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Weddings are considered the second most important day in a person’s life, the birth of their child being first. And because of that, Brides rely on us to capture their special day with the artistry, skill, and hard-earned experience, we’ve gained through decades of photographing hundreds of Weddings.


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Melissa Light

26 July 2018

I got my first acting headshots done by them years back...I got work immediately and castings..I haven't stopped since...MJ's a blast to talk with and hang out for a few hours too to hear their stories...! More...

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Having the technical skill and the visual "eye" to capture images.

Time frame for Photography. Budget for Photography. Expectations for Photography.

Covering events all over the world and being able to photograph different kinds of events, with different kinds of people and companies.

Love working with people and capturing moments in their lives.

Internationally published Photographers with over 40 years of experience.