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12 August 2019

We were in a panic with no power on ground floor.Steve came round and found the fault and solved our problem.
He explained all he was doing and we would recommend him to anyone

thanks Barry...


Karl Walsh

1 August 2019

Asked Steve to come and look at a boiler fault - ended up having to replace the boiler due to limescale buildup. Steve quoted a very reasonable price and from initial fault call-out to resolution was within a week... fantastic service.

I could not recommend this man enough, and believe me I happily tell my friends when they have plumbing issues.

Thank-you Steve

Thank you Karl...pleasure working for you.


Emily Blackman

3 December 2018

We have previously used Steve in our old house for emergency plumbing work/ small jobs and had been very impressed with the quality of his work, the response time and found the price to be very reasonable. Therefore, when we brought our dream home (a renovation project), we had no doubts in our minds that we would like to use Steve to completely redo the plumbing throughout the house. This included installing a new boiler, water filter and new central heating system. When he came to provide a quote for the work he also informed us that he could do electrics and we allowed him to also quote for the electrical work. Steve started the work on the 25 June 2018. He asked for 50% of the overall cost upfront (which was fine) and for the first 2 weeks Steve turned up most days and we were pleased with the progress. Roughly 3 weeks into the work he asked for a further 40% of the money which we paid. I am afraid it was at this point that that Steve started to not turn up. We would call and message constantly and either get no response or a message to say he would be there on a specified date and time and then would not turn up. We are now 6 months into the work and have an unfinished boiler (that has not been certified as “Gas Safe”) , various other plumber jobs left unfinished and he has barely touched the electricals, leaving live wires hanging from the ceiling/ walls in our house. We has also had very little contact from Steve at all for at least the last 2 months as at this point he now doesn’t answer the phone or messages at all. We have now asked Steve to leave the job and have asked another Plumber and Electrician to come and assess the work left. I’m afraid that Steve has no understanding of what he has done, how he has left our house, and how devastated we are. When asked to leave he had the cheek to say, “if you need anything else done, please let me know”. He took the majority of our money and had no interest in finishing the work. As a young couple with limited knowledge of plumbing and electrics, we put our complete faith in Steve and have been completely let down.

I would strongly advise that you do not use Steve English for any big plumbing jobs. He has no durability to complete jobs and will leave you in the lurch.

hi Emily, this isnt strictly true is it? i hope you get your house completed the way you want it. Steve English


Judi Wheeler

20 November 2018

Excellent job
Steve sorted out a gas leak late at night , when contract boiler repairers had cut off all the gas and left my 91 year mother with no heating or hot water or cooker and cold.
A Huge thank you.

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2 stage Pure water filtering to the incoming mains water supply to your home. 1st stage blocks nasties such as farming chemicals and metals, Chlorine etc. 2nd stage prevents the forming of limescale crystals in you home to the plumbing, machines and bathrooms, Combi boilers etc. no maintenance not a machine so nothing breaks, filters last for about 3 years before requiring changing. replaces water softeners, softeners treat the water so they are worthless, they dump at least 100 litres down the drain each regeneration overnight, causing cost to water bills and damage to the environement, wasted water.