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Tam Bernard Photography

Birmingham, West Midlands

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Tam Bernard Photography

Birmingham, West Midlands



Tam Bernard photography specialise in...

- Portraits (Studio or on location)
- Food (Studio or on location)
- Events
- Documentary photography
- Weddings
- Product Photography (Studio or on location)
- Property and business premises photography


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22 July 2019

Tam was my wedding photographer. From our first meeting he was all ears and extremely devoted to fill my expectations for my wedding photography. He came to our venue before hand in order to be as fully prepared as possible for the big day. On the day he was professional and creative and nothing was too much trouble our full wedding album was produced within a week of our wedding day. We were so pleased with how quickly it was produced. The quality and creativity of our photos blew us away. He captured some of the most beautiful moments of our lives from the best day of our lives and even captured moments we never realised happened. His style is unique, with the perfect combination of classic and contemporary chic. If you are looking for a photographer with creative edge then look no further. Tam is one of the best out there and delivers a five star bespoke package which fulfilled all of our dreams in our wedding photography package. More...

22 July 2019

I worked alongside Tam at a wedding where i was the videographer and he was the photographer. Tam was as pleasure to work with. . relaxed, easy going and friendly but totally commited to job at hand. The images he produced were amazing too! I would 100% reccomend :) More...

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I could be generic and say when it comes to most subjects, lighting is key. When it comes to photographing people it is paramount they feel as comfortable as possible. Both of these things i fully agree with when it comes to personal projects. However as a business the MOST important thing is ensuring that your client is happy with the results. After all it is the client you are working for.

What do YOU want?

As creative as i am i still feel it is vital to communicate with the client to ensure i am aprividing the service that they want and not just what i think they should have. It is after all their project and so i welcome as much input and direction as my clients would like to give. This does not however meant that i am not happy to grab the bull by the horns and have free reign on a project too.

Happy customers. That may sound a bit corny but when you present a client with the work you have done for them and they are happy, it makes the whole thing worth while.

Photography is a huge passion of mine. Not just all this new modern digital photography, all photography. I have worked using darkrooms and film before digital cameras came on the scene. It is a genuine passion and not just a job. I still use my darkroom these days too for specialist jobs and for my own pleasure. Ultimately though i just love photography and I simply wouldn't want to do anything else.

Because of my experience and my passion. As mentioned above i am not just someone who has gone out and bought the latest camera and decided to be a photographer because it's 'easy money' I have been doing photography for many years as a hobby, i have a darkroom and also use film. This isn't a fad for me this is my career. As a result of this i am a bit of a perfectionist. I never hand over work that is sub par. This means by hiring me you will always get the best work i can possibly produce. Another reason is because i work for my clients. As much as i am able to take total creative control of a project, if the client has a certain vision then i do my best to achieve the results that THEY want.