn't be happier with the service I received!

Review of Thame Fitness by Sarah McIntyre
5 Sarah McIntyre


Review of Thame Fitness by Carrie Pell
5 Carrie Pell

Great nutrition advice and amazing support.

Review of Thame Fitness by Max Smith
5 Max Smith

A warm and friendly space to exercise in. A great community to be part of.

Review of Thame Fitness by Bethany Adele Turner
5 Bethany Adele Turner

Great advice and encouragement throughout! Joy to work with.

Thame Fitness

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Thame Fitness Q&A

Thame Fitness Q&A

How do you help your clients achieve their fitness goals?

At Thame Fitness we take a holistic approach to personal training. Our experienced personal trainers will provide you with a variety of exercise, nutrition and lifestyle management tools to guarantee your success.
You'll receive a comprehensive Personal Training Nutrition Guide, worth £99, upon joining us. You will also gain access to our On The Go smartphone workout plans - we send these straight to your phone or tablet when you're away from home.
We are there with you every step of the way and can advise on all aspects of your fitness.

What’s the secret to getting the body of your dreams?

We create a totally unique exercise experience based on your specific needs and goals. Our personal trainers design every exercise, movement and repetition with you in mind.
Personal training sessions are delivered in a safe, methodical and efficient manor. We utilise the full spectrum of training tools, drawing on a number of disciplines including pilates, yoga and resistance training.

What do you love most about your job?

We are fortunate to be able to support a large and diverse range of clients, from athletes to those with disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy.

What inspired you to start your own business?

Our aim is to bring a new level of depth to personal training.

Why should our clients choose you?

Our commitment to ongoing education means we are always at the forefront of health & fitness, delivering the most effective Personal training service possible.

Services provided by Thame Fitness

Thame Fitness Services

Weight loss

A personalised fat loss programme based on scientifically proven research into the stimulus of fat burning. Our highly-effective programme ensures you continue to burn calories long after leaving the studio.

Strength & Conditioning

Whether you are a recreational athlete preparing for a Triathlon or a professional athlete preparing for the Olympics, our highly organised Strength & Conditioning programme will reduce your risk of injury and enhance your performance.

Postural Analysis and Correction

We are certified Functional Movement Specialists™ (FMS) and Postural Analysis and Corrective Exercise Instructors™ (PACE). Our comprehensive programme improves your posture, increases your movement capacity, and enhances your performance.

Muscular Development

Our muscle building programme is designed to pack on noticeable amounts of muscle in record time. We leave nothing to chance and cover every variable necessary to achieve rapid muscular growth.


Featured Expert - West London Living

We have written a number of articles for West London Living. These can be found at the following link:

Featured Expert - The Daily Mail

We have been featured experts for national publications including the daily mail.

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