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We offer afternoon tea on a small or grand scale. Served on the finest vintage china (we have enough for up to 200 guests) we can cater weddings, hen parties, baby showers, any party is an excuse for afternoon tea. We have an extensive menu and our prices are fair and reasonable.



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It's got to be the salted caramel brownies. People just love them.

We have a tasting and discuss what people would like on their menu and what their budget allows. I love creating new recipes (many of which are already on the menu) and am always happy to turn old favourites into new things to add to the menu. One example is a dish loved by one of the brides. It's a quiche her mother always makes when she's at home. I made this into mini quiche to go on the cake stands and now they're on the menu and have been enjoyed at many weddings.

Making people happy. People always comment on the beautiful china. It will often bring back happy memories for older guests. People like to discuss their favourite designs and they get to enjoy traditional foods (scones and cucumber sandwiches) mixed with new ones such as lavender and chamomile cake or stilton and poppy seed sables (another popular choice at weddings!)

I've always loved baking and I started collecting vintage china. The collection got so big I thought I should do something useful with the china and my skills in the kitchen.

We're unique. We provide really fantastic quality food which is sensibly priced. We give choice to the guests meaning everyone gets to enjoy what they want. We also give flexibility to the client, travelling to different venues and we require very little in terms of equipment. Our staff are fantastic, we do what you need on the day including serving your drinks, again saving you money. We will help you to design your day however you want it.