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Success Tuition

Smethwick, Sandwell, West Midlands


Success Tuition

Smethwick, Sandwell, West Midlands


Success Tuition is a very successful tuition service that aids and supports your child in giving them the tuition that they need to prosper and to achieve their goals.

KS1 and KS2 – For Primary school students who want support to achieve the best SATs results.



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Success Tuition prides itself on being different and personalised. Big centres have a lot of children; normally 10+ children to one teacher. Would you be happy spending all that money and your child having his or her hand up for more than 10 minutes? Or being taught by a student teacher? Success Tuition has small class sizes, we are not a centre, we have qualified teachers and that’s how it will stay.

We are different to other tuition services. We don't simply hand out revision papers and ask your child to "get on with it". It is all about giving your child that extra support that will allow them to get from the "B" grade to a "A". We tailor the learning to your child's individual needs.

Parents and Students are always expressing how we are very different to the 'Big players' such as Kumon and Explore Learning. We have small classes sizes, only qualified teachers, and we work with you to support you and your child.