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Svenny G's offers many options for your party or event. Our food choices include Taco Bar, Egg Roll and Taquito Bar, BBQ, and we can also customize the menu to fit your needs. Our food is fresh, only using the freshest ingredients, and I love to cook and make people feel happy about the food they are eating.


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Heather Rhoads

23 July 2018

We had your Chicken Egg Rolls tonight and I have to say it was the best egg roll I’ve ever had. Thank you again!


Joe Barrow

20 July 2018

I have been here for several years and while it is very easy to bash a place when you get bad service one time, but I tend to look at the entire picture over a period of time. I have had nothing but great, attentive service from the Echo Ridge team. Anytime I needed anything fixed, had a concern or need a question answered it was always done in a timely manner. The entire team from the property manager, office staff to the maintenance team, they have always been professional.
Apartment living..Problems arise, and at times things go wrong or a call gets missed. It happens in any job, we have all been there. It's all in how you respond to fix problem(s) and make it right. This team has been nothing but top notch. Always friendly when you stop in to pick up a package or have a question, They know you by name and have a smile.

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Taco Bar with Carnitas and Chicken Tacos
Chicken and Pork Egg Rolls with Sweet n Spicy Red Chili Sauce

I listen to what they want to have for their event and I make sure I put their desires to the forefront while also providing information as to what may work best with their budget, time frame, and event location.

I love cooking, talking to people, and making people drool over the food they are about to eat. And it is always fun to see people's reactions once they have tasted my food!

My friends always used to ask me to cook for their parties, even went so far as to invite me to their party, and pay me to cook for their party. So, after thinking about it, I decided to try it out as my own business.

The clients should choose me because I am extremely personable, listen intently to what the clients want, and because I truly love what I do. What can possibly be better than making food for people and their special event, while at the same time, enhancing their experience and making people truly enjoy what they are eating! It's a fantastic job to have!