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Sunshine Bakery

Chapel Allerton, City and Borough of Leeds

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Sunshine Bakery

Chapel Allerton, City and Borough of Leeds


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Spencer Guest

8 October 2019

Wonderful place to go and eat, small and cosy, different foods and drinks compared to normal local eateries, lovely staff and such excellent desserts too! Can’t recommend enough!


Claire Egglestone

19 September 2019

We had our first visit to The Sunshine Bakery today and had one of the finest cream teas we've ever had. A fabulous selection of hot or cold sandwiches, made individually for each guest and a huge sample of home baked scones and cakes too, washed down with as much tea or coffee that you needed. 1st class hosts, very welcoming and attentive too, it's a wonderful place to visit and we will definitely be back and will be recommending to anyone who will listen !! Thank you for a wonderful afternoon x More...


Liana Pitel

13 September 2019

I love their fresh bread, especially their raisin bread. Their mocha boats are excellent and were a favourite of my kids’ Finnish grandparents I was pleasantly surprised that they accept debit cards now, as well as cash. They’ve also added a lovely gift shop that I need to go back and check out. A great shop to stop in and spend some time. More...


Lisa Sheader

15 August 2019

Would highly recommend the beautiful afternoon tea, delicous sandwiches & plenty of cake will definitely be back... thank you x


Barry Bell

9 August 2019

Absolutely a must. The brownies are amazing


Monair CM

3 August 2019

Amazing cakes and drinks. Took my daughter for a treat we both love this place.


Sarah Swithers Swithenbank

16 July 2019

beautiful home made cakes with love. bread sourced from local bakery in otley. absoloutley gorgeous. always a treat to come here!


Dave Kielstra

6 July 2019

Great bakery in the Strathroy-Mount Brydges area with a wide selection of pastries, fresh bread and other delights!


Brian DeJeu

30 June 2019

The bagels are the best! My family absolutely loves them.


Ron Lackey

29 June 2019

great atmosphere, and amazing baking


Damian Lynch

28 June 2019

Coolest Bakery ever!! Best pies only just a beautiful drive to Mount Bridges


Tom Laverty

8 June 2019

Honestly amazing! Thanks guys you made my mums 50th birthday extra special!


Joshua Lowenberg

24 May 2019

Sunshine bakery is an amazing small business and the owner is incredible.


Alan Stubbs

29 April 2019

Great cakes.


Sudhir Sehdeva

29 April 2019

Great place I come from Birmingham once a month to see a client, ritual always have lunch without fail.


Connor Innes

30 March 2019

Possibly the best brownies in the world


Carolanne Mason

30 December 2018

A wonderful little bakery/tea room. I haven't indulged in one of their delicious afternoon teas. However I have taste tasted many of their wonderful cakes, cupcakes and scones. They also serve a selection of light lunch items and sandwiches. The staff are very friendly and helpful to. Try the Cherry and Ginger scones mmn. Also the Banana, white chocolate and caramel cup cakes are my favourites. Although the Banana and caramel loaf is just as good. How about Chocolate and beetroot cake, it was a gorgeous velvety surprise. They also do a wide choice of brownies. All the cakes are freshly baked. So there is no set menu. I think you can order cakes also. They are slightly more expensive than such as Greggs. But they are so worth it. They are situated just next to Baa Ram Ewe, Wool shop. On Harrogate Road. Enjoy. More...


Ceara Weston

30 November 2018

Lovely little cafe. Delicious brownies


Linda Clay

31 October 2018

Enjoyed a baby shower at Sunshine Bakery. The afternoon tea was fantastic with a real wow factor. Everything was made fresh on site. The chef ( Becky) was exhausted but nothing was too much trouble. The staff were excellent too. Highly recommended! More...


Chris Stewart

1 October 2018

Stopped here for a sandwich and cake. Lovely food and friendly staff.
Must say the brownies were amazing!


Joanne Sankey

29 May 2018

Wonderful cakes and brownies. Their cupcakes are great- lots of cream so I scooped some off mine. The tea is nice, staff are friendly.its very small inside which may not suite everyone(you have to squeeze by people). It is often busy at the weekends. They do an afternoon tea which looks amazing- you need to book that in advance. More...


Rowena H.

26 April 2013

Now, I don't often get out to Chapel A, but on the odd occasion I do a visit to this little treat stop is an absolute must. Granted, there are not many tables so it can be hard to grab a seat, but I'd suggest it's worth the wait given what's in store.A few Saturdays ago, treats we're on the agenda. As I'd not been here in ages, we decided to seek out some delectable sustenance here, as that is precisely what I got my friends. I had heard tell these guys do a mean burger, and since I've been banging on about seeking out Leeds' best it seemed only fair to tackle that for lunch.Oh. My. Word. After an enticing wait the food arrived and what lay before me was some kind of demi-god, as far as patties go. A beautifully baked sesame seed bun, with all the fluffy, crispy, freshness you could hope for in a bread cake. The accoutrements included a wonderfully fresh bit of salad, perfectly melted cheddar, and a delightful home made piccalilli. The meat? Seasoned to perfection, juicier than I've known, and cooked like a dream. Slightly pink, like a real burger should be, and a right ruddy messy affair. I was in heaven.Of course, you know all about their award winning cupcakes by now, so I needn't wax lyrical about the white chocolate as raspberry nirvana that I polished off at home, but what you probably didn't know is that I've found a contender for one of Leeds' finest burgers. Try for yourself and let me know how you get on...Moar treats? Check in on Yelp and you get 25% off afternoon tea! More...


Valerie M.

27 March 2013

The brightly coloured art work on the window drew me in from across the road to the cutest, most petite, charming bakery I have ever seen with it's vintage French Patisserie decor. I just wanted to pack it up and take it home with me! With perhaps 6 or 7 tables, it was already full when we popped in so we chose a couple cakes from the display and took them away with us in a cute cake box. I had a chocolate and strawberry cupcake: chocolate sponge with a mountain of pink icing, and a layer of chocolate on top of which was perched a strawberry. I was a little worried with the amount of icing that I would get that sugar overload sickly feeling and not be able to finish it but it wasn't like that at all. The sponge was soft, light and deliciously chocolatey - not rich. The mountain of pink icing was actually light too with a creamy strawberry flavour and was a delight on my tongue. The sweet strawberry finished it off nicely. I wanted to pop round a gain for another but I resisted. My friend really enjoyed her flapjack too!This bakery serves up not only cakes but savoury food too in the form of bread, sandwiches and hot meals for lunch and is a lovely setting for afternoon tea. More...


Mina S.

22 September 2010

I took my best friend along to have tea and cake last Saturday after another looooong foraging walk where we left the woods with a basket full of goodies. I'd gone on and on about this place to her for ages so when she told me she had to go to Chapel A anyway to use the laundrette, I though it was the perfect chance to pop into my fave spot in Leeds. I had a pot of tea for one that was served in a wonderful old fashioned china teapot with random cup and saucer sets. We had an eton mess cupcake and a banana and mango cupcake. Apparently the mango banana concoction won them the cupcake championships last year and I can see why.  Not too banana-like, had a lovely mago whipped cream topping with a little puddle of mangu coulis and a cigar of dark chocolate sticking out of its little orange pond. My only advice to you is get there early if you're going on a saturday before they sell out! 10  minutes later and we would have been too late. More...


Emma C.

29 July 2010

Oh my goodness. Never before have I had cupcakes that tasted so good, until I visited the Sunshine Bakery. Faced with a rather large selection of brownies, cupcakes, shot cakes and bread, I was stood trying not to drool over the cabinet for a good 10 minutes before deciding what I wanted. So far I've sampled the double chocolate cupcake (gorgeous), the mango & chocolate cupcake  (interesting combination, but not for me), a chocolate shotcake (I needed more chocolatey stuff!), a tiramisu cupcake (lovely and creamy), Turkish Delight brownie (just...beautiful), peppermint brownie (not overpoweringly minty) and the absolutely divine roasted pepper, tomato, pesto and cheddar bread. It probably doesn't help the old bank account that I live about 10 minutes away either... More...


Amelia W.

25 March 2010

This little bakery is like a ray of light shining into the busy road it sits on. I had heard rumours of a new bakery in town that makes amazing cupcakes so I thought I would swing by to verify them. I couldn't leave the horrible task of eating cupcakes to everyone else now could I? I didn't need much persuading to enter but if there had been any doubt, the sign, surrounded by heart stickers, proclaiming that the chef was a former Marco Pierre White chef, would have given me that extra nudge. I was too late to catch a lunch time meal - they are all prepared on site and are of traditional ilk - but luckily that wasn't my priority. I was heading for the cupcakes. They are beautifully presented and come in bright (but not too, unnaturally bright) colours. I went for a pink one, passionfruit and mango flavour. It got its own little box and looked so cute that for a brief moment I thought it would be a shame to eat. The topping tasted like fresh cream and the cake part was moist. There was nearly as much topping as cake - a good ratio in my opinion! I was amazed by the price of this extremely high-quality cake: only £1.50! There are also cute star shaped biscuits and hand made chocolates to choose from so if you have a sweet tooth or know someone who does, get down here! More...


Danni S.

22 March 2010

The Sunshine Bakery is a delightful and delicious new addition to Chapel Allerton's row of pretty little shops on Harrogate Road. I just love the name - so twee and smile-inducing! As soon as I heard about it I just knew I had to check it out ASAP! I have both the requisite sweet tooth and and a love of all things kitsch and vintage-inspired. Hence I LOVE The Sunshine Bakery! The outside of the shop is painted a sumptuous deep plum colour and the sign features gold, hand-painted lettering with a quaint feel. Inside the walls are covered in oh-so-vintage pink flocked wall paper...but to be honest that's not exactly what your eyes are drawn to with all the tasty treats on display!Anyone with a particular predilection for sweetmeats will be literally drooling all over the shop! The cupcakes cry 'EAT ME' with their generous helpings of many-coloured icing and array of flavours. There are also such delights as champagne truffles, as well as slightly less exciting (though very delicious I'm sure) savoury items including sandwiches and soups as well as tea and coffee.There is a lovely atmosphere at The Sunshine Bakery, with friendly, smiling staff, and the customers seeming very happy to be there and oh so close to their next cupcake fix! I also opted for Eton Mess...it was absolutely delicious! If you live in Chapel Allerton you may find yourself trying desperately to avoid the temptation to visit the Sunshine Bakery daily...luckily for my health I live a reasonably long bike ride away...however, the exercise required to get there will probably just allow me to justify a rampant gorge-fest upon arrival! YUM! More...

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