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Lindsey Rich

29 July 2019

We were married in June of 2019 and had a fabulous experience with Susan! She makes a very personal, memorable ceremony. Would highly recommend.


Susan Tweedy

24 June 2019

Susan was the highlight of our wedding. Life is so busy these days, her follow-up and follow through made our wedding. The ceremony was absolutely wonderful!! She created such a witty and warm atmosphere, loving and funny too!! It was the wedding I always dreamed of!! Thanks so much for making this the best possible day for us !! Susan provides questions - make sure you BOTH take the time to answer them all.... trust us - it makes the best event. More...


Kathryn M Roberts

27 May 2019

Susan made our day! Before our ceremony, she was wonderful to work with. She started by really getting to know our story with in-depth questionnaire, and then spent so much care on putting our ceremony together. We trusted her input every step of the way, but she gave us room to customize so that everything felt comfortable and just like us. Susan was there the day before for our rehearsal and worked easily with our event coordinator. The day of, our ceremony was perfection. All of our guests kept commenting on how personal the ceremony was, and how lovely it was to have a dedicated voice to tell our story. We are so thrilled she was there for our day! More...



10 May 2019

Susan was an absolute dream to work with. She takes what she does very seriously and puts in a tremendous amount of work to make sure that the ceremony reflects the couple perfectly. My husband and I met with Susan almost a year before our wedding, and after just a short meeting with her, we knew she was the celebrant we wanted. Susan sent both my husband and myself an extensive survey with in depth questions, so she could really get a feel for us individually and our relationship together. Once we submitted the survey to her, she drafted a ceremony for us and sent it over for us to add to/edit. She was so thoughtful in how she told our story, it was both touching and humorous, which is exactly what we wanted. She did such a great job making the meaningful moments stand out and still giving the ceremony some levity so it wasn't too serious. Everything flowed so well, and it really reflected the bond my husband and I share.
Susan doesn't offer up some cookie cutter ceremony that she performs for every client, she weaves a story just for you and your partner that fits who you are and the tone you want to convey during your wedding. Not to mention, Susan has a very pleasant voice and a wonderful cadence to the way she speaks; she is a natural story teller, plus she is just a really nice person.
Having Susan marry us, was easily one of the best choices we made for our big day, and we would do it again in a heart beat. If you and your partner put in the work and answer her survey open and honestly, she will put together something beautiful for you. You will not be disappointed. Susan is truly fantastic!


Rosabelle & Jeane

1 April 2019

My now-wife and I interviewed six officiants before we decided on Susan, and we are really happy with that choice. She sent us a detailed questionnaire about ourselves and our relationship, which we answered separately. She then crafted a beautiful ceremony using elements of our own words about each other and our feelings about our upcoming marriage.

The nice thing about engaging Susan’s services is that she is very flexible. There were some things I wrote on the questionnaire that ended up feeling too personal to include in the ceremony, and she made it very easy for us to edit the ceremony as we liked. She was also very easy to reach and proactively connected with our venue coordinator, DJ, photographer, and videographer so that everyone would be on the same page for the ceremony. That took a lot of work and stress off of us.

Many of our wedding guests complimented our ceremony and specifically called out Susan’s warmth and speaking style. A guest who is in her mid-60’s even said “That was the best ceremony I’ve ever heard in my life, and I’ve been to a lot of weddings!” We are super grateful for all of Susan’s hard work and we’ve recommended her to all of our engaged friends!


Charlotte Ciochetti

23 December 2018

Susan has a special bond with my family, I have watched he during the research phase of her preps to get the couple and herself to preform these right of passage for numerous people,
oldsters, babies and her list of accomplishes grow each day. I have her to do my final passage. I assure you all that Susan will come up to the task. More...



28 September 2018

Susan was wonderful from start to finish. We knew from the first phone call that she was the right person to create a secular ceremony that was meaningful and memorable for us both. Highly recommend Susan and her celebrant services! More...



8 September 2018

Susan worked closely with us to get to the heart of what was important to us. She has great ideas, but only offers them as suggestions because her goal was to merely guide and inspire us in creating our ceremony. She is full of heart and compassion, and worked along side us as we edited and revised our drafts. Her professionalism and passion for what she does shine brightly. Because of her talent and experience, our ceremony was distinctly about us, and we loved it. More...



15 June 2018

Susan did an exceptional job officiating my wedding ceremony! She personalized every aspect, sharing the couple's unique story with the guests. Susan was organized, detailed, and professional and made the process seamless. I highly recommend Susan! More...



25 May 2018

Susan was amazing!!!

Her words captured exactly what we wanted for our ceremony. She took the time to meet with us and get our story to create a beautiful and unique set of vows for our day.



3 December 2017

Outstanding phenomenal professional, I will recommend Susan to everyone in need.

Thank you with kindness and respect,


Chris and Beth Graber



7 October 2017

Susan was excellent. My husband and I were a bit of a pain to work with and she didn't bat an eye. We exchanged many emails with edits and different tweaks to get a great outline for our ceremony. The day of the wedding she delivered our ceremony beautifully. We received many positive comments about her and everyone loved what she delivered. More...



16 September 2017

Susan spoke beautifully for our wedding ceremony while sharing a very small rock in the middle of a lake with us :-) She's a rock star! From the get go she was patient and very understanding as we created a ceremony that included a Japanese Shinto tradition and religious aspect. She wrote our ceremony and did a great job blending the two together and incorporating our feedback. Susan is warm, funny, witty, and all around awesome. I would highly recommend her for any ceremony or blessing! More...



16 September 2017

Susan worked diligently with us to make our wedding ceremony uniquely personal and ours. She crafted the ceremony, created a san san kudo sake ritual, and was willing to officiate the wedding from a small rock the size of a coffee table in the middle of a lake! Nothing but praise for Susan.



3 August 2017

We found Susan when looking for a officiant for our same sex wedding. We are so glad we did because she was nothing short of fantastic. Easy to work with and responsive to our requests. The ceremony she did was customized to us as a couple and she worked well with our family and vendors with what was a different type of ceremony. Our ceremony was everything we wanted to be musical, emotional and personal. Many of our guests commented how beautiful it turned out and how it was "so us". Thanks again Susan. More...



15 July 2017

My wife and I knew we wanted our ceremony to be a one of a kind representation of our love. We considered several different officiants, but after meeting with them the choice was clear. Susan is easy going, funny, professional and flexible. She worked with us and was very responsive to our needs. She assisted in creating a ceremony that matched our desired tone and was lighthearted and meaningful. She even assisted us in crafting our vows, which was quite a bit more work than we initially thought.

On the big day, there were some unforeseen events, but Susan eased our concerns and fixed a bad situation! Susan is a very safe choice for those looking for a lasting and memorable ceremony. She went above and beyond and I am so grateful to her for the hard work she put in and the results she achieved. We’ve heard nothing but compliments on our choice of having Susan be our officiant.

Honestly Susan doesn’t charge enough given what she brings to the table.



3 July 2017

Having Susan officiate our wedding was the best decision ever! My husband and I are atheists, and very science-oriented people (our whole wedding was astronomy themed), so we wanted to find an officiant that had great reviews for non-denominational weddings. Susan showed up in our Wedding Wire results page.

After hiring her, we had a great experience filling out her informational questionnaires and individual interviews, plus a Skype call to virtually meet her and tell her our story. She was able to glean so much information from just those pieces of us, and assembled a ceremony that truly spoke to us as a couple, our views on love, and the world. It was so surprising how much it seemed like she knew us from the very start of our relationship!

We got so many compliments on our ceremony, with family and friends saying that they'd never been to a wedding quite like ours. It had heart, history and a touch of humor, which we loved so much. She was able to make our union a sacred one, even without having to mention things like "faith" or religious context. We did a Celtic handfasting ceremony since we have Irish heritage, and that union ceremony pre-dates most religions and serves more as a binding contract between two people. She had plenty of samples and examples for us to use as reference points, and was able to completely customized what she was going to say on the Big Day. Very collaborative and creative at the same time.

Giving Susan a 5/5 simply doesn't do her justice - she's a 10!



24 June 2017

Susan was so wonderful to work with. Kind, professional and genuinely sincere. As an older couple getting married, our responses to Susan's questions were quite different then the younger generation, however, she created a warm, funny and loving ceremony for us. So many of our guests commented on how refreshing it was to attend a wedding where the ceremony truly captured the commitment and love of the couple. Hat's off to you Susan! More...



1 June 2017

We had a great experience working with Susan. She is very flexible and creative. The only thing she forgot during the ceremony was to tell the guests to be seated, so they stood the entire time. Luckily our ceremony was short and it made for a funny story between the guests afterwards. Everything turned out great overall and I would would recommend Susan for any event. More...



1 June 2017

Susan was wonderful! First off, it was perfect that we were able to have her with only a couple of months before the wedding. She created a personalized 20 minute wedding ceremony for us, arranged to practice the rehearsal at our home after we found out it'd be storming at our venue all day, and gave us a personal unique booklet of the entire ceremony afterwards. We are non denominational and wanted for focus on love and our story rather than religion, and her ceremony was superb! People told us it has been the nicest ceremony they've seen performed. Thanks Susan! More...



1 June 2017

Susan had an incredibly professional and warm spirit, and helped us to create a wonderful experience.



1 June 2017

Susan was wonderful to work with. She did an amazing job responding to what we wanted from our wedding ceremony but also making suggestions in areas where we were uncertain about what to do. She made our ceremony very personal and very "us." She was also timely in her responses and supportive as we made our way through the wedding gambit. Our friends and family couldn't stop saying how lovely they thought the ceremony had been and how well it reflected our personalities. More...



1 June 2017

We wanted an original ceremony that reflected us and did not look like every other wedding. With Susan's help we shaped a ceremony that many of our friends are still talking about. Susan was easy, pushing us gently along so that we stayed on schedule and was flexible with the things we did and did not want. She let it be ours. We are truly grateful for her professionalism and delivery. More...



1 June 2017

Worth every penny! If you are looking for a celebrant who is very eloquent with the story of yourself and your partner then look no further. We were married just a few weeks ago and it could not have gone any better thanks to Susan. More...



1 April 2017

Susan Stone, thank you again for everything. You are a wonderful women that made my wedding a breeze. My husband Matt and I loved that you understood where we were coming from the entire time talking to you. You created wonderful vows that were best suitable to us and who we are as a couple. Thank you again for everything! More...



7 January 2017

Susan performed our daughter's wedding this January. She was outstanding -- professional, sincere, engaged. Everything you hope for in a celebrant.



13 November 2016

Susan was amazing. Couldn't imagine a better officiant. If we could do it all over again, we'd book her services again in a heartbeat.
We aren't a religious couple, so we wanted a ceremony that wasn't 'all churchy."
Susan delivered, in spades. She's super open-minded and eager to find innovative ways to express whatever it is you're looking to express, while being the perfect blend of fun and professional. She takes the time to get to know you, tells your story with the perfect verbosity and pace, and commands the audience. My bride's sister was in attendance, and wants her contact info too!
Honestly, people were going out of their way all night to tell us how great of a ceremony Susan led. If you're on the fence, contact Susan and get off that fence. Rest assured you'll be making the right choice.



8 October 2016

Susan was amazing. We received so many compliments from everyone on our ceremony. We do not think that it is possible to have a more amazing experience. We recommend Susan to anyone and everyone. She made our ceremony so unbelievably special. I cried when I read it for the first time. She put everything in it that we asked and it was beautiful. More...



24 September 2016

I can't begin to express my gratitude for Susan! She was such an amazing officiant! Our ceremony was top notch and one of the most endearing compliments we got on our big day was how incredibly fun and personal Susan made the wedding and handfasting ceremony. With the help of the in depth questionnaire completed by the bride and groom, Susan tailors the ceremony to fit the couple perfectly! I couldn't have imagined a more wonderful ceremony if I tried! More...


Michael and Jennifer

10 September 2016

Susan was very professional and guided us through the entire process! She helped take a lot of stress off of our ceremony because of her knowledge and organizational skills!! We are so happy we chose her to be a part of our special day and would recommend her to everyone! More...



22 July 2016

Meg and I decided to elope on short notice. Susan created a ceremony that captured our lives before meeting one another, our reasons for coming together and our plans and hopes for the future. She was professional, kind, helpful, knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor. We will always remember her contribution to our new life together. More...



4 June 2016

Susan did a great job tailoring our ceremony to us and our relationship. It was very unique and personalized, and beautiful. Susan was easy to work with, understanding, and warm. She was flexible and helped us create our vision for our non-traditional ceremony and did a great job working with the other vendors. More...



21 May 2016

We could not be happier with having Susan as our celebrant! Susan did such a wonderful job of weaving our love story together; she was such a professional and made the whole experience fun and touching while truly capturing “us”. She asked detailed questions and was able to make our ceremony truly something special. I heard from many of our guests that they enjoyed our ceremony very much and many were brought to tears saying it was one of the most beautiful ceremonies they had ever attended! My husband and I at first felt very lost in what we wanted in a ceremony as we are not religious and were worried about having a ceremony that did not represent us. Susan took on this challenge and made our ceremony so special. She even thought of adding in a beer blending ritual which really fit in with our hobbies (we love to visit local breweries!) Overall, we were so happy to have picked Susan to make our day so very memorable. Do not hesitate to have her be part of your special day, we feel so lucky to have had her be a part of our special day. More...



23 April 2016

Susan was excellent! She made my wedding ceremony everything I wanted and more. She was extremely professional and responsive. I received so may compliments on my ceremony and everyone said how unique and special it was. I highly recommend her for your big day! More...



18 October 2015

Susan was an amazing Celebrant. She was so patient and easy to work with while planning our destination wedding. Susan also did a phenomenal job sharing mine and my husband's love story with our family and friends on our big day! Would recommend her to everyone!



15 August 2015

We were so happy Susan was able to officiate our wedding. She went above and beyond what was expected. She exceeded our expectations for our ceremony. Her ceremony is like no other, she customizes it to your liking to the very last detail. She works with you the whole time while you plan your wedding to ensure everything goes smoothly the day of the wedding. She was extremely punctual and helpful for the rehearsal and day of.

She is very kind and thoughtful. You can tell she loves and enjoys what she does by the ceremony she puts together for you. We had so many of our guests tell us what a great ceremony we had all because of Susan.



1 August 2015

Very professional and very organized offered good ideas and really did great research love that it was so personal and unique to us and special!



30 May 2015

I could not have been happier to find Susan, she was a shining beacon for me and my bride. She understood exactly what we wanted for our ceremony better then we did, and she had a structure that helped us develop our own vows and traditions.



24 May 2015

We found Susan after our previous officiant fell threw the cracks months before my wedding. Luckily she was free for the day of our wedding so we set up an appointment with her. She is super personal, kind, and genuinely cares about the couples she marries. She started by sending us a questionnaire to get to know us individually and as a couple. That was one of my favorite parts because it took us down memory lane through our relationship. From that, she created our ceremony. We were able to read it and edit it to fit our vision. One thing that we loved and our guests loved is that she included our love story so that our guests could experience and know how we got to where we were on our wedding day. She was a joy to work with and we are so happy we got to work with her for our wedding. She made it so much more special and we will always have great memories because of her! More...



23 May 2015

From the very first meeting with Susan I knew that she was the right person to officiate our wedding. She's very personable, eloquent and warm. She listened attentively to our love story and created a personal, intimate and lighthearted ceremony just as we had imagined. She was very flexible and responsive in working with us especially since I had been taking my time to find the right person to officiate our wedding and we only had a short time to finalize the ceremony.

During the ceremony, she did such a great job that we received great feedback from our guests on her (how often does that happen?) and our friends with upcoming weddings wanted her contact information.

Highly highly recommend her for anyone that is looking for a personal and unique ceremony true to your own love story.



2 May 2015

Susan was wonderful to work with! Not only did she encourage our input to the ceremony itself, her calm demeanor on the day of the wedding and warm delivery of the vows added much to the day. I would recommend her without reservation. More...



25 April 2015

Susan is very good at what she does, she did an outstanding job on our ceremony! She was very easy to work with and very accomadating! She took care of everything for us and made sure that our vows were exactly what we wanted and fit both of our personalities! I love her style she had a unique way of forming very personalized vows with including details she gathered from us and from two questionnaires that each of us filled out it made the vows very special, things were mentioned from each of us that we weren't expecting from one another. She took the time to meet with us in our home to go over details. She promptly emailed back and offered suggestions and really helped to make everything personalized when we weren't sure exactly what we wanted. We have a very busy schedule and she made this experience so easy and she made it very unique to who we are! Our rehearsal was at a weird time and she rearranged her schedule to be sure to be there! She is very welcoming, open, friendly, dependable, and always has a very positive vibe. Would definitely recommend her services as a "celebrant", especially if you are looking for a more non-traditional and unique and personalized ceremony! She also takes care of all the marriage license paperwork and mails it in for you so you can go on your honeymoon without any worries, when we got back from our honeymoon we had received a "keepsake of our vows" that she had made for us to keep! More...



13 December 2014

Susan was absolutely amazing, she didn't have much time to put our wedding together but I
was in complete awe with her talent. It will be a day I will always cherish. She put our story together beautifully and kept everything flowing. I will definitely tell my friends and family to use her services. She was wonderful. More...



13 December 2014

Very personable. We have gotten more questions and positive comments from friends and family about Susan. They felt that our ceremony was one of the best that they had ever attended.
At first, we did not want to fill out the questionnaire, but Susan used the answers to tell our story.
She gave us options as to what type of ceremony we wanted; what we wanted others to take with them from the ceremony and what we wanted for ourselves.



3 October 2014

Susan did an amazing job for our wedding. We sat down and had a great chat before the wedding so we could all get to know each other better and we instantly felt comfortable with Susan as our Celebrant. Susan took the time to learn our story and worked in specifics into our vows that made them special to us and funny and interesting for all those in attendance who may not have known those specifics prior to the wedding. She was very professional throughout the whole process and even helped us out the day of by helping us find our proper spots and make sure everything looked correct even though we were both very nervous and forgetful. I would highly recommend Susan for anyone who is looking for a special and fun ceremony!

Frank & Heather



1 October 2011

Susan officiated a blessing and hand fasting at our wedding and it was the most magical part of the whole ceremony. Susan brings spirituality, beauty, love and a unique personalization to the ceremonies that she officiates. If you are looking to honor your life event with a ceremony that truly memorializes that moment in time for you, talk to Susan. More...

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