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My name is Liz Copan and I am passionate about capturing memories and moments, creative story-telling through images, and lending an elegant style of photojournalism to life's events.

I have been blessed to work with a wide variety of clients;



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Having fun!
We all know how terrifying it can be to have a camera pointed at us (frozen deer-in-headlights result).
The key to a great photo is being relaxed, at ease, and having a good time during the photo-shoot.
A good photographer will be able to connect with their models and make them feel confident and beautiful.
Even if you are nervous or anxious, try and shake it off and "fake it til you make it!"

Clear communication is the best way to getting photos that will make you happy for a lifetime!

I like to get to know my client's style and what they're looking for.

Here are some questions to ponder:
- who are these photos for?
(business vs. personal: I will approach a headshot for a business profile differently than a dating profile)
- where do you want to have to photoshoot?
(indoors in a studio, in your home/environment, outdoors)
- what type of photos do you like?
(I often create "mood boards" with my clients so we can share certain ideas or inspirations with each other)
- how do you want your photos delivered?
(I offer a full range of products, prints, albums, or digital files on a DVD/thumb drive/downloadable)
- when do you need the photos?
(I will always work with your deadlines and time constraints)
- what is your budget?
(I always aim to stay within realistic budget constraints while delivering the best quality and service)

I'm here to bring your photo-shoot ideas to life, so let's have a conversation.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I love creating a vibrant narrative through my images.
I absolutely love what I do; to me, there is nothing more satisfying than capturing raw beauty, emotion, and intensity.
I love the human connections that I make as a photographer...anyone can click a camera button, but to translate the skill, emotion, and depth really takes talent.

Whether an athlete, actress, or parent, I always try to create a strong connection with my subjects and let their personalities shine through my images.
The difference is in truly caring for people and having a passion for the job.



Do you have a photo that you really like, but it just looks "blah?" Does your favorite photo of Great Aunt Mabel also have some random person photo-bombing your perfect moment? Occasionally, you may even have gotten raw files from another photo shoot and you don't like how the photographer edited them? Don't panic, I am here to help you with all of your digital editing solutions! Send me an email message and I will be happy to provide you some insight, a quote, and timely delivery of your files.